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Free War Torn Monday Download - Creepy Magazine Issue #89 (1977) For Your Old School Combat Stricken Campaigns

Creepy #89

Grab It Right
Welcome to another fun filled Monday old school gamers, one aspect of the old post apocalyptic formula that often gets forgetten is the fog of war! Way back in the annals of comic shops I ran across this wonderful little issue of Warren's Creepy magazine issue #89 due to the striking Frazetta cover. Now Creepy has always been a bit of a weird magazine to begin with but they often featured themes. This one was a War issue and it was a damn fine issue at that with lots of old school horror comic book action. Creepy didn't pull any punches either.
This issue stacked out like this according to My Comic :
Stories in this war-themed issue include: Blood Brothers by Bruce Jones and Jose Ortiz; The Windmill by Lou Rossin and Leopoldo Duranona; Angel of Jaipur and Bill DuBay and John Severin; The Hungry Dragon by Nicola Cuti, Carmine Infantino, and Alex Nino; The Door-Gunner by Larry Hama, Cary Bates, and Leopold Sanchez; and Coggin's Army by Roger McKenzie and Martin Salvador. Cover art by Frank Frazetta. Cover price $1.50.

Alright Blood Brothers is a real take on the bonds between soldiers and undeath with some dire indications for a Call of Cthlhu or Mutant Future game where the fighting rages eternal for some folks. The idea here for the characters to encounter a deranged NPC and his ghoul band of brothers. This one I've use several times and its always made skin crawl on some folks. 
The Windmill is another trap waiting to happen that can be imported right into Mutant Future or any war torn land for that matter. Plenty of opportunity for mayhem with this one. 
Angel of Jaipur is a good solid old fashioned romp down memory lane with some room to be adapted to a post apocalyptic wasteland quite easily. 
The Hungry Dragon is a story that I've used for Delta Green and Call of Cthulhu plenty of times for the adapted history of a cult of ghouls and their descendants within America. Simply change the serial numbers on the story and it easily becomes a Mutant Future group of cultists. 
The Door Gunner is a tale that can indicate the strain of war on some and could be used for an NPC in an adventure of Call of Cthulhu. Very easily adapted into a tale for Mutant Future for a very deranged city guard or given a fantasy spin for a gent whose seen too much. 
Coggin's Army is a dark and abiding little tale that can easily be adapted to a number of old school games to indicate some dark deeds from the wastelands or the war torn bastions.  Many of these  comic stories are easily adapted into a Lovecraftian frame of mind for old school adventuring or horror gaming. War is hell and these comic stories play upon this theme with a vengeance add in a bit of the Cthulhu Mythos or the post apocalyptic angle and your pretty much ready to play. These stories play fast and loose with some details of history and whatnot but what do expect? Creepy was a horror comic from the 70's and 80's. A product of its time and so we got quite a bit of non politically correctness and solid old school entertainment. It makes them perfect for old school gaming and ripe for adapting.
Any of these tales could be moved ad hoc into a modern old school game with little issue to indicate the cost and strain of war upon the denizens of a campaign. There's lots to work with in this classic issue of Creepy. Happy Monday and keep on rolling.  

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