Sunday, April 20, 2014

Commentary On The Free OSR MAP Resource From Dragon's Foot - Hallyk & Rumfords Tower For Your Old School Sword and Sorcery Campaign

Grab It Right Over
This is a very nicely put together tower location on a river with a number of surrounding locations. The style of this download makes it very easy to use in a number of old school editions. For myself AS&SH sprung to mind immediately.
The Blurb from Dragon's foot :
Located on a small outcropping of rock in the middle of a river. This is a small but defensible tower. Access is by both inland and to the sea due to the outflow from the interior swamplands and the inflow from the sea. Dare you disturb the owners?
This is an eleven page Pdf with some really nicely laid out elements, the download dates back to 2000 and is generic enough to be used in a wide variety of campaigns. The author details his own placement of the tower and their is a solid background that could be incorporated into your own campaigns. The material here feels like it could be place in a number  areas of Hyperborea with little problem.
This same tower could host itself in a game of Mutant Future as well. Seriously this is exactly the type of thing that might be found around the Great Lakes region or any large body of post apocalyptic fresh water. There's lots of room to do a fair amount of DYI with this location as a DM. The maps here even give figures for scale to help a DM with placement of other elements for adventure creation.
 All in all I think that this is a really nice download to use in your games. A really nice little product for free download. 

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