Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The H' Vreuri Hydrian Essence - A New Wasteland & Lovecraftain Monster For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

The H' Vreuri Hydrian Essence
Armor Class: 3
Number Appearing : 1d10 
Hit Points: 70
Damage 1d6 +1 
Special: Poison,Corruption 
% In Lair : 30% 
Treasure Type: D 

The H' Vreuri Hydrian Essence is a corrupting life force of evil and malevolence that possesses and takes over life forms. This singular evil then mutates the host body into a multi headed mockery of serpent like horror.  The creature is a partial alien planar energy matrix of non living spiritual corruption. The monsters seek out any human or near humans nearby to devour their souls and spread their evil. These horrors were first encountered within the post apocalyptic Martian colonies twenty years ago. The horror's near demonic essence corrupts anything it comes in contact with and is toxic in the extreme. The target must save vs death or become possessed by the 
H' Vreuri Hydrian Essence.The host will exhibit 1d10 mutations ( use the old school system of your choice here) & their own biological system will begin to manufacture the corrupted poison and spiritual stuff of the H' Vreuri Hydrian Essence.The host will sprout 1d8 serpentine head like organs once it possesses the host. 
  Every single brush with H' Vreuri Hydrian Essence is a dance with death itself as its essence is both a manifestation and drawing of the spiritual stuff of the Outer Darkness's energies with are both dangerous and inimical to mankind and near human kind. Only certain types of mutations will allow for the survival of the mutant. 
There have been dozens of contacts throughout the history of mankind with these multi headed horrors from outside space and time.
The H' Vreuri Hydrian Essence  will often work in conjunction with greater Lovecraftian gods or demonic lords to further both their own alien agendas and those of their masters. They often work for the right to devour and consume any human souls around them. Certain Nihilist wasteland cults and the most dangerous mutant scum work for these horrors to further their alien ends. Many ties these cults end up sacrificing themselves to these horrors to end their own existences in orgies of destruction and depravity. Why such fools serve these things is unknown.
The H' Vreuri Hydrian Essence's presence has a 40% chance of causing technology and relics to break down around them because of the aura of corruption and chaos that surrounds them. Only precious and semi precious jewels and noble metals will survive their presence.
Clerical spells & blessings can banish these horrors as long as multiple castings and the intervention of the gods is brought into play upon them. They are a persistent and very implacable foe however. These horrors will often seek revenge against those who thwart their machinations and plans.
Anyone having contact with these monsters  has a 10% chance of developing a cancerous mutation or a wasting disease from contact with these things.They often seek out and consume any pious souls to consume for those may banish them back to the Outer Darkness. Only +1 or better magical weapons have a chance of damaging their host bodies enough to force these twisted alien life essence back beyond the Greater Darkness.  Only certain types of positive based magical energies have a 20% chance of banishing  H' Vreuri Hydrian Essence back beyond the dimensional thresholds to the Outer Darkness but the hosts will still be wracked by mutation.
These horrors often attack and posses anything that they can and seem to have deep ties to the Outer Darkness. It has been suggested that perhaps these horrors are a toxic spiritual by product of some of the early experiments of the ancient antediluvian aliens the Elder Things. These alien essences of horror may have been banished to the Outer Darkness  in an effort to contain the corruption and mutation that these things bring with them. Evidence within certain Martian ruins suggests that these monsters were a waste product of some of the energies employed by these ancient god like aliens. 

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