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Blood In The Water - A Mutant Future Encounter or An Encounter For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

File:Noyo harbor, California.jpg

The waters around Noyo, California are some of the deadliest in the world and that's exactly how Canco a huge fishing and food processing mega corporation wants it. This organization has recently come into prominence by supplying the Ruinous California wasteland with processed fish rations, gene modified fish for aquatic farming and disposable military troops. The mega corporation controls Noyo and has had the town and its aquatic environs remade and fortified with extensive holdings spread throughout the entire coast line.

File:MacKerricher Beach.jpg
Photo by  Justin Smith 

This megacorporation employs some three hundred mercenary troops to manage its mutant strains which are employed throughout the various Pacific islands by local mutant warlords, kings, and petty tyrants. The Mutant Coelacanths have been encountered as far away as the seas of Japan and beyond. There are at least seven known varieties of these mutants and the company has had to pacify and eradicate several escaped tribes that have rampaged through the area several times. Because the waters around parts of California are controlled by the Deep One tribes there has been several attacks and invasions between Deep One forces and Coelacanth mutants. These have usually ended with the deaths of hundreds of Coelacanth mutants at the clawed hands of Deep Ones.File:Mendocino California.jpg

Canco has developed several technologies to deal with its mutant product species. These include several human pheromone grenades that are used to pacify and attract the mutant Coelacanths.
 The Canco heavy Stunner nine shots, 1d6 damage per shot 70% of knocking out and stunning the mutant , 40 yard range  works above and below water. Coelacanth repellent a one time use weapon that will drive off 1d8 of these mutant horrors. Fish Paste a first aid product based on the metabolism and blood by product of these mutants. This material will act as cure light wounds spell with 1d4 applications found in the tube. These items are always found in a Canco company kit aboard Canco vessels.

 File:Point Arena Lighthouse.jpg
Photo by Frank Schulenburg
The waters around Point Arena Lighthouse teem with Mutant Coelacanths of a most viscous variety. These mutants seem utterly fearless and completely uncontrollable, urban legend has it that Canco has lost several ships filled with its ultra growth hormone in these waters. They deny such claims and now several villages are starting to call in adventurers for underwater salvage in the area.
Appex is now spreading into the area and has silently moved into at least two settlements. They are offering a reward of 300 gold pieces for the carcass of mutant Coelacanths from these waters. Canco has been trying to root out Appex agents in the area. These waters are also full of post and preholocaust wrecks where the relic picking are very rich and because of the monsters few have ventured into these waters.

More information right over on Chris Van Deleen's Site

No. Enc: 2d8

Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 90' (30')

    Swim 180' (60')

AC: 3
HD: 5
Attacks: 4 (claw, claw, bite, tail slap)
Damage: 1d8 / 1d8 / 1d10 / 1d6
Save: L5
Morale: 5
Hoard Class: VI
Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons - claws, thick tail; xenomorphism - humanoid traits, amphibious lungs), chameleon epidermis (only in water), dermal poison slime (random class), dietary change requirement (cannibal), echolocation, epidermal dependency (water), increased sense (taste, sight, smell), natural armour (rubbery skin with thick scales)
Source: Humanoids from the Deep (1980) & (1996)

Original source material information HERE

Revisiting Fish Wife Games - Free Post OSR Resource Thirty Sider Apocalypse Urban Encounters For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Grab It Right Over

The Blurb According The Rpgnow Site : 
Thirty Sider Apocalypse: Urban Encounters
As the player characters wander through the wastes of a ruined future world the GM suddenly pulls a dusty old artifact from his dice bag. The players lean forward and stare with curiosity. “What is that thing?” One is brave enough to ask. Grinning, the GM gives this mysterious, long forgotten object a roll. Thirty Sider Apocalypse is a series of free random charts that incorporate that must have oddity of the dice bag, the 30 sided die.
This first installment of the thirty sider apocalypse features a random chart of encountered characters, creatures, and events that the characters might stumble across as they wander through the remains of a once proud major city.

