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Yonggary 1967 For Mutant Future or Your Old School Psychotronic Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

This Mutant Future mini campaign is infected errm inspired by that venerable magazine Psychotronic Video!  Man, I do miss that magazine! Back in the 90's when I worked in a low rent video store in  back alleyways of Chinatown in Boston there were a few of these magazines laying around the boss's office. Occasionally I'd thumb through 'em. Today I was reading a friend's copy of issue one. The editorial from that  issue entitled  "Welcome to the First Issue of Psychotronic Video!" really hit me. In it, Michael J. Weldon Editor/publisher pretty much defines an entire type and genre of film. And by doing so also defines a subclass of DYI gaming.
According to wiki: 

Both versions of the magazine covered what Weldon dubbed "Psychotronic Movies", which he defined as "the ones traditionally ignored or ridiculed by mainstream critics at the time of their release: horrorexploitationaction,science fiction, and movies that used to play in drive-ins or inner city grindhouses." This is pretty much my entire ethos of gaming inspiration right there both for the 80's,90's, and right up till now! Thank you Mr. Weldon for warping my young mind even further! You can read more HERE

So tonight I dusted off some notes on an old favorite of mine for Mutant Future.

Before tonight game I cranked up the VHS tape of this film and got together with my nine players over my buddy Peters house. The players generated PC's both mutant and pure strain human. Then dived into the ruins of Seoul Korea.
What is Yonggary Monster From The Deep?
 to wiki: Yonggary or Yongary (Hangul대괴수 용가
RRTaekoesu Yongary; lit.Great Monster Yongary), also known as Yongary, Monster from the Deep, is a 1967 South Korean Kaiju film directed by prominent genre-film director Kim Ki-duk (no relation to the art film director Kim Ki-duk).

File:Yongary 1967 Poster.jpg
 The plot according to wiki: 
In the Middle East, a bomb is set off that creates massive earthquakes. Meanwhile in South Korea, a young couple is about to get married and the tension builds when South Korea sends a manned space capsule to investigate the bomb site. The earthquake makes its way to South Korea, caused by a giant monster named Yongary (inspired by a mythical creature in Korean lore). Yongary attacks Seoul and makes his way to the oil refineries where he consumes the oil. A child related to the aforementioned couple turns off the refineries' oil basins; Yonggary, enraged, starts attacking until a chemical explosion at the refinery proves to have an effect on it. The Korean Government then uses oil to draw Yonggary on a local river, and kills it with a refined version of the ammonia compound.

 You can view this Psychotronic movie  below 

The management is not responsible for any damage incurred by the viewing of this film.

Unleashing Yonggary! 

This Psychotronic Mutant Future campaign picks up right where the film Yonggary Monster From The Deep ends. The film takes place in Seoul Korea during the shadow years after the monster has left a nest of eggs across the city.
Fifty years  later the city is overrun by these Kaiju and the Psychotronic Mutant Future is in full swing!  Enter our party of mutant mercenary adventurers about to descent into the rich pickings of Seoul Korea. They're armed with some heavy relic weapons and they're going to recover an ancient solar array for their patron.
 The city is overrun with the spawn of 
Yonggary and they've got twelve ammonia grenades specially made for taking down these mutant spawn. There are three to two four of the older mutant Kaiju and a slew of lesser mutant lethal creatures here and there throughout the ruins.

The Lesser Spawn Of Yonggary

No. Enc: 1d6

Alignment:  Chaotic 
Movement: 120’ (30’)
AC: 5
HD: 6
Attacks: 3 (bite, claw, claw) or 1 horn attack 
Damage: 1d10 / 1d6 / 1d6 or 2d6 plus special
Save: L8
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: None
Mutations: Energy Ray (special)

The lesser spawn are scattered throughout the city and use pack tactics to take out their prey. They mostly enjoy human, fish, and mutant flesh when they can get a hold of it. These creatures will not grow into full sized adults until they are scattered and driven off by the adult Yonggary to find their own territories. 
 The Spawn may attack with a breath weapon every eight rounds this weapon is class 4 radiation damage and inflicts 3d6 points of damage per shot but only has a range of 30 yards. They may also make a gore attack with their horns and the spawn enjoy getting  close and personally with their prey. They are loath to use their breath weapon unless confronted by superior weaponry or numbers. The spawn are not loyal to each other and have some what evil disposition attacking out of sheer spite or to enjoy the suffering of prey. These horrors are found throughout South East Asia and their is some evidence that they may have spread to the outer territories of certain South Sea islands and some speculate as far as the tip of Ruined  California.
The spawn are fearless and somewhat relentless but share the adults vulnerability to ammonia. They will take 1d4 points of damage per round when exposed to this substance within a 10 yard range. 

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