Friday, April 25, 2014

Commentary On Fantasy Modeler Magazine Issue #1 From Roebeast's Magical House Of Sun Shine Blog

Take A Look Right Over

Fantasy Modeler is one of those magazines that appeared from time to time in adds in the back of various publications of Star Log, Fangoria, and I think Ares magazine. I've seen them in modelers workshops and friends basements  from time to time. But I've never been unable to really take a hard look into the magazine themselves.
 I was enthralled the other day when I happened to be on Facebook and Roebeast of Roebeast's Magic House of Sunshine blog mentioned causally in a thread that he had scanned all six of the issues  of Fantasy Modeler online.
First of all a huge bit of thanks to Roe Beast for scanning these issues in. Issue one is like a time capsule of 1980 gaming and modeling goodness.
Let's take a look at the contents (Yes I stole this from Roe Beast's Blog) :

The Popular Imagery of Boris VallejoThis is a neat look into making miniatures of the great artist's creations and its a really nice look into what was happening in 1980 in modeling and gaming. 
The Plastic Industry Strikes BackA very nice look into the direction that the plastic model industry was starting to take back then. 
Atlantis LivesThis incredible diorama is ground zero for early 80's pulp rpg inspiration. 
The Military Corner: Historex Walks New Paths
Origins '80Man I wish I had a time machine and this really was a whole different time. Really nice little article. 
Kit Bashing SpaceshipsStill a damn useful article for creating certain styles of sci fi war gaming pieces. Very nice bits of rpg inspiration. 
War Games: the Greatest Fantasy of Them AllGood overview of the hobby that makes me weep for a whole different time. 
Book ReviewsSolid reviews on some of the science fiction, fantasy, etc. of the days of yore. 
Fantasy CollectiblesMan some of these really take me back to a different time period. 
Adventures in GamingThis was a pretty interesting slice into our hobby. Made my teeth ache for a different time period.
The other thing about Fantasy Modeler are the adds, man these are like looking at a whole different world. There are enough adds to send a grogard into a fit of nostalgia. Martian Metals, Ares magazine, TSR, are all there in equal measure.

The over all feel of  the 'Gee Whizz' factor and you can do it yourself too is echoed throughout the magazine. There's no attitude about the miniature hobby or gaming here just go have fun and see what you can do. Over all this was like a breath of fresh air for me. Grab issue one over at his place and take a look at a whole other world that we seldom see today.
 Special thinks to Roe Beast for taking the time to do this. 


  1. Thanks for sharing the awesomeness!

  2. Well thanks for putting up and scanning the awesome Roe! Much appreciated!


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