Friday, November 28, 2014

The Threuseus Inter System Cargo Launch Facility - A Post Apocalypse Mars Adventure Setting Location or For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

The Threuseus Inter System Cargo Launch System
Originally the The Threuseus Inter System Cargo Launch System facility was a five mile deep hole in the Martian surface designed to launch cargoes into space for colonization for the Outer Worlds. After the apocalypse it became a central territory fought over by a number of tribes. This fifteen level mega dungeon extends deep into the Martian soil and hasn't given up all of its secrets yet.
There are a number of super science laboratories and temples that were dedicated to various aspects of space colonization and space exploration as well as storage facilities and ware houses for the import and export of Earth and Martian goods. Many of these habits remain untouched throughout the centuries
There are still a number of space ship construction areas below ground and active A.I.'s who have either been rendered insane or as the heads of Martian cults. Below ground is a world unto itself with monsters and more who have moved in from the extensive Martian underworld itself.
The Threuseus Inter System Cargo Launch System's super science magnetic ring and laser plasma launch systems are still mostly intact due to the nanite and super science materials that they were constructed of
Even though these are some of the busiest ruins upon the face of Mars. Many adventurers and tribes give these ruins a wide birth as the automated A.I. defense systems of the facility sometimes come alive and purge the countryside of any and all intruders. These systems will then sleep for 1d4 months or even years at a time. There are several adventurer guilds who pay tribute to the Martian mutant tribes who claim the facility as looting rights. 
Because of the traffic from the local tribes and adventurers there is always many mutant scavengers and Martian monsters haunting the place.
Below are some of the more common wandering Martian horrors and monsters.

1d10 Threuseus Inter System Cargo Launch System Facility
Wandering Martian Horrors and Monsters Table 

  1. 1d6 Martian skeleton warriors with make shift weapons looking for a quick kill 
  2. 1d8 Marauders 2nd level fighters with energy weapons 
  3. 1d10 Ghost Wind Undead Psychic Warriors  looking for life force and essence to devour 
  4. 1d8 Martian  plague victim zombies 
  5. Robo Drone spy belonging to a local wizard looking for adventurers 
  6. 1d7 random adventurers 4th level fighters 40% of loot looking to trade or sell. 
  7. 1d4 homeless survivors running for their lives from 1d4 robo warrior bots 
  8. Wizard harvesting Martian monster organs for spell components 
  9. 1d4 Chaotic touched mutant dog pack out hunting 
  10. 1d10 ghoul pack hunting and foraging for Martian warrior corpses and Earthers. 

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