I've used this encounter table recently when I didn't  have a lot of time to come up with a few random encounters for my Mutant Future Psychotronic campaign.
 This is a pretty solid free little urban encounter table.
Many of these encounters can lead off to mini adventures themselves if the DM isn't careful. They're very imaginative and fun. For a DYI post apocalyptic campaign this free little encounter table is just the thing.
 I've used this encounter table over and over. The players have never caught on  because this table fits a wide variety of styles of post apocalyptic goodness. The fact that this resource is system neutral is a plus in my book and it's contents can be molded to suit you and your players style of play.
This is a short sort of candy sampler style product that contains a wealth of material even in only two pages.
This table suits my style of play just fine because I prefer urban encounter when running post apocalyptic campaigns. Maybe its the numerous Italian bad post apocalyptic movies that I ran on VHS back in the 90's or the fact that this table gives back some of that style of goodness. Urban encounters among the once great cities of humanity have a cramped and anything could be around the next block.
 Fish Wife Games is one of those small gaming companies whose products you will always find at my table. Dave Woodrum does an excellent job with the various POA system neutral products that I've used over the years. There was another paid product from Fish Wife games that also really helped to sort out some of the more NPC adventurer based encounters.
A product that I recently used in my mini campaign was 

100 Individuals To Run Into In The Post Apocalypse, Set 2. This is a dollar product and there's quite a bit of random encounters that you can use here. Some of these individuals can become a turning point in a game. In this case they ran into Stacy, who happened to be a solar tech. Part of the mission was the recovery of a solar fusion  array and recover it. Stacy is was a real NPC asset in the game.
Some of the other individuals who the players might have potentially ran into included the following: 
Sample Rolls Include:
08- Blake (M, 19, Young biker punk)
30- Elizabeth (F, 36, Goth blade master/sharpshooter)
44- Janet (F, 41, Wasteland scientist and teacher of the young)
50- Jessica (F, 31, Botanist)
64- Mandi (F, 23, Scout with keen senses but poor memory)
75- Naomi (F, 48, Toothless settlement bar wench)
88- Stacy (F, 38, Solar technology specialist)
I didn't change any names because in this campaign there had been other adventure parties into the city and very few survivors. Those who had were those left behind. I would ignore rolls that didn't suit the adventure and choose ones that fit. A tactic that kept the players guessing. 
Grab It Over 

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Tattlers Of The Future - A Mutant Future Encounter or For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Game

The species emerged from the swamplands of the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia area. These creatures have spread throughout the Ruined Americas wastelands. These creatures seem to be drawn to calm swamp like areas of quiet contemplation.
Recently a colony of these mutants has moved into the ruins found in the swamp lands of Maryland and some of the surrounding regions. Because of the prophetic powers of these creatures many nearby villages and communities are nervous because of a possible impending doom or looming disaster.
There have also been strange lights in the skies and weird time slips in the areas. Several strange super science devices have been appearing around several of the 'relic bazaars' and scavenger swap meets in the area. 
These devices are four inches squire with weird digital readouts, and strange etched  brass cases.These devices are covered with cryptic alien writing and  do not appear to be common or any of the languages of the ancients. The devices are strangely effected by the presence of any dimensional effects or phenomena. Oddly between 1d6 hours will seemly disappear from a PC's local space time continuum should the devices be handled. Oddly, these devices will strangely disappear if any super scientists, alchemist, or other professional tries to exam or divine the true nature of these devices. 
File:Dead Stream Swamp MI.jpg
Areas around where these colonies of Mothmen may have settled are places where radiation spikes occur, toxic materials have taken place, and disaster seems to almost loom in the air. These areas seem to have an aura of sadness, loss, and shattered tranquility.
There are few mutant naturalists that believe that this may be a natural defense mechanism of the Mothman species. These seemly peaceful mutants have in recent years become the focus for capture by the group of renegade super scientists known as the Apex.
A standing reward of 300 gold pieces for a live Mothman has been recorded in several villages in the region and for the weight of the finder in relic or trade goods. This reward is unclaimed at the moment for no man or mutant wants to bring the wrath or curse of the Mothmen upon their head. 

Amazingly enough there are several farmers, tinkers, and tradesmen who claim to have had dealings with these elusive beings. They have several examples of strange technology which they indicate has the marks of these creatures. These individuals claim that these creatures want nothing more then peace and quiet. A few of the more rural backwoods folk have Mothmen midwives. Ladies who have had interactions with these mutants and have been given the gift of prophecy by these creatures. For a small 50 gold piece fee they will divine the future for their clients. They are able to see 1d4 days into the future. These prophecies are hazy, vague, and details are dreamlike at best. These midwives always leave offers to their benefactors in the form of artifacts, some gold, and occasionally toys. They are often marked by a strange moth like tattoo or birthmark someplace on their body.
They sometimes visit these mutants on the nights of the new moon. They often offer their services via word of mouth and local gossip. Those in the know of local affairs know where to find them. 

