Monday, November 3, 2014

New Magic Items For The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers Of The Hyperborea Rpg System The Atlantian Electrical Caster & The Lesser Atlantian Suit Of Underwater Survival For Your Old School Campaigns

 The  Atlantian Electrical Caster is a product of Atlantian super science these items are often found within Atlantian colonies, former military bases, and ruins. These sealed air powdered rifles can be used above or below water. They have a range of 100 feet and shoot a small sealed steel covered projectile which is etched with potent runes for a miniature lightning bolt. The target will be struck for 1d6+6 points of electrical damage per shot with no saving throw allowed, these weapons have an eight shot capacity. They are powered by high pressure air reserves and are often found with a techno magically powered high pressure pump that can recharge the special air bladder of the caster.
The Atlantian electrical caster can be recharged from a nipple found upon the Lesser Atlantian Suit Of Underwater Survival. The Lesser Atlantian Suit Of Underwater Survival is a minor marvel of Atlantian super science and magic. The skin tight suit is air and water tight allowing its owner to survive the frigid gulf of the Outer Darkness or the waters of Hyperborea down to a 1000 feet. The suit mystically provides the owner with air for up to eight hours and recharge its air supply at a rate of one hour of non use.
The owner also has a heavy helm that allows 360' radius of vision, mystic radium light source up to 100 feet, and a set of shoes that will allow the owner to stay underwater sunk unless the command word is thought. These shoes may become magically magnetic when a command word is thought or cease to be with another such word is thought. These words are written upon the underside of the suit's air generators.
These suits are worth up to a thousand gold pieces alone but fifteen hundred if found with the caster. There is a 10% chance that one or more of these items may be damaged when found and only a temple of the Atlantian gods may be able to effect repairs upon them for a small fortune. 

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