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The Wanderers Animation Short By Erik Wernquist Narrated By Carl Sagan As Fodder For Your Old School Space Games

For any science fiction or space nerd  who grew up during the 80's Cosmos By Carl Sagan was a major influence on everything from science fiction to the space race and coloured our collective love of all things intergalactic and spoon fed a generation of scientists, engineers, and many more budding professionals.
Now with Interstellar blowing the doors and minds of movie goers , Erik Wernquist has created a new short video that echoes both hard science and a hopeful tribute of Dr. Sagan's endearing and entertaining work with the Wanderers short animation.
This is a three minute tour de force that has small slices of a series of possible future endeavors for mankind in the coming future.
With games such as X plorers, Stars Without Number, and other space based retroclones making the rounds this is a great video to really take a close look at because of the epic nature of the subject matter. Any of these futures, missions, and materials covered in the three minute video would make an excellent campaign jump off point or stepping stone.
Many of the pieces of animation echo such great space artists such as Ron Miller, Bob McCall, Vincent Di Fate, and many others from the 60's, 70's, and 80's the hey day of hard core space and science fiction art.
The message of hope and adventure is something that seems to get lost today but this short really echoes it. There are several back drop elements of technology such as the lighter then air exploration vechiles and space walks that really draw the view into a hopeful world of a possible future.
Dr. Carl Sagan's monologue really sums up the ideals of the video and matches bit by bit his message of hope for space that science fiction and hard science when married up offer: 
For all its material advantages, the sedentary life has left us edgy, unfulfilled. Even after 400 generations in villages and cities, we haven’t forgotten. The open road still softly calls, like a nearly forgotten song of childhood. We invest far-off places with a certain romance. This appeal, I suspect, has been meticulously crafted by natural selection as an essential element in our survival. Long summers, mild winters, rich harvests, plentiful game—none of them lasts forever. It is beyond our powers to predict the future. Catastrophic events have a way of sneaking up on us, of catching us unaware. Your own life, or your band’s, or even your species’ might be owed to a restless few—drawn, by a craving they can hardly articulate or understand, to undiscovered lands and new worlds.
Herman Melville, in Moby Dick, spoke for wanderers in all epochs and meridians: “I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas…”
Maybe it’s a little early. Maybe the time is not quite yet. But those other worlds— promising untold opportunities—beckon.
Silently, they orbit the Sun, waiting.
Its easy to forget that some of the simple adventures in space based games can easily come from real world science. The fact that this short pulls from a whole palette of real world source material is a great sign of the forbidden seas waiting for your PC's in far flung corners of the solar system and the galaxy.
 The only real issue I had with this video was that there was more of the breath taking vistas and views that were to be had here. Take a look draw some inspiration, and head toward the first star on the right with your party of adventurers! 

The Ocean Pit Of Vuul Hru - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Setting Adventure Location & For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

The Ocean Pit Vuul Hru
Sunk 20,000 miles into the Martian soil and planet mantle is the alien created artificial sea the Ocean Pit Vuul Hru. Found over fifty years ago after an Old Earther survey mission. The Ocean Pit Vuul Hru was artificially constructed using a dimensional gate to  the Elemental plane of Water but regulated by a series of quantum shunts to control the flow of water and limit the intake of the flow. The project was massive but the results incredible. 
Populated by an extensive biosphere of incredibly diverse alien and mutant life forms this ecological system has been the site of numerous battles between a variety of alien, Martian, and Old Earther powers. But the damage has been minimized because of alien A.I. correction mechanisms and elemental programmed life forms who look after the underwater bio sphere. Certain elemental princes from the plane of Water have also laded claim to this jewel of blue water in the Martian desert as several would be conquerors have found out much to their dismay. Because of its wonders and the fact that its a self renewing food source, no one really has total ownership over this piece of underwater acreage.
Several species of mutated marine life offer miraculous cures for several of the most dangerous Martian diseases and entropic mutational damage making pilgrimages to the tunnels that lead to the Ocean Pit of Vuul Hru an adventures unto themselves. 
There are at least twenty small to large deadly and poisonous species within the Ocean pit and its tunnels. Many of these poisons and naturally occurring chemicals are prized by Martian alchemists and assassins for their rarity and deadliness. 
There are also several small Old Earth and Martian forces military bunkers still embedded in the underground maze that the surrounds the entrance to the Ocean pit and are frequent pilgrimage points for certain tribes of warriors and adventurers.
There are several mutant tribes which claim the more remote parts of the Ocean Pit of  Vuul Hru as their own and these places are tended by their ranger priests who are open to the trade of certain items, plants, and other natural wonders in certain local markets. These tribes are the target of a number of low lander tribal raiders and various scum who come for the miracles of Vuul Hru.
Some of these miracles appear in various Martian bizarres & trading posts as well as Martian relic meets from time to time. 

1d10 Random Miracles and Item Table from
The Ocean Pit Of Vuul Hru

    1. A small packet of crystal of Hus that when smoked acts as cure light wounds spell or power able to heal minor mutational or chromosomal damage. Worth about 200 gold pieces 
    2. Waters From The Bowels of the Elemental Planes capable of eroding any type of stone within 1d8 rounds. Must be kept within a special crystal bottle of Martian manufacture. Worth about 400 gold pieces. Also used in the summoning rites of certain elemental royalty but will anger any Earth Elemental god or power. 
    3. The Spines of A Gotat fish - This small packet of 1d6 spines is sealed within the brine and guts of the fish that it came from. This poison will cause those who don't save vs death or poison to explode in a spectacular green blue fire ball for 2d6 points of damage to everyone within a twelve foot radius of burning guts and gore. 
    4. Starp poison used in the treating of muscle and neurological disorders. A jar costs 70 gold pieces for 1d8 treatments. 
    5. Still Waters of Sha - These special waters are incredibly dense and heavy compared to other types of waters and are used in the psychic scrying of places of the Outer Darkness worth 200 gold pieces to the right black magician or necromancer. The waters are incredibly cold and can be used also by certain Martian healers to restore Entropic diseases and mutations. 
    6. Spale spines -These spines from the Spale fish are used in the the blow guns of certain assassins cults and cultists of their fishy god. These spines are also used by certain back alley scum for assassinations in the name such cults. Those hit by these spines take 1d4 points of damage, those hit must save vs poison or death or be held ridged by the neuro poison. Awake and alive as their own nervous systems collapse from within themselves. 
    7. 1d8 pieces of mind coral - This pinky green coral is able to heal 1d6 points of mental damage done by psychic and mental mutations or powers. This stuff is incredibly rare and quite pricey. Demanding 600 to 800 gold pieces per dose. After healing such damage the coral is completely useless its life force traded for the damage. 
    8. Key Water - This weird pale green water is from the elemental plane of Water and used to cleanse ecological and natural damage from an area. The stuff will also cause primitive life forms to appear over a 1d4 acre area. A jar costs 1000 gold pieces and can create a fertile farming or land space easily. 
    9. Vase of Blue Green Fire Waters - This incredibly weird patterned  water like liquid is found within a sealed glass crystal vase and glows in the presence of anything or anyone found from another plane. The vase glows a baleful blue green color bathing everything within a weird glow and halting such intruders to the local space time continuum. Should the vase be broken upon such monsters they will take 3d6 points of damage and be banished back to their planes of origin. The vase will shatter with a mind wrenching sound across several planes and all within must save vs magic or be stunned for 1d6 rounds as the space time continuum heals itself. Worth 2000 gold pieces when found and counts as an alien relic. Very few Martians know the secret for making such items. 
    10. Death Glow Fish - These persevered fish are created by a mind wizard and are used to partially draw the soul from the target which can be sealed within a specially made copper or brass bottle for 1d100 years. This technique can be used to create and undead servant but is actually used in the healing arts when a victim has been level drained and the soul of the victim needs extensive super science reconstruction and body needs an elemental healing bath. The fish's carcass is worth an easy 500 to 800 gold pieces depending upon the area of Mars it is sold within. 