Moth Men. 

More Information
No. Enc: 1
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 210' (70') Fly

AC: 5
HD: 5
Attacks: 2 claws
Damage: 1d6 /1d6
Save: L10
Morale: 7
Hoard Class: XXII

Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons, xenomorphism: Chimera), alter probability field, complete wing development, fear generation, neural telepathy, night vision, precognition (special).
Source: Mothman (2010)

At The Mercy Of Yonggary! - A Mutant Future Actual Play Mini Campaign

Details about the first part of this game can be found

The PC's in this psychotronic post apocalyptic nightmare have been running around the ruins of Mega Seoul now for a couple of days.
Between the spawn of Yonggary and various mutant monsters their starting to get low on ammo and time.

They managed to find the solar array furnace, back some loot, and find the vast underworld, but its been a real running battle with now. Down twisting alley, through mazes of urban decay, and dodging various mutant horrors.
Down through the Korean underworld was an adventure into itself. Giant rats, mutant zombies, and more greeted them.

The PC's have tagged the array that they were sent after to the Nation Museum of Korea.  So now the party is hold up at the National Museum and have begun to fortify the place! 

The big highlight of the evening happened when one of the PC's accidentally awoke one of the monster Yonggary!


No. Enc: 1
Alignment:  Chaotic 
Movement: 1800’ (600’)
                     600’ (200’) Swim
AC: -6
HD: 500
Attacks: 2 bashes, or 2 stomps, or 1 tail slap, or 1 bite, 45d6 and swallow whole
1 Breath blast. 
Damage:  35d6 / 35/d6 or death / death, or 50d6 and knockback
100d6 and class 9 radiation
Save: L20
Morale: 12
Hoard Class: None
Mutations: Gigantism
Source: Yonggary 1967 

Review and Commentary On The Asia Trailer For Godzilla 2014 And Adapting It For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

So the big reveal last night was this new Godzilla 2014 trailer which gives an incredible amount of details about the back
 story of the new film. I'd go so far as to say that they give too much away but that being said there is a ton of material here.
 I've got one word here RODAN!
 Other reveals in this film hint that this Godzilla goes all the way back to the original 1950's  Toho movie and pulls on that huge history for this film. It also means that Godzilla has been growing since that time! That's a personal opinion but its one that seems to explain the expansion of the monster.
We've had hints,teases, and  but right here we've got action, more giant monsters, adventure, disaster porn, and mythology??!
Yes, that's right old school gamers we've got a ton of Toho mythology in this one thrown in. The tone is super serious but we're given ton of material about 'the Shadow Years' of this universe. This film is the 'Shadow Years' of the Godzilla franchise.
 While we're given a lot gamable stuff to use and there are already a number of sites picking a part, dissecting, and tearing into this trailer lets look at this from another view point.
With Kaiju roaming the landscape is  this going to be a game changer? 

Not only are these walking toxic nuclear waste dumps going be campaign changers but they'll be creating instant wastelands were ever they go.
Some of what we're likely to see in this film?
 Mutations,creatures, instant mini mutant ecosystems are all going to be on the menu. As we've seen with last year's Pacific Rim there is a lot of potential here for campaign changing events. Or are there?
Giant mutant monsters stomping around in old school post apocalyptic games has been happening since Gamma World first edition. The real difference here is that this  film could be set in the so called Shadow Years of Mankind.
The rise of these monsters could signal the end of mankind. And that's really what the game changer is. PC's born to human parents exposed to the incredibly weird and poorly understood energies of Kaijui could explain the instant evolutionary jump start in generations.

