Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Revrervlin A New Wasteland Monster For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

The Revrervlin -
The Wasteland Flower Things 

 Appearing 1d10 

Move: 9 
HD: 4
% In Lair: 60% 
Treasure: D 

An all too common monster in the deep wastes are the Revrervlin part plant, part mineral life form, and a mostly an alien thing that has become an all too monster. These horrors pull toxicity and contaminates from the soil, air, and deathlands themselves. These spiny horrors are almost the essence of toxicity and  poisonous waste itself. The Revrervlin spawns across the face of the wastelands and feeds upon the various mutants, humans, and life forms it finds by exchanging its fluids with those of its target. The internal organs of the prey are liquefied as an organic soup to be drawn into the horror's biology. Each of these horrors has a diameter of three meters.
The Revrervlin attacks with its highly poisonous spines and anything even touching its extensions must make a save vs death or have the process of liquification begin taking place within 1d4 rounds. The horror will quickly move in to finish the job and absorb the prey.
These horrors will leave 1d6 micro splinters behind in any wounds that it causes. The splinters will begin to grow into 1d6 new Revrervlin within hours absorbing salts, chemicals and more from the bodies of the prey. The process can be halted with expensive super science treatments or highly expensive paranormal or para natural spells such as 'cure light wounds'.

The Revrervlin's origins are obscure at best and shrouded in mystery. There is some speculation that these horrors are the remains of an ancient bio weapon plague mutated beyond the parameters of the original design into something far more dangerous.

The Revrervlin also draw in light and process it as energy to be burned throughout a seven day week cycle. In the event of the 'death' of one of these monsters. 1d4 energy crystals that can be harvested from the remains. These can act as energy cells for highly advanced super science devices with 1d10 charges. These crystals will be worth 1d100 gold or silver pieces each. But they must be handled with heavy chain mail gloves or the like lest the poisonous nature of these remains cause death & destruction.

Anyone handling these remains must make a save vs. poison or take 1d4 points of damage per round as the poisons & toxins ravage the body of the victim shutting down organs, damaging the body, and ravaging the nervous systems of the victim. The final stage will see the victim turning to a liquid boneless goo and falling apart with a 10% chance of new  Revrervlin bursting forth from the soupy mess in 1d4 days. 
There are often treasures and artifacts that are left behind when these things spawn. Often there are some deep wasteland gear found around the sites where these horrors hunt and spawn. There will often be a one to two klick territory between hunting zones where these monsters designate between each other. They will fight each other over hunting rights in the Fall. The crack of their crystalline spines echoing through the wastes. 

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