Tuesday, November 11, 2014

100 Space Prisoners: Cell Block 2 From Fishwife Games For Your Old Science Fantasy Campaigns

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I've been using Fish Wife Games supplements for years and 100 Space Prisoners: Cell Block 2 is another of those niche products that they specialize in. This is a nice little 2 page pdf that has all kinds of space scum to fill up your space port cells and detention blocks.
The Rpgnow Blurb:
100 Space Prisoners: Cell block 2:
More prisoners to fill up those star port holding cells, space station jail units, bounty hunter transports, and hulking prison ships. Included in this 100 list is the prisoner’s name, gender, and crime. Simply roll the percentile dice and you are on your way to populating the galaxy with an assortment of incarcerated scumbags!

This is really a small scale tool kit for the Dm to fill in a game's gaps of what actually goes in detention block zeta and alpha, etc. Often for the price of a 'dollar menu' item, you get a nice little list that can fill out with the toss of some dice a whole plethora of incredible NPC's with some really nasty backgrounds for a whole mini campaign of bounty hunting and take downs. These vile space villains could also fill in niches for alien crime lords and mid level space scum to deal PC's a nasty hand of cards. Some of these back alley criminals could act as bridge gaps for DM's to exploit their past crimes for all kinds of lead in adventures. There's lots of potential with these types of lists from Fish Wife.
 Because of the nature of this series its pretty easy to adjust and move this style of lists into a whole range of  interstellar kits for old school campaigns. 

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