Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Brand New 1d10 Super Science Ruins Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Adventures can encounter incredible ruins from before the apocalypse that echo the  achievements of man before the fall from the heights of the golden age of  the ancients. Here then is a table of 1d10 ruins that can reflect the heights of lofty technology and science bordering on magic. Perhaps the relics and super science artifacts that once graced this place are still found among the ruins or not. Only exploration will determine if these thing are to be found. 
Reflections of past glories that can change the course of the destinies of kingdoms and city states.

New 1d10 Super Science Ruins Table 
  1. A massive bio mechanical skeleton of a building that has emerged from the muck and slime. The ancient ruinous beast still has many passages and twisting tunnels of organs and decaying bits of relic bio matrix are still found but local legend says the place is haunted by the ancient ghosts of survivors whose souls were devoured by the place. The thing is shaped like a monstrous demonic skull of some ancient demonic hell spawn. 
  2. A super science temple twisted by the hit of a mini nuke now gone to glass and twisted bits of steel. The place has the impacts of countless mini missiles and yet local legend says that the waters around the place can cure the pox and local children have found nanite seeds, ancient super science material and some trade goods. The place is supposed be hunted by several tribes of carnivorous ancient mutant killers and monsters. 
  3. An ancient haunted super science hospital filled with  robotic surgeons who still supposedly practice demented cybernetic procedures and are powered down to keep them from practicing their arts on the local mutant warrior tribes. There are rumors of even worse horrors and androids whose souls are stored in crystal jars of liquid bio gel. They may exchange their souls for those of adventurers who strike a bargain with the insane A.I. who supposedly rules the place. 
  4. A black palace of bio metal & woven nanite flesh, whose form and function is unknown. There are dozens of robots that come out of the the place and then return every day at noon. Anyone who enters the place are never seen again and there are flights daily of giant golden metal eagles who take off for the stars. 
  5. A half exposed giant sky chariot that that has lights that shine every two cycles. The thing sends out incredibly complex robotic languages to unknown parties. There are rumors of adventurers who have come out of the craft rich beyond their wildest dreams. The chariot is supposedly trapped by ancient robotic entities and Outer planar demons. 
  6. A beautiful green stone like temple of super science has appeared almost over night and is rumored to be curing mutations among some of the low lander mutant tribes. There are rumors of ancient robotic medical droids that are spreading among the populaces and communities for unknown reasons spreading the miracles and wonders of the ancients. Several tribes are awaiting the coming of the robotic messiah and his followers. There is a war brewing over this incredible wasteland resource. What wonders does this place hold. 
  7. An ancient hover vehicle dealership has been uncovered by a recent storm. Local tribes are rushing to the site for relics and vehicles. Several of the warriors are spreading rumors of an awakened god A.I. called the Lord of the Wastes who is calling these mutant tribes to him. What weapons, systems, relics, and more could be found among the ruins. Are there are other levels below the dealership that hold even more technology and sights. 
  8. An ancient black giant sphere of unknown purpose and metal is sending out psychic waves of incredible influence and telepathic power for unknown reasons. The locals swear the place is the abode of demons who were called down by the ancients. There are thousands of metal bands in piles. 
  9. A giant tracked tank like war machine is moving among wastelands killing anything it runs across. This horror is rumored to be creating hordes of mind controlled mutant warriors to do its bidding and carry out its twisted wishes. There are rumors of relic weapons found in its way of terror and slaughter. Many of these weapons of unknown design and function. 
  10. A ten story science tower of unknown function rumored to be the abode of a wizard and its cult of cyborgs. The place is staffed by hundreds of androids and robots that can be seen from the cut crystal windows of glittering diamond like facets. The place is rumored to be a vault of incredible wonders from a long forgotten age. Several tribes have started to carry the symbols of the cybernetic cults and have begun to ravage the countryside in their name.  

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