Saturday, August 27, 2011

Random D10 Space Storm Events

Random D10 Space Storm Events  Roll 1d6 for Number of Rounds of  Duration Of Event 

  1. Space is fractured by the echos of eternity. The ship's handling is strange. There's a 20% chance that a hole in time opens up making for a very bumpy ride! 
  2. Radioactive cloud created by plasma from a dark star. Hope your shielding on your ship is good or roll on the Mutant Future Mutation Table! 
  3. Crackling Distortion  - The sound of stars echos through the emp band & communications are lost! There is a 15% chance that some random system aboard is shorted out! 
  4. The Silver Lining Of The Multiverse becomes visible during the storm causing a sanity splatting moment. Lose a point of Wisdom unless a save vs is rolled! Your brain can't contain those things that man wasn't meant to know 
  5. The storm baths the ship in strange radiations! 1d6 random events -1. The crew begin glow green, 2. Each crew member is teleported 2 inches to the left, 3. The dead begin to talk with you, 4. You think you have super powers ( you don't), 5. You really do have super powers but they don't work right, 6. The radiation makes your skin magnetic for 3d6 rounds 
  6. A space time rift opens to the Negative Material plane & random undead attack the ship & then are gone as fast as they came. 
  7. The ship passes into a neo fluid universe. The whole ship is attacked by white blood cell like creatures each has 1 die hit point & the do 1 point of damage. Did I mention there are hundreds of them. Then the ship floats back to normal reality 
  8. The ship is moved back 1d20 months in time.  
  9. An energy ribbon is released from the heart of the storm & its headed your way. Make a piloting or dexterity roll or suffer 1d8 points of damage 
  10. You are free from the confines of the ship & are floating in space. Naw its all an illusion created by the storm & you are still aboard. Make a save or suffer more hallucinations! 

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