Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #47: Underwater Rules From Skirmisher Publishing For Your Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Issue #47 of Wisdom From The Wasteland is a must have for those who like to use the extensive world of post apocalyptic under water adventuring. 

Underwater adventuring has always been a staple of post apocalyptic old school adventuring and this issue of Wisdom From the Wasteland puts the underwater world at center stage for your old school mutant parties to explore and navigate through this extensive area for adventures. The rules here are concise, simple to use and are easily adapted to Mutant Future or any old school retro clone. This issue covers diving through ruins, creating your old school underwater adventures, and getting into the deep end of the post apocalyptic under water world. The Skirmisher publishing group nails this issue easily and its well worth a download for adding yet another aspect to your Mutant Future or any old school post apocalyptic retro clones. A very nice little download in the best of the old school tradition. 

From the Drivethrurpg:
Water covers over 70% of Earth’s surface, so it is likely that many adventures will take the occasional aquatic turn. This could happen in the wilds, on the open ocean, or down in inky subterranean depths. Mid-exploration, an evil game master might even open the water valves in an underground tunnel or inundate some ruins below a destroyed dam. A naive player could believe the worst thing about a water encounter is getting wet, or maybe that something large, toothy, and cold-blooded might try to take a friendly little nibble. But any watery environment is an extremely hostile place: the hazards are many and varied, and death can lurk within the most placid of pools. To enhance adventures on the water or below the surface, this issue introduces a plethora of new rules, ranging from water-damaged equipment, to deep-diving pressure, to the ever-present danger of drowning. Just be warned, your players may never go swimming again.

This issue is a under water technology laden tour de force with extensive underwater sonics, artifacts, weapons, and a host of minor and major pieces of technological wonders that are all oriented to the underwater world. 
The thing about this issue is that it really showcases some of the great post apocalyptic ideas coming out of Skirmisher publishing. These authors and designers know their subject matter and their's a host of underwater weirdness thrown into this issue that makes it standout when it comes to the design of adventures and sectioning off a wide variety of options for the underwater wasteland.
 Rules for under water hazards such as electricity, concussion rules, and the long term and sort term effects of both fresh and salt water on high tech weapons and technology are included making this a very handy little section to bedevil players across the board. 
This issue also contains a few mutations for use with underwater mutants, monsters, and more mayhem. There's also melee weapons and a few other suggestions from the Skirmisher group about the use of these new additions into your old school bag of tricks. Both players and DM's will have a good time with this issue and possibly find it useful for staging a wide variety of underwater back dropped and  adventure settings in your favorite old school post apocalyptic retroclone. 

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