Friday, November 14, 2014

New Random 1d10 Post Apocalyptic Adventure Location Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Some time in the wastelands you might run across unusual or odd ruins that don't quite fit your usual blend of adventure locations and redoubts. Here's a small table of locations that your adventurers might stumble into in the deeper wastelands and death lands. Places that might be uncovered by the wind, rain, and weather where there might be 'the good stuff' just waiting for your adventurers to find. These locations can also provide a DM with prime opportunities to spring robots, androids, and an unusual encounter upon a party.
 I've kept this encounter table system generic 

1d10 Post Apocalyptic Adventure Location Table
  1. A robot recharging station ruin has been uncovered, there will be 1d8 robotic units in various states of disrepair here and there is a 60% chance of some ancient death machine coming back to life and attacking the party. There is also a 20% chance of a mutant energy sucking slime or other fungal monsters that lives on energy cells being within the ruins. The internal security system for the place might still be in operation as well and a minor A.I. guardian might still be in operation as well. 
  2. A small super science laboratory and attendant androids have been uncovered here. Several sets of foot prints lead away from the place and there are several mutant corpses lying on the ground with energy weapon burns in them. Several pieces of heavy equipment are missing and there are vehicle tracks leading from the location. There is a 30% chance of some minor relics or artifact coming to light in this location. Already mutant cockroaches have moved in. 
  3. A small fall out shelter has been uncovered within are the bodies of several individuals who are actually undead and infected with zombie plague. These horrors spring to life and will attack a party. The place is a minor treasure trove of items and relics. There's 20% chance of running across a trapped item or other unusual mutant insect. 
  4. A small fall out stock room has turned into a fungal garden filled with valuable and dangerous mutant species of mushrooms, fungus,and fungoids. There's valuable fungus spaced throughout without the more deadly species here. 
  5. An odd crystal growth has erupted from the ground this thing projects psychically the agonies and horrors of those who died in the apocalypse. It feeds on any who die under its watch and gaze. There is a 20% chance of relics & artifacts scattered around the thing. 
  6. A ruin has been uncovered and over hangs with beautiful glowing fungus like growths. These things are actually a radioactive form of minor green slime that will drip upon anyone who goes to explore these ruins at night. The slimes glow with incredible titillating and hypnotic patterns at night. There is a 40% chance of anyone watching these things will become entranced. Under some floor boards are a few minor relics and an old bank vault with lots of relic silver and gold artifacts from before the apocalypse. 
  7. A small convience store and news stand has been uncovered, the whole place has been wiped of paper artifacts but there is an unusual relic. The robotic tender of the place is still around. He or rather it knows the entire neighborhood and city like the back of his hand. A cult of robotic worshipers is after him however and he's hiding but hasn't left the area of his beloved stand. He's looking for help. 
  8. A pack of half cybernetic war dogs has been uncovered by the storms. These horrors have become a demonic pack that prowls the area and they guard a small weapons vault in the area ruled by a minor A.I. called the General. The A.I. has several combat bots but can't seem to activate them. There are a host of valuable relics in the vault but getting to them is problematic at best.
  9. A small pit in the ground has been uncovered and contains piles of gold ancient teeth. The glisten and shine but sticking a hand or appendage into the hole will reveal the guardian of the place. A gaseous energy being guards this minor hoard and feeds on anyone who sticks their hand within. It likes riddling contests and will telepathically contact adventurers for the challenge. One tooth for one riddle. Nearby is a cache of energy cells as well. 
  10. A sewer chamber has been uncovered a solar loving mutant energy feeding amoeba has burst forth from underground. This horror has devoured anyone it runs across and scattered around are 1d10 minor relics. The horror is beginning to evolve a devilish intelligence. Its starting to stalk and torment its prey.
     Nearby a wrack of robotic charging units for public use stands drawing solar power and seems to pull adventurers into this monster's maw. 

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