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      Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #47: Underwater Rules From Skirmisher Publishing For Your Post Apocalyptic Campaign

      Issue #47 of Wisdom From The Wasteland is a must have for those who like to use the extensive world of post apocalyptic under water adventuring. 

      Underwater adventuring has always been a staple of post apocalyptic old school adventuring and this issue of Wisdom From the Wasteland puts the underwater world at center stage for your old school mutant parties to explore and navigate through this extensive area for adventures. The rules here are concise, simple to use and are easily adapted to Mutant Future or any old school retro clone. This issue covers diving through ruins, creating your old school underwater adventures, and getting into the deep end of the post apocalyptic under water world. The Skirmisher publishing group nails this issue easily and its well worth a download for adding yet another aspect to your Mutant Future or any old school post apocalyptic retro clones. A very nice little download in the best of the old school tradition. 

      From the Drivethrurpg:
      Water covers over 70% of Earth’s surface, so it is likely that many adventures will take the occasional aquatic turn. This could happen in the wilds, on the open ocean, or down in inky subterranean depths. Mid-exploration, an evil game master might even open the water valves in an underground tunnel or inundate some ruins below a destroyed dam. A naive player could believe the worst thing about a water encounter is getting wet, or maybe that something large, toothy, and cold-blooded might try to take a friendly little nibble. But any watery environment is an extremely hostile place: the hazards are many and varied, and death can lurk within the most placid of pools. To enhance adventures on the water or below the surface, this issue introduces a plethora of new rules, ranging from water-damaged equipment, to deep-diving pressure, to the ever-present danger of drowning. Just be warned, your players may never go swimming again.

      This issue is a under water technology laden tour de force with extensive underwater sonics, artifacts, weapons, and a host of minor and major pieces of technological wonders that are all oriented to the underwater world. 
      The thing about this issue is that it really showcases some of the great post apocalyptic ideas coming out of Skirmisher publishing. These authors and designers know their subject matter and their's a host of underwater weirdness thrown into this issue that makes it standout when it comes to the design of adventures and sectioning off a wide variety of options for the underwater wasteland.
       Rules for under water hazards such as electricity, concussion rules, and the long term and sort term effects of both fresh and salt water on high tech weapons and technology are included making this a very handy little section to bedevil players across the board. 
      This issue also contains a few mutations for use with underwater mutants, monsters, and more mayhem. There's also melee weapons and a few other suggestions from the Skirmisher group about the use of these new additions into your old school bag of tricks. Both players and DM's will have a good time with this issue and possibly find it useful for staging a wide variety of underwater back dropped and  adventure settings in your favorite old school post apocalyptic retroclone. 

      Postcards from Pripyat Chernobyl As Fodder For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

      I ran across this video from Facebook a couple of days ago from the Laughing Squid website HERE

       Frankly there's an angle that the video creator brought to my attention an angle that I had not thought of for post apocalyptic adventures, namely the idea here of a party documenting and commercially selling a snap shot of the wastelands. Baring in mind here that I'm not trivializing Danny Cooke's great video. This is a incredibly well made piece that documents a horrifying living piece of history. 
      Chernobyl Disaster.jpg
      Chernobyl is and has been an on going haunted location that traces its roots all the way back to the 1986 nuclear disaster. I remember I was in middle school when the first hints of the nuclear accident reared its head. The scope of the disaster was incredible and it was a time of living in a fishbowl nightmare as the echoes of pop culture blew through with the specters of the cold war and the ghosts of nuclear disaster.
      You can find extensive information on Wiki right HERE  of the  Chernobyl disaster
      Chernobyl isn't an epic scope disaster that defies rational explanation and the wastelands of post apocalyptic campaigns should have the same epic scale.

      The use of drones as both advanced recon and as adventure source is unique here but has been used extensively in other new school rpgs such as Shadow Run,some of the newer editions of Gamma World,Buck Rogers, and many others. But this option puts the power of the drone into a party's hands enabling them to pull the intelligence right into their own hands. Drones will have an incredible impact on the balance and turn around of adventures.
      The scale of this sort of operation puts a whole different twist into the role of mutated life forms in old school games, imagine a situation  where a city of domes style society of sedate citizens pays for the jaded  privilege of touring the wastes from the comfort of their very own 'Logan's Run' style society homes whilst others are out risking their necks for incredible entertainment and thrills. A similar situation to the early heady  of motion pictures when audiences thrilled to films from the far flung regions of our own Earth.
      Chernobyl offers a DM a template of destruction and human error for the nuclear wastelands. The adventurer as a lens for documenting and seeing the scale of ruins and grand scale background is brought home in only a three mile video. Still there have been a number of video games, science fiction novels, and other popular pop culture products have used the Chernobyl  disaster as a backdrop.

