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U-Con's "Gimme Shelter III: Down To Earth" A New Adventure By Tim 'Sniderman' For The Mutant Future Rpg Available For Free Download

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My advice before beginning this newest entry in the 'Gimme Shelter' series
is to grab the first adventure HERE
And the second one HERE
This twelve page newest adventure is the latest entry in the Barter John saga. Barter John is a cagey mutant bear senior salvage expert and runs a very tight outfit and ship. This is a full Mutant Future rpg adventure available for free but with very little reworking be used in Mutant Epoch. Its one of the author/designer's strengths to create these adventures with both low level adventurers in mind and to exploit the lay of the of the land of the Mutant Future game in his designs of these adventure. Down to Earth isn't an exception to the rule but another solid entry into the fray off this post apocalyptic retroclone series.
This is one of those adventures that does exactly what it says on the tin. Namely this is a low level down and dirty adventure that highlights some very nicely done encounters with an adventure location wrap around with some solid linking of the whole product. No its not a polished product but then it was never intended to be. This is a throw the adventurers in the deep end of the Mutant Future melting pot.
 According to The Savage AfterWorld blog and Tim Snider's notes on the adventure:
 The adventure is very short as there was only 3.5-4 hours to run it. Wanted to make sure there was a beginning, middle, and end, so I kept the encounters minimal. Also, it's my personal hammered-out roughs -- warts and all -- just enough to guide the game. Don't expect a polished product, as that was never the intent. Finally, some of you may notice some similarities between the mutants infesting the downed station and some other space-faring zombies found in another classic post-apocalyptic RPG. This is a coincidence -- I swear. 
After looking into the balance of play and the direction this adventure goes this is a really nice set up or touch stone for a bigger campaign. Point of fact is that all of the 'Gimme Shelter' adventures very nicely dovetail into one another enabling a DM to pull PC's into the world of Mutant Future or this adventure could be used as a set up for a plethora of old school post apocalyptic retroclones such as Mutant Epoch but that's just me. All in all this is a really nice set up for a free convention style set up game to introduce players to the world of Mutant Future. The NPC of Barter John is a great NPC invention and gimmick allowing a DM to really get the party into a whole host of entanglements and the latest hoopla out in the wasteland. For a free convention set of adventures the 'Gimme Shelter' ones are on my list of go to guidelines for constructing my own post apocalyptic adventures and I've used them numerous times for exactly that. As templates to introduce a whole grab bag of material for my current post apocalyptic hoopla. 
If you enjoy Tim's current free adventure be sure to check out one of my favorite titles of his, 'One Year In The Savage Afterworld as well for more Mutant Future rpg adventure action. This tome collects all of his Savage After World adventure encounters under one banner and book allowing a DM to quickly adapt a myriad of mutant mayhem at a moment's notice. Well worth the money . 

Grab It Here

Crypt World is another title of his that I've heard excellent things about but there are only so many old school games that I can follow but I've heard nothing but the best from everyone whose checked it out. Its another title that Tim supports over at the Savage Afterworld blog. I believe he and Daniel Proctor wrote it as well. Check it out! 

To wrap up the 'Give Me Shelter' titles are some of the best free beginning Mutant Future Adventures out there and perfectly suited to get your group into the deep end of the post apocalyptic wastes. 


  1. I don't know about using the box art from Def-Con 4 on a downloadable product.

    1. Admittedly the art used to illustrate the cover is from DefCon 4. It's a free download, a fan-made project, and not for purchase, so I didn't see a problem with using it as an illustration. But if I'm contacted by the creators of Defcon 4 or the original artist, I'll be happy to take it down or change it.

    2. Oh, I don't necessarily know that there's any harm. The Def-Con 4 art is itself either a knock-off off of an untitled Angus McKie piece, or was authorised by him. It's just that you market 'for purchase' products of your own from the same blog, & I thought it might be wise to err on the side of conservatism on this issue.

      PS Love your Thundarr stuff particularly

  2. I'll contact Tim & see what his thoughts about it are? Its actually a famous piece of science fiction art in its own right. Def Con was a great old film from the VHS era. So we'll see. Thanks for the comment Rainswept.

  3. And thanks to Tim Snider for taking the time to clear that up & for the wonderful adventure that I can torture my players within in an upcoming gaming session! Cheers Tim! Glad you had a great Con as well.

  4. Tim does some solid stuff and this one doesn't disappoint. I've run the first two for my game groups (plus one encounter from One Year) and they love 'em.

    I also like the art on the cover but the only problem I have with it is I think it kinda gives away too much about the adventure. Might want to hide the cover from the players.

  5. I love the 'Gimme Shelter' series of modules and this is a nice addition to the series. I've run a few of the encounters from 'One Year' and all have gone down quite well.
    I completely agree about the cover in that sense though. I'll be hiding it from the players & I don't think they're going to expect where this one takes them.
    Thanks for the comments Smoke Stack and welcome aboard.


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