Wednesday, November 5, 2014

1d10 More Random Lovecraftian Treasures Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Or Fantasy Campaign Adventures

1d10 More Random Lovecraftian Treasures Table
  1. A silver disk with three lines representing the three levels of the universe and the Outer Darkness. This sacred disk has a center hole. The thing is radioactive and echoes with the strange radiations of forbidden regions of space and time. The thing has weird glyphes written within its circumference.Anyone handling this thing for more then 1d8 hours must make a save vs poison or take 1d6 points of damage from the fiery radiations that still cling to this thing. Handling it for more then 4 days in a row the victim must make a mutation check. 
  2. This weird silver gold rod has writ across its surface the ancient seventy two hundred names for the Lovecraftian gods. An ancient demon lord seeks the thing and haunts the dreams & nightmares of those handling this ancient key like objects. 
  3. This ancient silver tablet is made from the metals of Atlantis & contains a key for several alien languages. This weird tablet contains several spells of protection against some of the minor minions of Cthulhu and several weird gods. The thing bleeds tears of red ruin but these tears age harmless unless the  connection is made. 
  4. This ancient ring contains several layers of ancient languages that are actually the spell book for ancient wizard of 5th level or greater. It contains several dire spells that will active when the ring is handled. 
  5. This staff contains several minor jars holding alien organs and is charged with the power Outer Darkness..It will do 1d10 points of damage to anyone foolish enough to pick Once per day the staff may create a radioactive cloud 10 foot wide and 30 foot long. 
  6. A weirdly map of ancient forbidden star systems that are illustrated with the life cycles of several Outer Gods and their shrines. Collectors of esoterica  will pay several hundred gold pieces for this piece of forgotten lore. A demon peruses the map and has murdered a succession of owners. The map has been created from human skin. 
  7. This twelve sided pylon contains an alien god and only the glyphs of protection circling the stone keep the deeper horror's essence in check and form escaping. There are several collectors of the occult who would pay handsomely for this type of item. 
  8. An old magician's wand that contains several horror themed spells created by a mad wizard and stage magician This wand contains a demonic Outer God  horror in the shape of a  rabbit like beast. 
  9. This glowing white orb contains the essence of a trapped servant of the wandering Great Old Ones. The thing will share its forbidden secrets and knowledge  with a worthy disciple or one insane enough to willingly serve this thing's dark masters. The orb will shock anyone handling the orb for 1d8 +1 points of damage. 
  10. This scroll contains the spells necessary to summon an ancient Star Spawn of Cthulhu but binding it is another matter. The ancient part of the scroll that contains the binding spell  has been missing for many years.  

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