      New 1d10 Random Robotic Encounters From The Scrap Heap For Your Old School Post Apocalypti Campaigns

      There are times when adventurers will encounter the ancient artifices and former toys of mankind out in the wastes. Some of these encounter can be beneficial  and others deadly. Recently this random encounter chart got a workout in my Post Apocalypse Mars campaign 
      I've kept these encounters system neutral for use in a variety of rpg and retro clone systems.
      1d10 Random Robotic Encounters From The Scrap Heap

      1. 1d6  Gutted cyborg mercenaries armed with energy weapons and are more cybernetic organism then they are flesh. These ancient warriors can not reason or think the way that humanoids do and are looking for work or purpose, they often amuse themselves by raiding small villages and low lander tribes. They are armed with vibro blades and internal pulse laser pistols. There is a 30% chance of these unpredictable bastards turning on a party at a moment's notice. 
      2. A medi robot from a failed colony who has seen to much horror and depravity. This cybernetic organism has also doubled it load of medical supplies and has downloaded the personality of  a fictional doctor 'Hawk Eye' from an old Earther television program. The bot is compassionate but cynical and capable of defending itself with laser scalpels and rapier like wit as well. A cunning and wily bot whose been out in the wastes for decades. Will sometimes trade services for power and repair work. 
      3. An Achnobot out scouting and foraging for an unknown wizard or power out in the wastelands. The bot is capable of unleashing a powerful stat charge for 2d6 points of damage and a range of  30 yards. It is curious and very dedicated to tracking targets. A mostly unknown quality out in the deserts and wasteland. 
      4. Serpentoid bot A last surviving remnant of a once surviving colony of Lovecraftian serpent men, it works as a mercenary for various alien colonies against the human and near humans out in the wastelands. The thing is armed with a variety of deadly energy weapons and is a cold blooded efficient killer with neither mercy or compassion. It holds a treasure trove of information in the form of the computer records from the Serpent man colony including technology and knowledge. 
      5. A 4 X The Surgeon of Terra - This ancient medi bot has been programmed with the knowledge and techniques of ancient Terran psychotics and surgeons. The thing is a deranged hunter and killer roaming the wastes stalking mutants, tribesmen, and others according to its own deranged ancient programming. Armed with energy weapons and medical lasers this gristly killer stalks the wastes selling its skills as an assassin and hit bot. 
      6. 'The Can' is a ancient mining tank bot that collects information about the wastes and the Earth works of the Deathlands. The bot sells its knowledge of geology and underworld features to the highest bidder, the bot accepts payment in the form of artifacts, knowledge, and even stories about the wastelands. The Can is friendly, cantankerous, and will simply retreat underground if any threat i presented  or harmed in anyway. 
      7. The Drill Hive - A hive mind collection of drill bots who have converted their make from mining of wasteland mines, into a fully functioning unit of fighting mercenaries who will work for repair work or power generating . The bots will hunt down bounties, combat, and do wrecker work on ruins and buildings as well. But the Hive will lay claim to any artifacts found. They have armed themselves with internal pulse laser pistols as well. 
      8. Archaeologist bot called B.O.B. who works the ruins of the wastelands and has an extensive of pre apocalyptic data core of incredible knowledge and the bot craves more. He will trade knowledge for repairs and parts, for his services as a free lance guide and scholar. He is armed with force fields and heavy stunners, and will use a laser weapon as a last resort. The real mystery is what B.O.B stands for and it is a bit of a legend out in the wastes where this bot has been employed. 
      9. Jovianbot - This squat alien mercenary robot has been modeled on the Jovian colonists and roams the waste as a ruin explorer and bounty hunter. The thing is incredibly strong and armed with traditional Jovian colonist weapons including energy weapons and massive plasma grenades. It will work for stories and bounties, has a very quirky sense of humor. But its very honorable. 
      10. Alien Sphere - This strange alien probe like bot is armed with extensive force fields and energy weapons. The thing is pursuing an unknown agenda and deep wasteland creatures but to what end is known. A very dangerous and enigmatic cybernetic organism. 

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      The Threuseus Inter System Cargo Launch Facility - A Post Apocalypse Mars Adventure Setting Location or For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

      The Threuseus Inter System Cargo Launch System
      Originally the The Threuseus Inter System Cargo Launch System facility was a five mile deep hole in the Martian surface designed to launch cargoes into space for colonization for the Outer Worlds. After the apocalypse it became a central territory fought over by a number of tribes. This fifteen level mega dungeon extends deep into the Martian soil and hasn't given up all of its secrets yet.
      There are a number of super science laboratories and temples that were dedicated to various aspects of space colonization and space exploration as well as storage facilities and ware houses for the import and export of Earth and Martian goods. Many of these habits remain untouched throughout the centuries
      There are still a number of space ship construction areas below ground and active A.I.'s who have either been rendered insane or as the heads of Martian cults. Below ground is a world unto itself with monsters and more who have moved in from the extensive Martian underworld itself.
      The Threuseus Inter System Cargo Launch System's super science magnetic ring and laser plasma launch systems are still mostly intact due to the nanite and super science materials that they were constructed of
      Even though these are some of the busiest ruins upon the face of Mars. Many adventurers and tribes give these ruins a wide birth as the automated A.I. defense systems of the facility sometimes come alive and purge the countryside of any and all intruders. These systems will then sleep for 1d4 months or even years at a time. There are several adventurer guilds who pay tribute to the Martian mutant tribes who claim the facility as looting rights. 
      Because of the traffic from the local tribes and adventurers there is always many mutant scavengers and Martian monsters haunting the place.
      Below are some of the more common wandering Martian horrors and monsters.

      1d10 Threuseus Inter System Cargo Launch System Facility
      Wandering Martian Horrors and Monsters Table 

      1. 1d6 Martian skeleton warriors with make shift weapons looking for a quick kill 
      2. 1d8 Marauders 2nd level fighters with energy weapons 
      3. 1d10 Ghost Wind Undead Psychic Warriors  looking for life force and essence to devour 
      4. 1d8 Martian  plague victim zombies 
      5. Robo Drone spy belonging to a local wizard looking for adventurers 
      6. 1d7 random adventurers 4th level fighters 40% of loot looking to trade or sell. 
      7. 1d4 homeless survivors running for their lives from 1d4 robo warrior bots 
      8. Wizard harvesting Martian monster organs for spell components 
      9. 1d4 Chaotic touched mutant dog pack out hunting 
      10. 1d10 ghoul pack hunting and foraging for Martian warrior corpses and Earthers. 

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      New Monster Estoricia or Entropic Amalgamation For The Post Apocalyptic Mars Setting & Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

      Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation

      Created from the twisted entropic fall out from the Entropy terror weapons of the last Colonial Wars of Mars, these seemingly helpless beasts are the remains of alien and Earth live stock brought by colonists over 30 years ago.
      Some of these monsters  are boneless beasts that drag themselves along the Martian soil and leave a trail of slime behind to coat their way along. Playing at being simply helpless mutated scavengers these monsters are actually mutated terror weapons of the last war. They lash out with a paralysis and poisoned laden sting and incorporate their prey's genetic material within their bodies to fuel the nanite laced material that passes for flesh
      These horrors are twisted and mutated creatures that while retaining the basic characteristics of its original stock animals are actually sometimes made up of a hodgepodge of creatures that they have fed upon. Throughout their life cycle these horrors continue to mutate and are effectively immortal baring violence and accident.
      They're coloration varies with the local landscape and runs from striking and bizarre colours to colors that camouflage the life form. Some of these creatures have multiple limbs and useless tail structures from other beast's genetics that have been incorporated by the Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation over the centuries.
      The Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation are often followed by giant mutant monster scavengers who have learned to mop up after these horrors have dispatched their prey. Often giant scorpions or locusts with a taste for humanoid flesh follow these horrors from place to place.

      Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation

      Number encountered: 1 1-4 
      Type: Mutation
      Size: Large 
      Move: 20 ft 
      HD: 4(d8)
      Hit Point  Average :18 Max 32 
      AC: 14 or AC:6 
      BAB+1 or Thaco = 19 
      Attacks: 1d6/1d6 (claws) 
      1d6 tendril or tongue lash 
      Special : Reneration as Troll 
      Save : F+3/.R+2/.W+1(P or ft2) 
      Magic Resistence Nil 
      Int: Low (but very cunning and opportunistic) 
      Morale : 10 
      Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
      Advancement: Nil 
      XP: 420
      Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation is an opportunistic hunter and often appears as a helpless pile of pitiful helplessness only to erupt in an explosive  flurry of stinging tendrils. The prey animal is dragged off and digested  by internal nanite factories in some nearby hidden location. The genetic material is then internalized for use as fuel for health, regeneration, and other cellular activity within the Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation.

      • Paralysing sting : The Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation attacks with a flurry of stinging tendrils those hit must make a Con saving throw at DC16  or save vs Paralysis or be paralyzed for 1d4 rounds. Some versions of the Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation use a tongue attack to deliver the 
      • Should the Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation be critically injured these horrors will retreat as quickly as possible to lick their wounds and regenerate their flesh. They will seek revenge 1d6 hours later after the damage has been healed by their internal nanite factories . The Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation regenerate as trolls only slightly slower rate. 

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      The Val A'l Harng Trading Post - A Post Apocalpytic Mars Adventure Location For Your Old School Campaign

      The Val La Harng Trading Post

      Val A'l Harng is the beacon of trade, commerce, and resources within the Martian wastes. Here adventurers can buy, trade, and sell the relics and artifacts that they pull from the deepest Martian death lands and wastes.

      Situated in the low lander Martian territories along the old canal routes is the twelve story Ancient Val A'l Harng trading post. The ancient water exchange station has been converted into a hang out, refuge, and trading post for adventurers,drifters,con-men, the desperate, and all kinds of marginalized Martian populations.
      Val A'l Harng is where they all come to trade, buy, exchange information, and get the latest round of info on the goings on in the Deep wastelands. Nanite solar panels line the upper reaches of the trading out post and a deep fusion plant powers the entire facility. It is one of the last bastions upon Mars where the A.I. data conscious cores are still found. In fact the whole facility is run by a council of twelve A.I. ancient personalities who over see every aspect of life within Val A'l Harng.
      There are residential levels where retired adventurers and Martian nobility live and act as patrons for many cat paws and adventurers who act as their eyes and ears in the Martian wastes.
      Below this are a wide variety of shops, stalls, trade zones, and faculties where a huge variety of services, relics, and products are offered. 

      Below this are the clone masters of Val A'l Harng's level  who use a wide variety of genetic engineering and super science techniques to resurrect the dead, create organic computers, grow customized syntho organic androids for their clients, genetically engineered geno weapons, and even more esoteric services. 
      The next level down features Xeno ghettos where specialized alien life form artificial ecologies are are created for the alien species and citizens to live. There are life forms and sentients from a million planets when Mars was the center of commence for the universe. Now this level is home to two hundred businesses and the scattered refugees who were left behind when Mars was cut off from the rest of the interstellar community. Many adventurers come here to gather information on alien treasures, gain employment on various missions for alien clients, and generally cruise on the echoes of another time. 
      There are a series of abandoned levels where pseudo games of chance are played with live participants among the ruins and often there are mutant horrors that are let loose to  chase down these players. The resulting sport is televised throughout Val A'l Harng. There are supposedly super science relics found on these levels which are guarded by the powers that run the games. There are rumors that these sports are actually ancient Martian ritualized 'games' that enable Val A'l Harng to maintain its importance within the sphere of Martian politic. 
      The science level is where a cadre of super scientists have set up shop and sell a variety of services and wares. They only do business with those that they approve of. Those who tread uninvited within their domain end up as cyber slaves or worse. 
      Below this are several levels of micro factories, special equipment rooms, and much more. Val A'l Harng extends its structure deep into the Martian sub soil and there are ruins of ancient aspect that are rumored to be domain of monsters and ripe with relics, super science treasures and more. Many adventurers pay the A.I.'s for the privilege of exploring, raiding, and going into these lower levels. There are rumors of colonies of Ancient Martians still living within the confines of these lower levels.

      1d10 The Val A'l Harng
      Trading Post Finds and Relic Table 

      1. Ancient fuel rods used in a whole selection of artifacts worth about 250 gold pieces if in good shape. 
      2. Psychic finder rod able to locate natural resources, treasure, and relics by the psychic scent of these items. Worth 300 gold pieces to the right buyer. 
      3. A psychic mirror containing a minor ghost of an ancient Martian, able to share 1d4 visions of ancient Mars with its owner. Worth 200 gold pieces 
      4. A Martian psychic dagger able to pierce the shadow of a victim who will be stunned for 1d6 hours after receiving a wound. 
      5. A psychic prism able to separate the telepathic vibrations from a victim. Very useful for determining if a victim is suffering from demonic possession. Worth 200 gold pieces to the right collector. 
      6. A Martian psychic staff that allows an owner to access 1d4 minor psychic or mental mutations. Worth 400 gold pieces 
      7. A Martian ruby ring made with a Hexite silver setting  and capable of storing 1d6 spells if cast against the relic by a wizard. The spells can easily be released at the telepathic command of the owner. 
      8. A psychic battery capable of powering a psychic technology relic, the artifact is worth 300 gold pieces to the right collector. 
      9. A statue of an ancient Martian god worth 400 gold pieces.There is a 40% chance that this thing is infected with a major demon. These items were used as spiritual batteries during the Martian gods uprising. 
      10. A collected metal book that contains all of the most common formulas and incantations for the repair and restoration of certain types of robots and androids. Worth 200 gold pieces to the right collector of such items. 

