Thursday, November 20, 2014

Brand New 1d10 Low Level Wasteland Encounters Table For Your Old School Post Apocalypse Campaign

Part of the great thing about post apocalyptic adventures is never knowing exactly what or whom you'll encounter within the wastes. There's always something interesting, unusual, and deadly that can confront mutant adventurers & relic hunters out in the wastes. There's lots of strange or unusual things that can confront adventurers at any time. Here's a table of a few low level NPC's that have confronted my parties at various times.

1d10 Wasteland Encounters Table
  1. 1d6 mutant traders looking for adventurers to help them with an assignment for the recovery of a powerful relic from a local tribe of mutant warriors and mercenaries. They will offer a minor relic and food in trade. 
  2. A bounty hunter suffering from zombie plague and his two charges who are border line ghouls. They are getting very hungry. He has a full array of relics and artifacts for his profession. These things have a 20% chance of passing the infection on to anyone confronting or fighting them. 
  3. A weapons smith and relic technician with family is making his way across the wastes. His wagon has a mini workshop with a complete set of tools and can repair many of the most common encountered relics for a 20% mark up. They have a few of the more commonly encountered relics for sale and are willing to trade for fuel, food, and clean water. 
  4. A mutant adventurer tunnel rat and explorer is traveling across the wastelands and looking for work. He's has a small selection of maps of several loot spots that he is willing to trade for clean food or water. He is armed with a rifle, pistol, and a small selection of ammo. He's a third level fighter and quite scrappy. He regenerates as a troll but very slowly. 
  5. Dr. Loper is a cybernetic trader looking to trade several cybernetic systems, and cyborg arms. She is a passable healer & surgeon. She will offer her services in exchange for relics, food, or trade. Loper has a very nasty faceless android bodyguard of unknown capabilities named T32. 
  6. A small squad of robot mercenaries are looking for work and parts. These 4th level fighters are willing to work in exchange for stories, entertainment, and intelligence. They know of several rich ruins and artifact caches 
  7. A troop of mutant psychic entertainers are looking for gigs and a community to entertain. They're gifted healers and psychics willing to use their gifts in exchange for relics, food, and a safe place to harbor for 1d10 weeks. 
  8. A group of mutant adventurers who are looking for a community to serve. These adventurers have 1d10 minor relics, artifacts, and more wasteland finds.They are 2nd level fighters armed with minor energy weapons.  
  9. A map seller and ruin explorer is willing to trade knowledge, rumors, and various wasteland knowledge in exchange for his services. He's quite adapt at wilderness survival and will act as a guide for the right group of explorers. 
  10. A small cabal of 1d10 wasteland wizards and super scientists are looking for a community of their own. These mercenary scholars and magicians are willing to trade services, relic identification, magical assistance, & more for safe conduct, haven, and community. They are a mixed group of 5th level NPC's. Many communities are quite suspect of these individuals and think there's might be a hidden agenda among some of these individuals.   

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