Sunday, November 23, 2014

Free Lovecraftian Horrors From The Mythos Guide To New England By Clint Staples By Skirmisher Publishing

The Mythos Guide To New England by Clint Staple is doing quite well on Drivethrurpg but author Clint Staples has some of the spillover content from this nasty supernatural guide. I will be using the Mythos Guide in a mid Winter Call of Cthlhu campaign coming up. My suggestion is to pick up the Mythos Guide right over HERE
The free over spill monsters have been indexed by the author and are pretty awesome in their own right. They're  available right over HERE

I did a review and breakdown of the Mythos Guide To New England right over HERE

Call of Cthlhu has become increasingly valuable to me over the last ten years because of the span, scope, and periods that the venerable classic old school horror rpg covers. With some easy a DM can covert many of the adventures for CoC into a wide variety of venues. Now with a couple of  different retro clones on the market its a snap to get the most out of your gaming collection.
With pulp horror themed retro clone games and campaigns on the increase. The versatility factor has been an issue for a long time but with the Mythos Guide To New England its a simple matter of set up of monsters and adventures with New England as the back drop for campaigns. Since this area of the US was Lovecraft and the Lovecraft circle of authors back yard for stories it lends a certain amount of credibility for adventures and investigations. These creatures of New England legend and mythology are an entirely new wrinkle on the usual pulp style adventures that have come down the pike. 

Clint indexes three creatures of  New England horror on his blog, these make excellent mid level investigations and  but are still very dangerous monsters for adventurers and investigators to run across.Use them with caution and as some great adventure fodder for a number of old school horror New England themed adventures.

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