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      The Jungle Ruins of Ter' Shath'thas - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Adventure Location For Your Old School Campaigns

      The Jungle Ruins of Ter' Shath'thas

      During the apocalypse that saw some of the fiercest battle field warfare between the various colony powers, the Ter' Shath'thas region near the Martian swamp polar region was one of the main focal points of violence and horror. Millions of lives on both sides were lost to the horror of Entropic weaponry that was unleashed upon this world. 
      Even today the swamps of this region still twitch and cook with the negative planar energies that have mutated hundreds of species and animate the dead of the battle fields. 
      The planet Mars
      Ter' Shath'thas jungles were also places were a wide variety of military bases, command centers, bunkers, and more were set up as the shifting battle field lines moved back & forth. This also makes the Ter' Shath'thas region one of the richest's areas for salvage, relic recovery, and ruin exploitation by adventurers. The region is not without various dangers not  only from the mutated Martian life forms but from nanite powered A.I. cybernetic tanks which claim the region as home. These monstrous thinking battle platforms exist simply to destroy life as a sorted twisted game of chess played between the various A.I.'s as they play upon a radio signal 'board' that corresponds to the incursions of various groups, tribes, and parties of adventurers. Many tribes worship these tanks as a sort of twisted guardian angel/totem god going so far as to take the names of some of these entities such as Tri sword, High Gain, and many others. 
      These cybernetic horrors sometimes spend weeks or months within stasis awaiting some complex set of variables to present themselves. 

      There have been many random sets of ruins that appear as the tidal swamp waters increase & decrease with the influences of the 'melting seasons' of Mars. Many of these old military ruins were sealed against the elements of the swamps and are still in serviceable condition because of the presence of minor A.I. familiar entities and the various push button machinery still in operation.
      There is a 40% of encountering zombies, undead, and other horrors created by the negative planar energies that rage through this area. 

      For each 1d8 weeks spent within the Ter' Shath'thas region there is a 20% chance of being infected with Entropic emissions that pervaded the area from the Apocalypse 

      1d10 Random Relic Table
      of The Jungle Ruins of Ter' Shath'thas 

      1. 1d10 light weight armor and equipment from the Martian heretic forces. This set of armor includes a small fusion battery capable of powering the light weight sensors, heavy stunner, laser pistol and survival equipment found within it. Worth about 270 gold pieces on the open galactic market. 
      2. A fully functioning vac tube minor computer brain system built with Westinghouse analog technology capable of running many relic vehicles and equipment. Worth 300 gold pieces to the right collector. 
      3. Heat beam crystal machinery set up from a Dark Martian Tri pod worth about 400 gold pieces on the open market. 
      4. A psychic memory crystal lens with an ancient Martian data base worth 600 gold pieces with a 40% chance of having a crack which renders it worthless. 
      5. A Shanktic energy matrix capable of powering one of the many alien devices found within the lost Alien colonies. Worth 200 gold pieces 
      6. A gold star medical pack and A.I. unit capable of treating many of the most common traumatic medical conditions of both Mars and the battle fields. Worth 650 gold pieces but with a 60% chance of missing some of the medical resource generator units which will half the worth of the item. 
      7. A vibrational  pass fork used as a key for some of the military ruins. Worth 100 to 500 gold pieces depending upon rarity and rank for this item. 
      8. A psychic lens crystal that has many of the more common mental mutational abilities worth 600 gold pieces but with a 40% chance of being cracked. 
      9. A fully functioning psychic Martian transfer unit, used for up loading Ancient Martian consciousnesses to new vessels. There is a 70% chance of their being an ancient Martian soul waiting to possess a willing or unwilling host body. Worth 500 gold pieces but with a 60% chance of being tainted by the Entropic emissions used during the Wars. 
      10. A Martian crystal knife used by insurgent Martian forces that contains an ancient alien essence that was used as a weapon of terror against the Imperial Earth forces. This weapon will cause all kinds of malevolent horror to be visited upon the finder or owner of the weapon. Worth 500 gold pieces to the right collector of such war time devices. 

      Free Creepy Magazine Issue 69 As Fodder For Your Old School Campaigns

      Even though Halloween is long over there are always interesting reminders of yesteryear for example is the venerable Warren publishing effort of Creepy # 69. Which is one of the best of the Creepy magazines to come out because not only does this issue have some comic classic horror but this is their Edgar Allen Poe Issue. This issue of Creepy hits all of the highlights of Poe and comes back for more. This makes this issue a must have for those of us 
      Grab It Right Over 

      his issue starts with the classic Pit and The Pendulum, whist maintaining a who range of sub text simmering below the surface of the story. With a bit of arm twisting this graphic novel could be  used for a very of retro clone. There's going to be plenty of grist for the adventurer mill. All of these adaptations can easily adapted into a retroclone adventure. Games such as Lamentations of the Flame Princess can easily be use to simulate several of the stories within this issue. 
      Premature Burial has all of the hallmarks of the usual Poe tale but this one does a nice twist or turn on the twisting of this usual suspects. This be might make an excellent side encounter for a horror rpg or other quick fodder to set the stage. 
      The House of Usher looks like  a nice old school romp that can easily be adapted under the baleful glaze of the author that can updated and turned into a mini campaign. This story is some thing that can be adapted to a number of horror rpgs and more. 
      The Oval Portriat is one of the those stories that can be used as a quick adventure encounter or as a whole quick campaign that can focus a party into some tight jams. The story reeks of old school mini adventures and gets into some details of Poe's agendas, and much more.
       This version of A Message Found In A Bottle is really solid and provides a DM with several sets of tools that can string together everything needed for an old school set up or quick pick up game..
      The Case of M. Vladimir rounds out this homage to Poe and feels like it belongs right in the center of a homage to Poe. The back and forth of the artwork really gives this story one of the best twists on things. The whole issue features some top talent and artwork on a par that we wouldn't see again. All in all not a bad issue and one that any DM worth his salt will grab this free download.  

      Sunday, November 23, 2014

      Free Lovecraftian Horrors From The Mythos Guide To New England By Clint Staples By Skirmisher Publishing

      The Mythos Guide To New England by Clint Staple is doing quite well on Drivethrurpg but author Clint Staples has some of the spillover content from this nasty supernatural guide. I will be using the Mythos Guide in a mid Winter Call of Cthlhu campaign coming up. My suggestion is to pick up the Mythos Guide right over HERE
      The free over spill monsters have been indexed by the author and are pretty awesome in their own right. They're  available right over HERE

      I did a review and breakdown of the Mythos Guide To New England right over HERE

      Call of Cthlhu has become increasingly valuable to me over the last ten years because of the span, scope, and periods that the venerable classic old school horror rpg covers. With some easy a DM can covert many of the adventures for CoC into a wide variety of venues. Now with a couple of  different retro clones on the market its a snap to get the most out of your gaming collection.
      With pulp horror themed retro clone games and campaigns on the increase. The versatility factor has been an issue for a long time but with the Mythos Guide To New England its a simple matter of set up of monsters and adventures with New England as the back drop for campaigns. Since this area of the US was Lovecraft and the Lovecraft circle of authors back yard for stories it lends a certain amount of credibility for adventures and investigations. These creatures of New England legend and mythology are an entirely new wrinkle on the usual pulp style adventures that have come down the pike. 

