Saturday, November 1, 2014

Free OSR Dragon Foot Adventure - Fugitive (AJ1) For Your Old School Fantasy & Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Grab It Right 
Fugitive is a free eleven page drop and go adventure from the pen of Alex Johnson and basically this is nice intermediate or mid level basic adventure for OD&D that will work with any old school campaign setting. Its well written and has a pretty clever plot twist on the usual encounters of its type. 
This one can be dropped into any existing campaign or as an introduction to a brand new OD&D group. There is a bit background material here and the situations have several variations worked into the background of the adventure.
Here's the Dragon's foot blurb: 
The most vile of criminals was recently apprehended. The only thing worse than knowing the crimes he committed is knowing that he has just escaped. A short wilderness adventure for Basic level characters intended to be completed in one session (8 hours or less).

For what it does and how the author has played with the material its not a bad little old school adventure and encounter. It doesn't take forever to reach its goals and some of the added background fluff material is very interesting. This adventure could with a very little effort be used for Lamentations of The Flame Princess or any old school campaign where the focus is on a low level yet challenging adventure. And that's really the beauty of this little adventure. The compact eight hour time stamp and goals of the adventure laid out for a party with a twist or two to make it challenge and interesting.
This adventure isn't going to set the world on fire but its going to get the ball rolling on a good solid OD&D introduction game and possibly a campaign all done in its schedule and parameters. There's plenty of room in this little download for customization and that's really where your own ideas and time are going to come into play. Could this adventure be used with any old school retro clone system. Sure it could with a bit of wiggle room and some creative shoe horning.
 Speaking of wiggle room, with a bit of creativity this adventure could be adapted quite easily into a post apocalyptic setting that has dark fantasy overtones. Here the ideas of the adventure are moved to a wasteland setting quite easily and the goals seem a bit more interesting. The PC's are going to be in for a switch with style take on the adventure but it makes a great cross over for a retroclone system like Mutant Future & Labyrinth Lord. Suddenly the adventure takes on a bit of a Thundarr The Barbarian quality and this might be the kind of situation that confronted those characters in a darker grittier version of the cartoon world. Just add in a few mutants and your good to go. This is one of the points of flexibility of these old school adventures.
The fact that this is a wilderness adventure is really an added bonus and acts as a great way to take the PC's out of the dungeon. All in all I think that the writer did a nice job getting the feel, look, and pull of an old school product. The fact that its free is an added bonus that will enable the PC's to get on with a great adventure and possibly an introduction to your campaigns in a short amount of time with a heavy dose of old school adventuring thrown in is all in the play.
Have a great time with this one and grab it today! 


  1. This is a pretty cool and adaptable little adventure. I think I'll be using it.
    Thanks for posting about it!

  2. I'm glad I could help it to see the light of day Bill. According to the author Alex, I'm the first person in ten years whose done a review of this adventure. Which is a shame because its very flexible. I'd love to boost the signal and get the word out that this adventure is out there more. It really deserves more OSR audience appreciation and I'm glad you can use it Bill. I've got more material coming up.


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