Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Brand New 1d10 Random Deep Wasteland Post Apocalyptic Encounter Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Here's a table for when your adventurers encounter random deep wasteland ruins among the deeper parts of the deathlands. A table that has within it some very odd encounters and something a bit more slightly off beat for those midnight romps through the wasteland. 

1d10 Random Deep Wasteland Post Apocalyptic Encounter Table 
  1. 1d8 cultists and excavator team of 2nd level fighters armed with light energy weapons looking for relics and sacrifices. These folks are carrying cannibal plague and starting to turn very hungry. They fight dangerously and in the service to their ancient gods. 
  2. An ancient floating mutant creature looking for prey among the ruins. This horror attacks with tendrils and searches the alleyways with  bio mechanical hooks and catches for its churning stomach sack. Hit points 90 AC 5 Damage 1d10 per attack 
  3. 1d8 Slugoid slavers with net launcher and heavy stunners on hover cycles. AC 7 Hit points 56 Damage 1d6 claws or Stunner damage 
  4. Giant floating god head thing looking for sacrifices to its greater power. AC 6 Damage 1d10 eye lasers Hit points 96 
  5. Black Salamander Mutant Raiders #1d6 Damage 1d4 per round acid damage Hit points 30 looking for meals & slaves these horrors work for a local wizard. 
  6. Giant Floating Spore Pod - If hit by any damage greater then 10 points of damage this thing will explode for 50 points of damage over a 100 meter radius as the shrapnel like spores embed themselves across the landscape and grow to mutant fungus within that time. 
  7. A roving funnel cyclone made for nanite break down bots capable of doing 30 points of damage to anything it contacts. 
  8. 1d8 mutant scavengers looking for easy salvage and pickings. These 4th level fighters move across the landscape on hover bikes and are armed with laser rifles & pistols. Cannibalistic murderers looking for slaves and a meal. 
  9. Robotic A.I. Slaver Blimp with a crew of six androids armed with high tech weapons. Looking for stock to turn into worker cyborgs for off planet. 
  10. An innocent seeming companion droid lost and lone out in the wastes looking for new companions. This vile assassin droid is a chaotically evil horror armed with a vast array of  incredible weapons for mayhem. Will turn on anyone it can at the moment of prime opportunity. A vile little 40 hit point AC 7 robotic night mare armed with weapons that do 1d10 points of damage. 

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