Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Marvel Star Wars/Carcosa Mash up Game Actual Play Part Five - Finding The U.S.S. John Brown

The PC's in last night's mash up game have blundered into one of the Outer Systems of my Carcosa campaign. The system has a serious set of gas giants, dead worlds, and the wreck of thousands of alien ships. These are worlds that the Outer Gods have toyed with and Nyarlathotep has simply discarded. They are worlds of insanity and pure depravity. Places not sane being would venture.
Floating amid the wreckage of a million worlds are the larva of the Outer Gods. Some of which are easily able to crush an Imperial Shuttle with impunity. Not to mention drive the Jedi within insane with a glance.
The laser cannons were used a couple of times to discourage curious tendrils a couple of times.
The PC's were receiving radio signals from a source deep in the shadow of one of the moons of a nearby gas giant.
The group needed to take real stock of the situation while dodging the advances of some of the more aggressive Larva.
So with a few minor course corrections it was off to the shadow for a break against the Lovecraftian horrors without. 

Exploration Of The John Brown

What the found in the shadow of that moon shocked the players as well as their character. The wreckage of the U.S.S.John Brown. Over a year ago, some of my players had played in a SWN campaign employing this very class of ship. And now floating out in space dead was the remain of  The U.S.S. John Brown. Sensor scans revealed some life signs aboard. The readings were weird and gave the PC's pause. There was more going on here then they were happy with. Force scans revealed presences but because of the proximity of the Larva of the Outer Gods the players were very wary of opening their mind to the insanity.
 A nearby asteroid provided the coverage that the players needed to make preparations to board the ship. Some of the PC's kept eyes on that ship at all times even though she was a wreck. They knew here compliment of weaponry from scans and were wary to say the least.
We ended with them beginning a space walk over to the ship's wreckage.
1d10 Random Finds of the Muthreu Outer Systems
  1. A 20 hit point undead horror made up of the amalgamated alien dead of  hundreds of worlds all screaming the praises of the Outer Gods 
  2. An ancient temple of the Outer Gods where the psychic echoes of a million long dead worshipers still chant in the void. There are lights across it's face as it tumbles through the void. 
  3. A single ruined city tumbling in the lonely dark and distant streets teem with millions of alien psychic ghosts. They scream soundlessly in the void. There are powerful psychic emanations from the city's surface indicating artifacts of remarkable aspect. 
  4. A strange alien ruin whose surface glows with embers of radioactivity and horror. There are 1d7 dimensional shamblers moving across it's surface. 
  5. A 6 hit point probe of The Great Race of Yith searching for artifacts and victims to the time travelers. It its armed with heavy stunners that do 1d4 points of damage to their victims temporarily. The probe has a micro laser cannon that hits for 4 points of damage as well. The thing is easily distracted however. 
  6. A giant cloud of organic material floats on the stellar winds. The material is worth 20,000 credits to a group of planetary terraformers but there is a 50% chance of a Larva of Outer Gods coming to feed on the stuff. 
  7. A trapped sorcerer of the Outer Gods spins through the void in a crystal of cut and faceted damnation. He has been cursed by Nyarlathotep. An 8 point alien lich should he escape. 
  8. A sleeping Star Spawn of Cthulhu tumbles past. There is a small alien city that lays in ruins at the thing's feet in the ice. 
  9. The wreckage of some nameless alien star ship tended by damned ghuls. The thing flies past as the crew go about their business. There is a 40% chance of their being 1d6 salvageable star ship parts aboard.  
  10. The wreckage of a ship worth millions tumbles through the void. The catch is that it is home to a Larva of The Outer Gods that uses it like a giant hermit crab. 

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