Monday, November 24, 2014

Free Creepy Magazine Issue 69 As Fodder For Your Old School Campaigns

Even though Halloween is long over there are always interesting reminders of yesteryear for example is the venerable Warren publishing effort of Creepy # 69. Which is one of the best of the Creepy magazines to come out because not only does this issue have some comic classic horror but this is their Edgar Allen Poe Issue. This issue of Creepy hits all of the highlights of Poe and comes back for more. This makes this issue a must have for those of us 
Grab It Right Over 

his issue starts with the classic Pit and The Pendulum, whist maintaining a who range of sub text simmering below the surface of the story. With a bit of arm twisting this graphic novel could be  used for a very of retro clone. There's going to be plenty of grist for the adventurer mill. All of these adaptations can easily adapted into a retroclone adventure. Games such as Lamentations of the Flame Princess can easily be use to simulate several of the stories within this issue. 
Premature Burial has all of the hallmarks of the usual Poe tale but this one does a nice twist or turn on the twisting of this usual suspects. This be might make an excellent side encounter for a horror rpg or other quick fodder to set the stage. 
The House of Usher looks like  a nice old school romp that can easily be adapted under the baleful glaze of the author that can updated and turned into a mini campaign. This story is some thing that can be adapted to a number of horror rpgs and more. 
The Oval Portriat is one of the those stories that can be used as a quick adventure encounter or as a whole quick campaign that can focus a party into some tight jams. The story reeks of old school mini adventures and gets into some details of Poe's agendas, and much more.
 This version of A Message Found In A Bottle is really solid and provides a DM with several sets of tools that can string together everything needed for an old school set up or quick pick up game..
The Case of M. Vladimir rounds out this homage to Poe and feels like it belongs right in the center of a homage to Poe. The back and forth of the artwork really gives this story one of the best twists on things. The whole issue features some top talent and artwork on a par that we wouldn't see again. All in all not a bad issue and one that any DM worth his salt will grab this free download.  

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