 Adapting Giant Monsters For Fun and Profit
In Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns
No. Enc: 1

Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 1800’ (600’)
                     600’ (200’) Swim
AC: -10
HD: 800
Attacks: 2 bashes, or 2 stomps, or 1 tail slap, or 1 bite or 1 Breath blast.
Damage:  50d6 / 50/d6 or death / death, or 75d6 and knockback or 100d6 and class 10 radiation
Save: L20
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: None

Mutations: Energy Ray (special), gigantism.
Source: The various incarnations of Godzilla
There is a ton more of information right over
The potential for hunting these giant monsters for technology, relics, cast off material, and super science exploitation is huge. Imagine a group of adventurers following in the wake of such a creature and gathering all that they can. Armor made from scales, studies conducted on the structure of bones, skeleton, etc. All in the wake of such giants striding across the landscape.
Slimes,cells, etc. might all have value to wizards and alchemists dealing with such potential horrors.
Then there is the potential here for relic recovery from the various sites and cities that these creatures have stomped. These places might be crawling with who knows what mutant spawn and radioactive horrors. Given the classes of Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future there might be potential here for a number of options using the usual PC classes. The rise of such monsters might also signal the return of magic and perhaps the return of the Lovecraftian Great Old Ones. 
The signal of these monsters return might be the flare that the various cults have been waiting and watching for across the world.
There's lots of potential here. This might also enable PC's to journey from a traditional D&D style world and be confronted with things they've only seen in their nightmares. Imagine the average party of PC's confronted with the suffering that these horrors leave in their wake. Could they turn their backs on such a world that needs heroes such themselves? I think not.
This new trailer has me really excited on a number of levels and its one that might signal a return to the giant monster movie horror film. A very welcome thing in my book! 

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Review and Commentary On The Free Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Resource - Quick Start Equipment Menu By Ben Ball On The Dark Corner Blog

Choosing the right equipment and weapons to storm the citadel of Set or the Tower of the One Eyed God of the Ruby for Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea can take a long time but we've got you covered! We've got a review of a free pdf that takes the pain out of equipment shopping and puts you right into the sword and sorcery action. 
Right over

It Came From The Dollar Comic Bin- Slash Maraud Issue #2 From DC Comics Commentary For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Issue #2 of Slash Maraud finds our hero & female companion/love interest dealing with events at the club from last issue and heading deep into the wasteland of 'Shaper Earth' the terraformed alien dominated Earth And run smack into the Damazons. A bunch of neo feminist resistance fighters who have had dealings with Slash's lady love. The Damazons ride around on hopped up classic hot rods and off roaders with military hardware and alien tech built into the dashes.

Don't even get me started on the 'Family Unit' a cannibal cult straight out of a Texas chain saw massacre that Damazons, Slash, and his lady love run into. Seems that the alien tech, terraforming viruses, etc. have fried certain parts of humanities brain. Law is gone and the humanity is preying on itself. The Shapers don't care what the humans do to each other as long as they can move in after five years.
Slash and co finally escape at the end of this whole mess with an alien scientist in tow and head deeper into the wastes of this weirdly 80's inspired world. All in all its a pretty good issue that would make a great little intro into an old school post apocalyptic campaign. 
This post is meant for entertainment purposes only and is not a challenge to DC comics or the trade marks or copy right, artwork, etc of any of the properties mentioned in this blog post. The artwork,comic panels,etc. are all for the article.
Thank you 

Revisiting Devastation Drive In A Free Download For Mutant Future and Other Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Devastation Drive-In: This 56-page book features 21 creatures from some truly horrific B-films including: Blood Beast, Blood Freak, It's Alive, Octoman, Prophecy, Robot Monster, The Astro-Zombies, Uninvited, The Stuff and The Incredible Melting Man. The download is free and full of info on these films as well as Mutant Future conversions for each monstrosity.

The blog a Field Guide To Doomsday is one of those blogs that I visit regularly. The owner is a friend of mine on Facebook and I've recently been revisiting his creations from a couple of Halloweens ago. Devastation Drive In is one of those incredibly warped supplements for Mutant Future that seems to come out of the post apocalyptic mutant community of old school gamers. 
Since I worked in a video rental place back in the 90's in hell blasted section of Chinatown in Boston  these films were always in rotation. I've been revisiting them in this supplement and getting them put into action with my players trapped in Seoul Korea. I'm filling the ranks out with some of these monsters.. The ones getting a workout in my campaign are the Carnovirus, Octoman, All Terrain Piranha, and the Man O'were. 
The author did a bang up job with em and really gets into the midnight mood of these monsters. Some solid ideas are in this wonderful little free download.
My players are not going to be happy tonight. Anyhow give it a try there is some great stuff in there! 

