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New 1d10 Super Science Artifact Finds Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Many times there are objects beyond the ken of men, treasures of the ancients far removed from the capacity of the present day adventurers and run of the mill super scientists, wizards, and hoards of wannabe delvers into secrets beyond the ken of man and mutant kind. Here are some of the treasures, artifacts and tools from the treasure vaults of the ancients to whet the appetites of  relic hunters, treasure seekers, and excavators alike. 

Many of these crash into the deep wastelands, are passed from warlord to warlord, and have the capacity of turning the tides if in a minor way in entire kingdoms in the wastelands.
Originally these were created for my Post Apocalyptic Mars campaign.

1d10 Super Science Artifact Finds Table
  1. A downloaded three hundred year old satellite with psychic circuitry capable of granting small minor psychic abilities for 1d8 months. The metal of the device is a capable of surviving direct hits by energy weapons and has some regenerative capabilities. The satellite also has the ability to communicate with the wreckage of the gold age of space exploration still floating in orbit above the Broken Earth. 
  2. A super science medical bag and A.I. with a vast array of healing devices, medicine, and equipment. The bag is capable of psychically reading and probing the thoughts of those who handle and wish to use it. The thing may 40% chance dispense poison or worse to those who wish to exploit or turn the medical equipment of this device into an advantage of evil intent. The bag is fully capable of healing its and creating more of its supplies with mono nanite factories within its confines. There is a 10% chance of the bag having any medical device, serum, vaccine or medicine given a medical emergency or condition. 
  3. The Psychic Ark this golden box of psychically charged super science technology is capable of inflicting or curing madness and chaos within a 50 kilometer area drawing its very power from the minds of its targets. The target must save vs death or be rendered temporarily insane and yet completely aware of their actions under the effects of their own sanity shattering experiences. The thing is solar powered as well and can read the intentions of its owners. It has been known to create zones of madness to prevent itself from falling into 'unworthy' hands. 
  4. Band of the Magus - This device is simply a band of psychically active material that will allow its owner to reshape reality within a 10 kilometer radius but only inanimate objects and technologies. The device has a price and each time its power is involved 1d100 years are burned from the owner's own life force. The owner can only be 'cured with expensive super science medical treatments. 
  5. The Pen - This strange crystal device enables the owner to write and create psychically charged circuit ruins and wards that will last for 1d4 months and can temporarily contain Outer Darkness creatures. The thing will only have 1d10 charges for these designs when found. 
  6. The Lure - This device of golden wire, silver, and a round crystalline metallic  cage may contain the essence of one of the ancient's souls and life forces. These things were often used to contain the souls of those wishing to become A.I. entities. They may contain certain types of Outer Planar Demons or Lovecraftian horrors but these may tax the nanite control rod power cores of the devices. There is a 40% chance of these devices already having a soul or half mad essence within them. 
  7. The Rod - This rod of super science psychically active material enables one to control one of the numerous 'Eyes Of The Sky' that orbit the Broken Earth. The rod may also shoot forth a blast of the life essence of the Earth. The effects of this are up to the DM.  
  8. The Core - A nanitie grown psychic control core from an ancient Mega A.I. god unit, the core is able to grant 1d10 psychic powers or temporary mental mutations but there is a 30% chance of the user going slightly mad for 1d8 months as their brains become rewired by The Core's tender ministrations of thought and neural pathways. 
  9. The Kingdom Come Device - This incredibly complex spun psychic crystal hoop can fit one 2 meter tall mutant or person and allows a door way to open into the Planes of the Dead and Shadow. The device is powered by the soul essence of the users themselves who will take 1d4 points of damage each time they use this device. The device can also be used to gaze into the planes of the dead but the ancient dead can and will gaze back. There is a 40% chance of them trying to come through into the lands of the living and should they succeed they will be very hungry from the journey. Treat these beings as zombies with no morals at all upon who or what they will want to feed on. 
  10. The Knot Of Psychic Protection  This carefully woven nanite knot is a delicate construct of both mental ideals and psychically active material. It will protect the owner from being level drained, the effects of any type of life leech mutations, and being possessed by any Outer Darkness entities. There is a price as the knot creates a psychic shadow of itself within the mind of the owner. The owner can and will have to vomit forth from the own mind another knot for someone else to find. The process is very, very painful however as  the owner literally creates something from nothing. Anyone possessing this knot has a 10% chance of establishing a psychic link with the owner that allows them to control their thoughts,actions, and more. The owner can sever the link at a tremendous cost, they will age 1d10 years once the link is severed. There are supposedly treaties upon a way of circumventing the aging process but such things are often within the possession of wizards who are loath to give such things up. 

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