      Clint indexes three creatures of  New England horror on his blog, these make excellent mid level investigations and  but are still very dangerous monsters for adventurers and investigators to run across.Use them with caution and as some great adventure fodder for a number of old school horror New England themed adventures.

      Saturday, November 22, 2014

      1d10 Random Sleep Pod Encounter Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

      Your party runs across a bank of sleep pods from before the Apocalypse. Who knows who has taken the option of waiting out the destruction of society? Here's a table of exceptional individuals for your old school campaigns to challenge and deal with your mutants and adventurers. 

      1d10 Random Sleep Pod Encounter Table 
      1. 1d6 pre apocalyptic soldiers awaiting their last orders or commands. These genetically engineered super soldiers will know where a cache of pre apocalyptic weapons and equipment will be stored near by. They may according to mission parameters know of several key military ruins and former command centers. 
      2. A trio of highly placed super scientists whose mission is to rebuild society.Every wizard and renegade super scientist worth their salt will be after this brain trust of and offer incredible rewards to kidnap and grab these valuable mental resources. They will have several caches to labs, equipment, and resources that have been stored away. 
      3. 1d10 ordinary citizens who made it to a small bunker of sleep pods. These folks will have knowledge of how the various relics, technologies and more work. They may not want to share this knowledge unless safe passage, food, shelter and essentials are bargained for. 
      4. 1d6 mutant soldiers were put into stasis before the Apocalypse had broken out. These dangerous warriors will want to carry out their last orders and have access to dangerous energy weapons, super science equipment, and military resources. They may share knowledge of former military assets with the same mutant types. 
      5. A group of highly trained technical androids 1d8 put into the freezer for technical rebuilding of infrastructure and post apocalyptic colonies. This group of minor scientists has the universal translator circuitry and is able to work with a wide varieties of technologies. 
      6. A group of highly motivated adventurers and mercenaries 1d10 who worked for a large variety of pre Apocalyptic governments. They have access to 1d6 para military hide outs and minor bases. Willing to trade relics for knowledge and help. 
      7. A pre apocalyptic think tank scientists who have developed advanced mental powers and a shared hive mind. Looking to use their mental powers and gifts for the betterment of man and mutant kind. There are 1d20 scientists currently on ice. 
      8. A renegade pre apocalyptic king and his super soldier bodyguards who are 5th level fighters with super strength, troll like regeneration and vast relic resources. Will carry out a hidden cult like religious agenda to begin to weed out the genetically inferior starting with close associates and 'friends'. 
      9. A Cthulhu cult of 1d10 fanatics who will begin to carry out the will of their ancient god. These fanatically nut jobs have vast mental abilities and some minor Lovecraftian spell like abilities. Many carry the taint of their ancient god alien masters within their flesh. They have access to magic relics and energy weapons. 
      10. A group of highly place politicians from before the apocalypse. These twisted bastards will have access to several caches of military hardware and underground bases. They will wish to rebuild Merica. Some may have the 'Charm' spell like ability. 

      100 Starport Scum From Fishwife Games For Your Old School Space Opera Campaigns

      Available Right Over
      Right so here we are with another random encounters table from the twisted mind of Dave Woodrum. This one is right up the alley of those willing to take their adventurers into that wretched hive of scum and villainy. This is a list perfectly suited to that purpose. This simple and easy little encounter chart has all of the space scum, pirates, whores, smugglers, and jerks for your PC's to tangle with.

      According to the Rpgnow blurb:
      This simple 100 list is perfect for tossing out quick encounters for that shady starport visit. Included are the names of such encounters as well as their role.
      I'm partially responsible for this list of hellions because I gave the idea for this encounter list to Dave sometime last week. This is a really nasty twist of several different encounter kits in one. Right off the bat this list can be used for a quick series of throw downs in some nameless space bar, the second is a kit for a quick out fitting of a guild of criminal scum for a group of smugglers and cut throats, further this table could be used to populate a wreck or hyper sleep prison ship quickly.

      Using The 100 Starport Scum Table For
      Your Old School Campaigns

      This chart can easily be converted to wasteland use and like a broken record, this one is being use in my post apocalyptic Mars game. The backgrounds are easily transposed over to a science fiction or fantasy backdrop. The ideas are sold because the backgrounds of the NPC's here are not sketched out with a quick decision on the DM's part. A thumb nail sketch of the NPC can be filled in with as much or as little detail as the players put into it. This will effect the direction, flare, and take of the encounter which might be a small brick into the background of your  world. Many of these encounters are made to be low to mid level throw away bits but they can set a tone and flavor for a campaign.
      I do like the definitions that the author has tossed into each encounter. Like a mini thumb sketch it gives the DM a starting point should he chose to fill in more background details of these scalawags and nasty customers. 
      With some work these encounters can be used with systems ranging from Traveler, Star Frontiers, and much more depending upon the preferences of the DM. Because they're system agnostic they can be used with a huge variety of space based science fantasy or science fiction rpg systems.
      For my own part like the Space Prisons encounter tables its best to roll with the punches that the PCs will be confronted with.
      I do love Dave's creativity and ideas that he injects into his products. Fish Wife Games continues to find its uses at my table top and will for years to come. Do pick this one up and have a blast with it. 

      The Artifact Pits of Val'hun - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Adventure Location For Your Old School Campaigns

      The Artifact Pits of Val'hun

      Deep in the wastes far from the Neo canals of the Martian city states are the  Artifact Pits of Val'hun which were one of the main loot signs for the once shining  colonies of  Earthling and Martians. Some speculate that this was once possibly one of the main space ship yards and manufacturing centers.
      There are rich fields of red sand filled with wire, sheets of psychically sensitive metals,space ship wreckage, and worse. There are often scores of adventures, Martian children, and countless people picking through the artifact pits. Because of the presence of so many people many mutant predators, sand monsters, and pitch worms are attracted to the place. Once a predator takes an adventurer then the monsters often leave the pickers and relic hunters alone for a day or so.
      On occasion a warbot or cybernetic horror from the apocalypse awakens to slaughter anyone present. The Artifact Pits of Val'hun are also the focus for death machines or ancient robotic sky drone ships. Several tribes often put aside their differences to destroy these things in pitched battles lasting several days. Local tribes are often out gunned and out matched.
      Theses areas are often the focus for several guilds of relic hunters, adventurers, & the scum of Mars. Pitched battles for especially rich deposits of artifacts, metal, and exotic materials are fought for days at a clip. Sometimes these battles often attract wasteland undead and deep wasteland mutants who are attracted by the violence and insanity.