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Behind The Dimensional Curtain - A Mutant Future & Old School Post Apocalyptic Encounter

File:New York City - Fog in the Garment District, January 16. 2013.jpg
Original photo Jeff Turner from Grafton, West Virginia
Up the coast of Neo New England through the waters of  the Altered Atlantic might be seen a fog shrouded twisted doppelganger of  Nuked New York. The so called Sunken City occasionally stands in for the real ruins of Nuked New York. This demi plane of  atomic ruins is an exact doppleganger for the real ruins but those who cross into the waters of  'The Sunken City' immediately know it. Half of the island of Manhatten is below water and the poisoned air swirls with weird dimensional weather as the sky is cracked with blue green lightning and strange echos of half forbidden thunder that sounds like the whaling of the damned. 
Weird half dead mutant bird things with all too human faces own the sky and battle with Shantaks and worse.
This is not a realm that one can easily leave. The dimensional curtains close behind one and there is only a 20% chance that favorable conditions will allow a party to exit this realm across the dimensional divide. It may take seven or more days of the shattered moon to leave. Most don't however.
Giant Lovecraftian horrors stalk the landscape searching for twisted mutant prey,while occasional huddles of pure strain human survivors seek shelter among the ruins of sky scrapers. Some of these look inviting but are actually working due to the ghostly damned souls who still inhabit them giving these ruins strange pseudo life. Power, running water, and the promise of shelter are all illusions created by the effects of negative planar energy drain by the masses of souls who can not leave.
Occasionally the sun shines as brightly as a Summer's day without rhyme or reason and for a few hours the horrors of this world are forced to retreat to some shelter.
File:Abandon buildings harlem urban decay.JPG

But this is only a temporary reprieve from this horror filled Lovecraftian hell. The streets are stalked by Dimensionalpede, while hives of  Chew Wasps hang from the sides of ruins and shells of buildings, through out lower neighborhoods Acid Jelly Sacks drift and occasionally the scream of some twisted prey is heard. 

But this is the realm of the Mist Spiders and the sound of their pincers skulking across cars and ruins is an all too common sound. These horrors have no fear at all and move across this landscape with impunity. This is their world and they are drawn the to this place in vast numbers. At the center of what was Central Park is the 'Seam' a vast dimensional gate into the Outer Darkness from whence all of these horrors have come. 

You can find more Information

No. Enc: 2d6
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 120' (40')
AC: 3
HD: 4
Attacks: 1 bite or 2 pincers
Damage: 1d6 & special or 1d8 / 1d8
Save: L4
Morale: 5
Hoard Class: None
Mutations: Aberrant form (xenomorphism – arms with pincers), bizarre appearance (skull-like head) (d), echolocation, natural armour, spiny growth, thermal vision, toxic weapon, weather control (modified), web
Source: The Mist (2007)
The waters surrounding the ruins of the Sunken City are not much better then the land and teem with several tribes of Deep Ones and a nasty salt variety of the Vodyanoi or marine Umber Hulk. They're temperment is such that they will prey on any stray Deep Ones or under water mutant that enters their underwater domains that surround the island. It is believed that the island are one of the primary spawning grounds in this demi plane. More information HERE  or see the Labyrinth Lord Advanced Companion rules from Goblinoid Games.

Why do hundreds of adventurers risk their lives to seek this demi plane? The vast hordes of artifacts of the ancients that are found here are mostly untouched. The second reason is the vast dimensional gate technology that is found here. Thousands of units of relic technology known as the 'I Gate' was partially responsible for the current state of this place but its so easy to replicate that many come here to retrieve these units. 
The gate allows one to open a semi temporary window into inter dimensional space and for not only two way communication for 1d20 rounds with another but almost instant safe teleportation three times per day. The 'I-Gate' technology allows for instant access with anyone holding one of the small grey touch screens. Two units must be owned for the powers to work. The units are powered by dimensional energy and never need recharging. After 1d6 days of use there is a 30% chance of a small monster from else where of being teleported within a 24 yard radius of the user. Prolonged use of a year or more may result in an unstable gateway appearing in the local space time continuum. Please see your I Gate dealer for details.

Other adventurers seek the Sunken City demi plane in an effort to sell arms and armor as well as ammo to the huddled masses that still cleave to life in this demi plane. They will trade 150 pounds of trade goods for a good solid working fire arm and ammo or 100 gold pieces. The results may vary with mutant tribes, pure strain humans and Lovecraftian monster cults.
Russ's artwork used without permission and I'm not trying to infringe upon the copy right or trade mark holders of this monster or this artwork. This blog post is for entertainment purposes only. 

