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The Artifact Pits of Val'hun - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Adventure Location For Your Old School Campaigns

The Artifact Pits of Val'hun

Deep in the wastes far from the Neo canals of the Martian city states are the  Artifact Pits of Val'hun which were one of the main loot signs for the once shining  colonies of  Earthling and Martians. Some speculate that this was once possibly one of the main space ship yards and manufacturing centers.
There are rich fields of red sand filled with wire, sheets of psychically sensitive metals,space ship wreckage, and worse. There are often scores of adventures, Martian children, and countless people picking through the artifact pits. Because of the presence of so many people many mutant predators, sand monsters, and pitch worms are attracted to the place. Once a predator takes an adventurer then the monsters often leave the pickers and relic hunters alone for a day or so.
On occasion a warbot or cybernetic horror from the apocalypse awakens to slaughter anyone present. The Artifact Pits of Val'hun are also the focus for death machines or ancient robotic sky drone ships. Several tribes often put aside their differences to destroy these things in pitched battles lasting several days. Local tribes are often out gunned and out matched.
Theses areas are often the focus for several guilds of relic hunters, adventurers, & the scum of Mars. Pitched battles for especially rich deposits of artifacts, metal, and exotic materials are fought for days at a clip. Sometimes these battles often attract wasteland undead and deep wasteland mutants who are attracted by the violence and insanity.

The Artifact Pits of Val'hun are also rich growth areas for several different types of nanites including disassemblers, recoverer breeds, and clear material crystal growths. These things can appear overnight with little warning but the locals know the signs and give a wide birth to the seemingly innocent red sand fields.
Many of these items are picked up by the local inter system traders for sale to the outer colonies on Neptune and Jupiter.

1d10 Random Relic Finds Table From 
The Artifact Pits of Val'hun
  1. 1d4 pounds of psychically senstive metal that can be shaped by the mind of a super scientist or artist. Worth about 1d100 gold piece
  2. Multi coloured Canal glass that can be recast into a variety of shapes and is resistant to heat, electricity, and other energies. 50 gold pieces 
  3. Small atomic motor with a slightly damaged cooling unit. Worth about 100 gold pieces but there is 30% chance of a minor radiation leak. 
  4. A sheet of multi colored metal that is cold to the touch and will burn bare flesh for 1d6 points of damage. Actually a piece of flying saucer body casting worth 40 gold pieces or 100 to a wizard of 2nd level or higher. 
  5. A mirrored psychic cut crystal that enables the owner to view the Outer Darkness the fixed point in time and space is unknown worth 100 gold pieces to a super scientist or wizard. The crystal can also be used for certain hyperspace drives. 
  6. A coil of psychically sensitive wire that can be used to assume a variety of shapes and configurations. 30 gold pieces 
  7. A sheet of transparent aluminium with a wide variety of uses and applications. Worth 20 gold pieces. There is a 20% chance of several other pieces being buried in the red sand. 
  8. A fully functional remote control for a warbot that will carry out its last programmed instructions. The remote goes with a variety of other rich finds however nearby. There is a 30% chance of other equipment being found nearby. 
  9. A small Martian golden idol to an unknown god, who might favor the owner or damn him with a minor curse. There is a 30% chance either way. Worth 200 gold to a jaded deep desert trader. 
  10. A fully functioning compu brain worth 400 gold pieces but possessed by a malevolent A.I. presence that will try to take over any machinery present.  


  1. I really like the idea of these artifact pits. You could base an entire mini-campaign around them, with all the insanity and violence that ensues after a good find. Great stuff!


  2. I've got more adventure locations coming and its an idea that occurred to me whist running Mutant Epoch a while back. So into the mill it goes and it gets back drafted into another campaign. I've got more coming up edowarsblog. And yes you really could run an entire campaign through this location with little effort my friend. Cheers and more coming coming and thanks for the comment.


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