Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Monster - The Cu Danic Guardians Of The Ruins - A Monster For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

The Cu Danic Guardians Of The Ruins
#Appearing: 1d8
Alignment: Chaotic
AC: 4 
Move: 9 
HD: 80/5
(90 for popular  post apocalyptic games/ 5 HP for OD&D) 
Damage : 1d10 Claws,Blades, and Bite
 2 Attacks per round
Special: Regenerates as Troll  
% In Lair: 80% 
Treasure Type: A
Trophies taken from victims and displayed to attract
other victims.

The Cu Dunic  Guardians Of The Ruins are a Lovecraftian variation of the classic gargoyle guardians. These evil manipulative, dangerous, and implacable guardians are found through out the planes and are a hybrid of nanite robotics, Out Darkness magic, and ancient relic super science  technologies. These monsters are often found guarding certain ancient super science temples. The monsters don't simply spring to life and destroy interlopers. Instead these horrid hunters track the relic hunters and explorers back to their bases and communities. Where they and their fellow Cu Dunic wreck bloody havoc and slaughter on the trespassers of their domains. They attack with a combination of blades which grow on their arms & backs, wickedly sharp claws, and a hellish bite that can cut through soft tissue and bone with easy.
 These dangerous guardian units stand about less then half a meter tall but height can vary depending on local conditions. The Cu Dunic attack with a combination of claws, blades, and smaller companion units that may or may not grow into another Cu Dunic. These things often use terror tactics and psychological warfare to demoralize and dishearten their enemies to the point of insanity. This is often done by decorating areas with gory and macabre trophies of their kills. Trees, alleyways, and other areas are festively decorated with the organs and corpses of their victims. These serve as both a warning to others and as a form of amusement to these things. Trophies are taken from victims and displayed to attract other adventurers and fools to the waiting claws of these psychotic guardians. Treasures,relics, artifacts  and gems are especially prized and may attract and invite the 'attentions' of these monsters.
The Cu Danic pull nourishment and elements from the air, water, and elements through a combination of super science regeneration organs, solar powered skin, and planar energies. These things can last thousands of years regrowing organs & tissue, evolving new thought processes, learning, and reproducing through crystalline budding processes similar to some viruses. So they regenerate as trolls.
 The Cu Danic Guardians are often found in the employ of Lovecraftian cults and such where they are summoned and grown to newly dedicated temples to Outer Darkness entities. 

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