Friday, April 18, 2014

Quick Commentary On The Free Dragon Foot OSR Resource - The Random Caves & Caverns Generator For Your Old School Campaign

A truly system neutral old school game product that has some great possibilities for a DM who needs an instant set of caverns and caves for his players to explore.
Did I mention that this is a free download? 

Grab It Right Over

This pdf clocks in at twenty pages, and its pretty easy on the eyes. The who thing takes a few moments to print out via print and it really truly is system neutral. 
The system is pretty easy to use and for a free product this is a very nice little tool. 
   Dirk Collins presents a nice and handy random cavern generator for any old school game system. This download comes in very handy when a DM needs to generator a cave or cavern system fasts as well as the contents. The tables here are clear,concise, and to the point.
 Based on the old percentage system. This handy reference can handle just about any game system. Need a series of caves for your post apocalyptic old school campaign and after few rolls its ready to stock.
A series of random caves for that asteroid that your party just landed on? Well this table can easily do that too.
How about a cavern where that sorcerer from your game of Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers was hauling items from? This cave generator can easily produce a stream of caves for you to explore.
The cave system generator could also be used to generate the internal organs and strange element byways of some weird Earth creature of  Carcosa.
The applications from this little download are endless but there is one thing missing.
This is a cavern and cave generator, the DM is going to have to supply the monsters for their favorite system. This really isn't a weakness of the download at all. The fact is that this is a system neutral download that does exactly what it says on the blurb.
All in all, I personally think that its a pretty nice free piece that offers some great adventure details to your old school gaming experience. 

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