Monday, April 7, 2014

Free Marvel Star Wars/Carcosa Rpg Mash Up Resources

 Star Wars Marvel comic cover

So here's a list of free resources that I cribbed for my cross over game from the last couple of weeks. I'm not the author of any of these but they seemed to work well together with a bit of tinkering here and there.

The Jedi Class as I've said is from the Original D&D discussion board HERE
The author of the Doomed World of Carcosa blog hasn't updated in a long time now but there are a ton of free pdf's that he did to enhance an Carcosa game. Check out the flash widjet for a bunch of free insanity HERE
Including the OD&D/Carcosa mashup rules 
The Carcosan Grimoire - Cameron DuBeers, 2009
The Carcosan Grimoire is a set of free resources for the role-playing supplement Carcosa by Geoffrey McKinney.
 There have been a ton of ideas stolen from this Star Wars forum right
The Home of the Lost Star Warriors has fantastic range of material from the Marvel Star Wars Comics including NPC's,Star Ships,equipment, etc. Most of it however is for West End Games Star Wars Rpg but with a bit of tinkering it's easily adaptable.
Right over
Many of the maps and plans are free available on the internet for Star Destroyers but the best source that I've found is
 Wookiepedia does a tremendous job of keeping it's resources straight.

This is in no way a challenge to the trademarks or copyrights of Stars Wars, Marvel or any of their products, films, etc. This is simply a personal rpg campaign is meant to entertain and inform under the fair trade and use terms. All properties listed here are the work of their authors. 
Artwork is used without permission and is the work of the artist listed above. 

Zombie Stormtrooper Art. From Kai Lim / January 23, 2012. 


  1. Crussdaddy (who does Doomed World of Carcosa) still posts once in a while on the Original D&D Discussion boards. I keep hoping he will return to updating his blog.

  2. Thanks for the info Dion Williams
    That was one of my favorite blogs and I keep hoping beyond hope that he's going to get back in the saddle to update it. There was some damn useful stuff there that I've used any number of times! I owe Crussdaddy a beer or three for his contributions to my games over the last couple of years. There's some damn fun stuff there.


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