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New 1d10 Random Robotic Encounters From The Scrap Heap For Your Old School Post Apocalypti Campaigns

There are times when adventurers will encounter the ancient artifices and former toys of mankind out in the wastes. Some of these encounter can be beneficial  and others deadly. Recently this random encounter chart got a workout in my Post Apocalypse Mars campaign 
I've kept these encounters system neutral for use in a variety of rpg and retro clone systems.
1d10 Random Robotic Encounters From The Scrap Heap

  1. 1d6  Gutted cyborg mercenaries armed with energy weapons and are more cybernetic organism then they are flesh. These ancient warriors can not reason or think the way that humanoids do and are looking for work or purpose, they often amuse themselves by raiding small villages and low lander tribes. They are armed with vibro blades and internal pulse laser pistols. There is a 30% chance of these unpredictable bastards turning on a party at a moment's notice. 
  2. A medi robot from a failed colony who has seen to much horror and depravity. This cybernetic organism has also doubled it load of medical supplies and has downloaded the personality of  a fictional doctor 'Hawk Eye' from an old Earther television program. The bot is compassionate but cynical and capable of defending itself with laser scalpels and rapier like wit as well. A cunning and wily bot whose been out in the wastes for decades. Will sometimes trade services for power and repair work. 
  3. An Achnobot out scouting and foraging for an unknown wizard or power out in the wastelands. The bot is capable of unleashing a powerful stat charge for 2d6 points of damage and a range of  30 yards. It is curious and very dedicated to tracking targets. A mostly unknown quality out in the deserts and wasteland. 
  4. Serpentoid bot A last surviving remnant of a once surviving colony of Lovecraftian serpent men, it works as a mercenary for various alien colonies against the human and near humans out in the wastelands. The thing is armed with a variety of deadly energy weapons and is a cold blooded efficient killer with neither mercy or compassion. It holds a treasure trove of information in the form of the computer records from the Serpent man colony including technology and knowledge. 
  5. A 4 X The Surgeon of Terra - This ancient medi bot has been programmed with the knowledge and techniques of ancient Terran psychotics and surgeons. The thing is a deranged hunter and killer roaming the wastes stalking mutants, tribesmen, and others according to its own deranged ancient programming. Armed with energy weapons and medical lasers this gristly killer stalks the wastes selling its skills as an assassin and hit bot. 
  6. 'The Can' is a ancient mining tank bot that collects information about the wastes and the Earth works of the Deathlands. The bot sells its knowledge of geology and underworld features to the highest bidder, the bot accepts payment in the form of artifacts, knowledge, and even stories about the wastelands. The Can is friendly, cantankerous, and will simply retreat underground if any threat i presented  or harmed in anyway. 
  7. The Drill Hive - A hive mind collection of drill bots who have converted their make from mining of wasteland mines, into a fully functioning unit of fighting mercenaries who will work for repair work or power generating . The bots will hunt down bounties, combat, and do wrecker work on ruins and buildings as well. But the Hive will lay claim to any artifacts found. They have armed themselves with internal pulse laser pistols as well. 
  8. Archaeologist bot called B.O.B. who works the ruins of the wastelands and has an extensive of pre apocalyptic data core of incredible knowledge and the bot craves more. He will trade knowledge for repairs and parts, for his services as a free lance guide and scholar. He is armed with force fields and heavy stunners, and will use a laser weapon as a last resort. The real mystery is what B.O.B stands for and it is a bit of a legend out in the wastes where this bot has been employed. 
  9. Jovianbot - This squat alien mercenary robot has been modeled on the Jovian colonists and roams the waste as a ruin explorer and bounty hunter. The thing is incredibly strong and armed with traditional Jovian colonist weapons including energy weapons and massive plasma grenades. It will work for stories and bounties, has a very quirky sense of humor. But its very honorable. 
  10. Alien Sphere - This strange alien probe like bot is armed with extensive force fields and energy weapons. The thing is pursuing an unknown agenda and deep wasteland creatures but to what end is known. A very dangerous and enigmatic cybernetic organism. 

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