      The Artifact Pits of Val'hun are also rich growth areas for several different types of nanites including disassemblers, recoverer breeds, and clear material crystal growths. These things can appear overnight with little warning but the locals know the signs and give a wide birth to the seemingly innocent red sand fields.
      Many of these items are picked up by the local inter system traders for sale to the outer colonies on Neptune and Jupiter.

      1d10 Random Relic Finds Table From 
      The Artifact Pits of Val'hun
      1. 1d4 pounds of psychically senstive metal that can be shaped by the mind of a super scientist or artist. Worth about 1d100 gold piece
      2. Multi coloured Canal glass that can be recast into a variety of shapes and is resistant to heat, electricity, and other energies. 50 gold pieces 
      3. Small atomic motor with a slightly damaged cooling unit. Worth about 100 gold pieces but there is 30% chance of a minor radiation leak. 
      4. A sheet of multi colored metal that is cold to the touch and will burn bare flesh for 1d6 points of damage. Actually a piece of flying saucer body casting worth 40 gold pieces or 100 to a wizard of 2nd level or higher. 
      5. A mirrored psychic cut crystal that enables the owner to view the Outer Darkness the fixed point in time and space is unknown worth 100 gold pieces to a super scientist or wizard. The crystal can also be used for certain hyperspace drives. 
      6. A coil of psychically sensitive wire that can be used to assume a variety of shapes and configurations. 30 gold pieces 
      7. A sheet of transparent aluminium with a wide variety of uses and applications. Worth 20 gold pieces. There is a 20% chance of several other pieces being buried in the red sand. 
      8. A fully functional remote control for a warbot that will carry out its last programmed instructions. The remote goes with a variety of other rich finds however nearby. There is a 30% chance of other equipment being found nearby. 
      9. A small Martian golden idol to an unknown god, who might favor the owner or damn him with a minor curse. There is a 30% chance either way. Worth 200 gold to a jaded deep desert trader. 
      10. A fully functioning compu brain worth 400 gold pieces but possessed by a malevolent A.I. presence that will try to take over any machinery present.  

      Thursday, November 20, 2014

      Brand New 1d10 Low Level Wasteland Encounters Table For Your Old School Post Apocalypse Campaign

      Part of the great thing about post apocalyptic adventures is never knowing exactly what or whom you'll encounter within the wastes. There's always something interesting, unusual, and deadly that can confront mutant adventurers & relic hunters out in the wastes. There's lots of strange or unusual things that can confront adventurers at any time. Here's a table of a few low level NPC's that have confronted my parties at various times.

      1d10 Wasteland Encounters Table
      1. 1d6 mutant traders looking for adventurers to help them with an assignment for the recovery of a powerful relic from a local tribe of mutant warriors and mercenaries. They will offer a minor relic and food in trade. 
      2. A bounty hunter suffering from zombie plague and his two charges who are border line ghouls. They are getting very hungry. He has a full array of relics and artifacts for his profession. These things have a 20% chance of passing the infection on to anyone confronting or fighting them. 
      3. A weapons smith and relic technician with family is making his way across the wastes. His wagon has a mini workshop with a complete set of tools and can repair many of the most common encountered relics for a 20% mark up. They have a few of the more commonly encountered relics for sale and are willing to trade for fuel, food, and clean water. 
      4. A mutant adventurer tunnel rat and explorer is traveling across the wastelands and looking for work. He's has a small selection of maps of several loot spots that he is willing to trade for clean food or water. He is armed with a rifle, pistol, and a small selection of ammo. He's a third level fighter and quite scrappy. He regenerates as a troll but very slowly. 
      5. Dr. Loper is a cybernetic trader looking to trade several cybernetic systems, and cyborg arms. She is a passable healer & surgeon. She will offer her services in exchange for relics, food, or trade. Loper has a very nasty faceless android bodyguard of unknown capabilities named T32. 
      6. A small squad of robot mercenaries are looking for work and parts. These 4th level fighters are willing to work in exchange for stories, entertainment, and intelligence. They know of several rich ruins and artifact caches 
      7. A troop of mutant psychic entertainers are looking for gigs and a community to entertain. They're gifted healers and psychics willing to use their gifts in exchange for relics, food, and a safe place to harbor for 1d10 weeks. 
      8. A group of mutant adventurers who are looking for a community to serve. These adventurers have 1d10 minor relics, artifacts, and more wasteland finds.They are 2nd level fighters armed with minor energy weapons.  
      9. A map seller and ruin explorer is willing to trade knowledge, rumors, and various wasteland knowledge in exchange for his services. He's quite adapt at wilderness survival and will act as a guide for the right group of explorers. 
      10. A small cabal of 1d10 wasteland wizards and super scientists are looking for a community of their own. These mercenary scholars and magicians are willing to trade services, relic identification, magical assistance, & more for safe conduct, haven, and community. They are a mixed group of 5th level NPC's. Many communities are quite suspect of these individuals and think there's might be a hidden agenda among some of these individuals.   

      Kickstarter Silent Legions: A Sandbox Horror RPG by Kevin Crawford On the Dark Corner Blog

      Project image
      The Silent Legions Kickstarter is ALIVVE!
      Silent Legion is a new Lovecraftian sandbox horror rpg done in the old school spirit for the leagues of cults, monsters and horror filled nights. We've got the low down for your adventurer teams right over

      Wednesday, November 19, 2014

      Brand New 1d10 Super Science Ruins Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

      Adventures can encounter incredible ruins from before the apocalypse that echo the  achievements of man before the fall from the heights of the golden age of  the ancients. Here then is a table of 1d10 ruins that can reflect the heights of lofty technology and science bordering on magic. Perhaps the relics and super science artifacts that once graced this place are still found among the ruins or not. Only exploration will determine if these thing are to be found. 
      Reflections of past glories that can change the course of the destinies of kingdoms and city states.