Review & Commentary 'She' 1982 Sword & Sorcery/Post Apocalyptic Mash up Movie For Your Old School Sword and Sorcery Campaigns On The Dark Corner Blog !

 Today we take a look into the Psychotronic  post apocalyptic sword and sorcery madness that is
She From 1982!
Grab your hand and a half sword, your mutant party, and some dice as we take a look at this 'classic'
Right Over

By The Tale Part II - A Mutant Future Encounter Or For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

File:A gulf crew boat silhouetted in a Gulf of Mexico sunset. - NOAA.jpg
Here Is Part One of This Encounter
Around the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida pan handle there is a war going on. A protracted dance of combat between two species.
The recently invasive Hammerhead mutant fishoid strain and the Floridian Merfolk who emerged shortly after the close of the Final Years.
These two species have been fighting a protracted war of attrition for years in these waters.
 There is another secret in those deep blue waters as well.
File:FL GoM from US 98-319 south03.JPG
Several hundred carcasses of Hammerheads have recently washed up on the beaches of  Ruined Florida. There is speculation among the local sorcerers and super scientists that a nanoweapon has been deployed by the Merfolk.File:Padre Island National Seashore - fishing in Laguna Madre.jpg
The situation causes much concern among local mutant and pure strain villages in the area. The locals have enough to deal with from the Hammerheads, giant mutant monsters, weird weather, mutant sea going species, and now something new.
Fishermen have seen the Merfolk tending what appear to be vast twisting sliver sheets of weird material in the sea. These vast floating silver squares are sometimes over half a mile long and wide but mysteriously vanish just before sunset.
The fishermen who trade with the Merfolk have nothing to tell for they seem strangely silent and given that there are over 10 tribal nations in the waters off of Ruined Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. The mystery only deepens as time goes on. 
The mystery adds concern among these villages and communities. The Appex has recently come forward to offer a reward in the capture of one of the merfolk for questioning. A standing reward of 400 gold pieces or 100 pounds of trade goods for the of any Merfolk and 490 gold pieces for the any recovery of artifacts from these sheets.

Under The Sea of Florida

File:Vertical Horizon.jpg

The Hammerheads have taken a toll on the population of the Merfolk young and old alike have fall to their teeth for many years. A renegade tribe of Merfolk has found a terror weapon among the remains of a military base below the waters.
They have recovered and adapted a type of water based nano weapon that is under their telepathic control. These dissemblers nanites use the action of the sea and solar rays to power themselves. The vast sheets are the merfolk cultivating this technology. But more frightening is that the renegades have begun to adapt this technology for other uses. If it is unleashed in the water it will cause 3d6 points of damage to any flesh or inorganic material per round of exposure. The weapon responses telepathically to the needs of its owners. But it has begun to adapt and evolve a fact that the merfolk are unaware. Other tribes of Merfolk are starting to look for these renegades now after rumors of a Hammer head massacre have begun to surface.
 The Hammerheads have begun a campaign of blood and vengeance as well against the Merfolk and land dwellers who they blame for the release of this weapon.
Adventurers could become embroiled in a war under and above the waves of  Ruined Florida.

More information right over

No. Enc: 1d4 / 4d6 (tribes)
Alignment:  Lawful
Movement: 150' (50') Swim
AC: 5
HD: 6
Attacks: 1 bite or 1 tail slap or 2 claws or 2 arm fins
Damage: 1d4 / or 3d6 or 1d6 / 1d6 or 1d8 / 1d8 (plus class 5 poison)
Save: L6
Morale: 7
Hoard Class: I, II, III, VIII, X

Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapon - claws and spiny fin; xenomorphism - Chimera with a fish), empathy, increased senses (hearing, taste), natural armour, neural telepathy, thermal vision, toxic weapon (class 5 poison)
Source: Sanctuary - Season 1: Sanctuary for all (2008)

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Yonggary 1967 For Mutant Future or Your Old School Psychotronic Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

