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The Ocean Pit Of Vuul Hru - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Setting Adventure Location & For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

The Ocean Pit Vuul Hru
Sunk 20,000 miles into the Martian soil and planet mantle is the alien created artificial sea the Ocean Pit Vuul Hru. Found over fifty years ago after an Old Earther survey mission. The Ocean Pit Vuul Hru was artificially constructed using a dimensional gate to  the Elemental plane of Water but regulated by a series of quantum shunts to control the flow of water and limit the intake of the flow. The project was massive but the results incredible. 
Populated by an extensive biosphere of incredibly diverse alien and mutant life forms this ecological system has been the site of numerous battles between a variety of alien, Martian, and Old Earther powers. But the damage has been minimized because of alien A.I. correction mechanisms and elemental programmed life forms who look after the underwater bio sphere. Certain elemental princes from the plane of Water have also laded claim to this jewel of blue water in the Martian desert as several would be conquerors have found out much to their dismay. Because of its wonders and the fact that its a self renewing food source, no one really has total ownership over this piece of underwater acreage.
Several species of mutated marine life offer miraculous cures for several of the most dangerous Martian diseases and entropic mutational damage making pilgrimages to the tunnels that lead to the Ocean Pit of Vuul Hru an adventures unto themselves. 
There are at least twenty small to large deadly and poisonous species within the Ocean pit and its tunnels. Many of these poisons and naturally occurring chemicals are prized by Martian alchemists and assassins for their rarity and deadliness. 
There are also several small Old Earth and Martian forces military bunkers still embedded in the underground maze that the surrounds the entrance to the Ocean pit and are frequent pilgrimage points for certain tribes of warriors and adventurers.
There are several mutant tribes which claim the more remote parts of the Ocean Pit of  Vuul Hru as their own and these places are tended by their ranger priests who are open to the trade of certain items, plants, and other natural wonders in certain local markets. These tribes are the target of a number of low lander tribal raiders and various scum who come for the miracles of Vuul Hru.
Some of these miracles appear in various Martian bizarres & trading posts as well as Martian relic meets from time to time. 

1d10 Random Miracles and Item Table from
The Ocean Pit Of Vuul Hru

    1. A small packet of crystal of Hus that when smoked acts as cure light wounds spell or power able to heal minor mutational or chromosomal damage. Worth about 200 gold pieces 
    2. Waters From The Bowels of the Elemental Planes capable of eroding any type of stone within 1d8 rounds. Must be kept within a special crystal bottle of Martian manufacture. Worth about 400 gold pieces. Also used in the summoning rites of certain elemental royalty but will anger any Earth Elemental god or power. 
    3. The Spines of A Gotat fish - This small packet of 1d6 spines is sealed within the brine and guts of the fish that it came from. This poison will cause those who don't save vs death or poison to explode in a spectacular green blue fire ball for 2d6 points of damage to everyone within a twelve foot radius of burning guts and gore. 
    4. Starp poison used in the treating of muscle and neurological disorders. A jar costs 70 gold pieces for 1d8 treatments. 
    5. Still Waters of Sha - These special waters are incredibly dense and heavy compared to other types of waters and are used in the psychic scrying of places of the Outer Darkness worth 200 gold pieces to the right black magician or necromancer. The waters are incredibly cold and can be used also by certain Martian healers to restore Entropic diseases and mutations. 
    6. Spale spines -These spines from the Spale fish are used in the the blow guns of certain assassins cults and cultists of their fishy god. These spines are also used by certain back alley scum for assassinations in the name such cults. Those hit by these spines take 1d4 points of damage, those hit must save vs poison or death or be held ridged by the neuro poison. Awake and alive as their own nervous systems collapse from within themselves. 
    7. 1d8 pieces of mind coral - This pinky green coral is able to heal 1d6 points of mental damage done by psychic and mental mutations or powers. This stuff is incredibly rare and quite pricey. Demanding 600 to 800 gold pieces per dose. After healing such damage the coral is completely useless its life force traded for the damage. 
    8. Key Water - This weird pale green water is from the elemental plane of Water and used to cleanse ecological and natural damage from an area. The stuff will also cause primitive life forms to appear over a 1d4 acre area. A jar costs 1000 gold pieces and can create a fertile farming or land space easily. 
    9. Vase of Blue Green Fire Waters - This incredibly weird patterned  water like liquid is found within a sealed glass crystal vase and glows in the presence of anything or anyone found from another plane. The vase glows a baleful blue green color bathing everything within a weird glow and halting such intruders to the local space time continuum. Should the vase be broken upon such monsters they will take 3d6 points of damage and be banished back to their planes of origin. The vase will shatter with a mind wrenching sound across several planes and all within must save vs magic or be stunned for 1d6 rounds as the space time continuum heals itself. Worth 2000 gold pieces when found and counts as an alien relic. Very few Martians know the secret for making such items. 
    10. Death Glow Fish - These persevered fish are created by a mind wizard and are used to partially draw the soul from the target which can be sealed within a specially made copper or brass bottle for 1d100 years. This technique can be used to create and undead servant but is actually used in the healing arts when a victim has been level drained and the soul of the victim needs extensive super science reconstruction and body needs an elemental healing bath. The fish's carcass is worth an easy 500 to 800 gold pieces depending upon the area of Mars it is sold within. 

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