Monday, November 3, 2014

The E'vrere - The Universal Giant Leech Things A New Wasteland Monster For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

The E'vrere - The Universal
Giant Leech  Thing

# Appearing 1d10 
Move: 9 
HD: 10
% In Lair: 40% 
Treasure: E

Bred eons ago by some ancient and unknown  race of 
super scientists & sorcerers. These alien horrors have been encountered upon countless worlds and have only recently been spotted within some the deepest wastelands of Earth where they have wrecked bloody havoc and cut a swath of destruction. This after exiting the dimensional cracks from worlds circling damned and dead stars upon entering Earth's wastelands.
These horrors are giant alien partially demonic universal energy sponges. These things will absorb the first 40 points of damage from any attack. These points will be converted into a very lethal and horrid energy beam attack that will do 2d6 points +2 points of damage to anything it hits. The attack will exit one of the many eye like energy discharge lens that line the creature's nervous system. These things display an almost overwhelming malevolence and cunning lying in wait for wasteland caravans and vehicles as well lone adventurers & mutants. They will attack with their beams and bulk wrapping around anything that they can to absorb any energies that they can. The target must save vs magic or death to avoid the 1d6 points of damage per round as it drains vital fluids from its target.
The thing loathes psychic and para normal energies taking double damage from spell attacks which attack the target's psychic signature. Any mind effecting spells will do double damage to t
he E'vrere as its soul absorbs these damages. There is a 20% chance of an attack triggering the ancient programmed fission response. 1d4 smaller young will break off from the main monster after four hour from such an attack. These things will be half hit points and seek out any readily available targets to drain of blood and life essence. The hit points may double or triple as the thing feeds from the prey. There is a 4% chance of the prey contracting a very nasty disease from the monster. In the past there have been cases of Red Death or worse from the E'vrere. This monster may also once per day release a psychic scream from the bowels of its black soul. Anyone caught within the 40 foot radius of this attack must make a save or be struck as if by a feeble minded spell for 1d6 rounds. The leech thing will be drawn to areas of extreme trauma or places of emotion scarring. The monsters can and do sense weakness being drawn to pain, depravity, and in extreme cases sheer terror. They are often found within space wrecks or the deep wastelands. A very dangerous monster of the damned and depraved. There are rumors that these things are horrors from beyond the pale of the stars or the Outer Darkness. 

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