This Mutant Future mini campaign is infected errm inspired by that venerable magazine Psychotronic Video!  Man, I do miss that magazine! Back in the 90's when I worked in a low rent video store in  back alleyways of Chinatown in Boston there were a few of these magazines laying around the boss's office. Occasionally I'd thumb through 'em. Today I was reading a friend's copy of issue one. The editorial from that  issue entitled  "Welcome to the First Issue of Psychotronic Video!" really hit me. In it, Michael J. Weldon Editor/publisher pretty much defines an entire type and genre of film. And by doing so also defines a subclass of DYI gaming.
According to wiki: 

Both versions of the magazine covered what Weldon dubbed "Psychotronic Movies", which he defined as "the ones traditionally ignored or ridiculed by mainstream critics at the time of their release: horrorexploitationaction,science fiction, and movies that used to play in drive-ins or inner city grindhouses." This is pretty much my entire ethos of gaming inspiration right there both for the 80's,90's, and right up till now! Thank you Mr. Weldon for warping my young mind even further! You can read more HERE

So tonight I dusted off some notes on an old favorite of mine for Mutant Future.

Before tonight game I cranked up the VHS tape of this film and got together with my nine players over my buddy Peters house. The players generated PC's both mutant and pure strain human. Then dived into the ruins of Seoul Korea.
What is Yonggary Monster From The Deep?
 to wiki: Yonggary or Yongary (Hangul대괴수 용가
RRTaekoesu Yongary; lit.Great Monster Yongary), also known as Yongary, Monster from the Deep, is a 1967 South Korean Kaiju film directed by prominent genre-film director Kim Ki-duk (no relation to the art film director Kim Ki-duk).

File:Yongary 1967 Poster.jpg
 The plot according to wiki: 
In the Middle East, a bomb is set off that creates massive earthquakes. Meanwhile in South Korea, a young couple is about to get married and the tension builds when South Korea sends a manned space capsule to investigate the bomb site. The earthquake makes its way to South Korea, caused by a giant monster named Yongary (inspired by a mythical creature in Korean lore). Yongary attacks Seoul and makes his way to the oil refineries where he consumes the oil. A child related to the aforementioned couple turns off the refineries' oil basins; Yonggary, enraged, starts attacking until a chemical explosion at the refinery proves to have an effect on it. The Korean Government then uses oil to draw Yonggary on a local river, and kills it with a refined version of the ammonia compound.

 You can view this Psychotronic movie  below 

The management is not responsible for any damage incurred by the viewing of this film.

Unleashing Yonggary! 

This Psychotronic Mutant Future campaign picks up right where the film Yonggary Monster From The Deep ends. The film takes place in Seoul Korea during the shadow years after the monster has left a nest of eggs across the city.
Fifty years  later the city is overrun by these Kaiju and the Psychotronic Mutant Future is in full swing!  Enter our party of mutant mercenary adventurers about to descent into the rich pickings of Seoul Korea. They're armed with some heavy relic weapons and they're going to recover an ancient solar array for their patron.
 The city is overrun with the spawn of 
Yonggary and they've got twelve ammonia grenades specially made for taking down these mutant spawn. There are three to two four of the older mutant Kaiju and a slew of lesser mutant lethal creatures here and there throughout the ruins.

The Lesser Spawn Of Yonggary

No. Enc: 1d6

Alignment:  Chaotic 
Movement: 120’ (30’)
AC: 5
HD: 6
Attacks: 3 (bite, claw, claw) or 1 horn attack 
Damage: 1d10 / 1d6 / 1d6 or 2d6 plus special
Save: L8
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: None
Mutations: Energy Ray (special)

The lesser spawn are scattered throughout the city and use pack tactics to take out their prey. They mostly enjoy human, fish, and mutant flesh when they can get a hold of it. These creatures will not grow into full sized adults until they are scattered and driven off by the adult Yonggary to find their own territories. 
 The Spawn may attack with a breath weapon every eight rounds this weapon is class 4 radiation damage and inflicts 3d6 points of damage per shot but only has a range of 30 yards. They may also make a gore attack with their horns and the spawn enjoy getting  close and personally with their prey. They are loath to use their breath weapon unless confronted by superior weaponry or numbers. The spawn are not loyal to each other and have some what evil disposition attacking out of sheer spite or to enjoy the suffering of prey. These horrors are found throughout South East Asia and their is some evidence that they may have spread to the outer territories of certain South Sea islands and some speculate as far as the tip of Ruined  California.
The spawn are fearless and somewhat relentless but share the adults vulnerability to ammonia. They will take 1d4 points of damage per round when exposed to this substance within a 10 yard range.