Saturday, November 1, 2014

Five Quick Cult Classic Post Apocalyptic Films From The Vaults As Inspiration For Your Old School Campaigns

Halloween has fled and now in the radium glow of Saturday the VCR plays on with very cool old school post apocalyptic films that leave the DM with plans for PC's in the wastelands. So here's a five old favorites that still serve as inspiration.

The Omega Man 1973 
This is one of those films that crosses the line between post apocalyptic and plague survival films. Everything here is pure 70's shlock and perfect material for a non radioactive apocalpytic series of events that can easily be turned into a full blown world to visit or as a possible alternative to the zombie overflows that seem to happen. Between the 'night walkers' and the survivors its really hard to tell whose the more dangerous here. 

Planet Of The Apes 1973
The always classic Ape films are perfect fodder to create a wasteland society or as an adventure generator anywhere along the classic planet of the apes time line. Time travel, human extinction, mutant humanoids, traces of plagues, alternative Earths, and lots of classic ape action are all really there to pick & choose elements  in some of these classic post apocalyptic films. A great Saturday afternoon campaign starter.

Night Of The Comet 1984
Night of the Comet is a 1980's post apocalyptic micro cosm and perfect fodder to really get the PC's into a wasteland destination filled with relics and the undead. There's lots going on here but add in a few more mutant creatures and you've got a full blown 'Lost 80's In The Wasteland' campaign just waiting. 

Cherry 2000 1897
Cheery 2000 is a wonderful example of packing in maximum post apocalyptic venue elements in a post apocalpytic lite world. We've got adventurer mercs out to recover android sex bots, micro societies, weird technologies, full blown desert wastelands and mayhem.

Zardoz 1974 
Its really hard to beat Sean Connery in hooker boots and a diaper for sheer cult weirdness, add in the whole cult floating head, the cult of the gun, the horrid Ancients society, and the weird 70's science fiction post apocalyptic head trip and your just scratching the surface with this cult classic film. 


  1. All great pos-apoc movies.


  2. Glad you like 'em edowarsblog. We've got more post apocalyptic fun coming up!
    Thanks for the comment.


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