      New 1d10 Super Science Ruins Table 
      1. A massive bio mechanical skeleton of a building that has emerged from the muck and slime. The ancient ruinous beast still has many passages and twisting tunnels of organs and decaying bits of relic bio matrix are still found but local legend says the place is haunted by the ancient ghosts of survivors whose souls were devoured by the place. The thing is shaped like a monstrous demonic skull of some ancient demonic hell spawn. 
      2. A super science temple twisted by the hit of a mini nuke now gone to glass and twisted bits of steel. The place has the impacts of countless mini missiles and yet local legend says that the waters around the place can cure the pox and local children have found nanite seeds, ancient super science material and some trade goods. The place is supposed be hunted by several tribes of carnivorous ancient mutant killers and monsters. 
      3. An ancient haunted super science hospital filled with  robotic surgeons who still supposedly practice demented cybernetic procedures and are powered down to keep them from practicing their arts on the local mutant warrior tribes. There are rumors of even worse horrors and androids whose souls are stored in crystal jars of liquid bio gel. They may exchange their souls for those of adventurers who strike a bargain with the insane A.I. who supposedly rules the place. 
      4. A black palace of bio metal & woven nanite flesh, whose form and function is unknown. There are dozens of robots that come out of the the place and then return every day at noon. Anyone who enters the place are never seen again and there are flights daily of giant golden metal eagles who take off for the stars. 
      5. A half exposed giant sky chariot that that has lights that shine every two cycles. The thing sends out incredibly complex robotic languages to unknown parties. There are rumors of adventurers who have come out of the craft rich beyond their wildest dreams. The chariot is supposedly trapped by ancient robotic entities and Outer planar demons. 
      6. A beautiful green stone like temple of super science has appeared almost over night and is rumored to be curing mutations among some of the low lander mutant tribes. There are rumors of ancient robotic medical droids that are spreading among the populaces and communities for unknown reasons spreading the miracles and wonders of the ancients. Several tribes are awaiting the coming of the robotic messiah and his followers. There is a war brewing over this incredible wasteland resource. What wonders does this place hold. 
      7. An ancient hover vehicle dealership has been uncovered by a recent storm. Local tribes are rushing to the site for relics and vehicles. Several of the warriors are spreading rumors of an awakened god A.I. called the Lord of the Wastes who is calling these mutant tribes to him. What weapons, systems, relics, and more could be found among the ruins. Are there are other levels below the dealership that hold even more technology and sights. 
      8. An ancient black giant sphere of unknown purpose and metal is sending out psychic waves of incredible influence and telepathic power for unknown reasons. The locals swear the place is the abode of demons who were called down by the ancients. There are thousands of metal bands in piles. 
      9. A giant tracked tank like war machine is moving among wastelands killing anything it runs across. This horror is rumored to be creating hordes of mind controlled mutant warriors to do its bidding and carry out its twisted wishes. There are rumors of relic weapons found in its way of terror and slaughter. Many of these weapons of unknown design and function. 
      10. A ten story science tower of unknown function rumored to be the abode of a wizard and its cult of cyborgs. The place is staffed by hundreds of androids and robots that can be seen from the cut crystal windows of glittering diamond like facets. The place is rumored to be a vault of incredible wonders from a long forgotten age. Several tribes have started to carry the symbols of the cybernetic cults and have begun to ravage the countryside in their name.  

      Tuesday, November 18, 2014

      New 1d10 Minor Weird Artifacts Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

      During last night's game there were a number of odd and weird minor artifacts that cropped up in a small bazaar and alien market place here's a quick table of some of the objects and minor 'treasures' that turn up in the Martian wastes and death lands surrounding the various city states. From time to time some of these may crop up in the wastes of other worlds as well.

       1d10 Minor Weird Artifacts Table
      1. Nanite grown crystals which can be shaped into various lens and optics. They change color depending upon the psychic potential of those handling them. After 1d8 days they may take on the form of an abstract piece of artwork reflecting the inner thoughts and spirit of the handler. Sometimes these crystals may retain a minor charge of magic or psychic energy, there is a 4% chance of the matrix of the crystals being near the death point of some Martians from the apocalypse and a minor undead spirit inhabiting the thing. 
      2. A jar of psychic glass beads filled  from the glass plans of Azzru. The beads retain the blood shed and anger of the events that they have borne witness to. They may upon command flare into a fiery display of violent energy and burn with a minor 1d4 damaging unatural flame. There will be 1d30 of these objects. 
      3. A Crazon statue depicting the fall of the God Cu, the statue will seemingly animate and tell the story of the god/goddess. The object de art is actually a minor treasure map to the weak relic fields of what was once the city of Cu named after the Martian god. Those watching this display will feel every point of terror,anguish, and more locked in this object. 
      4. A blue cloak of Tee , this minor cloak is woven from the psychic threads of one of the great worms of Tee. The thing will grant the owner safe passage among the giant mutant ant lions of some deeper wastes. The cloak is actually a survival map of clean water sights and pools of deep basin creeks. The details of these routes will quietly enter the mind of the owner. 
      5. A hook of Vas Created by the mind weavers, the hook is able pull the soul of a target from its body. This is done by the mind weavers to heal the spirit of some of those who have been drained by certain undead horrors found within the deep desert. The hook can also be used to pull the spirit partway from a body to check for signs of possession, level drain or worse. The hook is not a weapon and will shatter if used for non healing purposes within 1d6 rounds of such and act. 
      6. The blue gum of Hriu - This candied confection is made from certain psychically reactive waxes and gums. It is sweetened from the honey of certain ancient mutant insects. The gum can be blown into a bubble upon whose surface the dreams and eroticisms of certain sentient species may be projected. A very rare delicacy 
      7. The Farisu wood of Fale this incredibly weirdly coloured wood grows into fantastic shapes and when burned the scent of it grants incredible visions of vistas of unknown dreams and the ancient visions & tales of those who have gone to the beyond and further into the unknown. Care must be taken or else those whose journey upon such sights may not return. 
      8. The Orb Galen  this orb of ancient psychic circuits and deep cut geode crystals creates sensations of the far planes and ancient places. It gives deep insights and knowledge of ancient ruins and artifacts through a data base of legends, tales, and bardic Martian lore passed from ancient times and different ages but seen through alien eyes. 
      9. Psychic Infinite Knotting Torc - This single piece of infinitely knotted psychically sensitive metal will protect its owner from the trepidation of certain ancient and malevolent alien creatures of Outer planar darkness and essence. The thing will grow warm to the touch in presence of such thing especially if they are possessing another.  These were once made as a novelty by certain tribes of extinct humanoid aliens now long passed but their art remains.
      10. The  crystals of the elemental prince - These blue ancient crystals bare the elemental essence of ancient planar elemental prince whose defeat at the hands of the lords of higher logic were so complete that his being were scattered to the four corners of the planes. These crystals will hold the body and mind together in the deep wastes and not allow the psychic winds of disharmony and horror to blow and shatter the soul of  the owner. The Lords of Higher  Logic's seal is marked upon each facet of these crystals and are gateways for the energies of the elemental prince permitting  him to keep the souls of owner whole and safe. A final insult and curse upon this horrid being for all eternity or so it is hoped by those who deal in such things.