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Commentary On The Free Science Fiction Classic - SONS OF THE OCEAN DEEPS by Bryce Walton

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 When it comes to post apocalyptic and old school science fiction gaming, I'm a sucker for underwater POA adventures. Ever since the underwater bits of Legion of Gold module for Gamma World I've had my sights subs, underwater action, etc. This book yet another in the Winston Science fiction collection is a great little free addition into a DM's arsenal.
 The only thing I couldn't stand was the main character's attitude. There was more then a bit of Wesley Crusher about him that made me want to kick his rear a couple of times in the novel.
The Deepsmen and their retro future equipment is another highlight of the book for me. Some great deep ocean suit ideas that are perfect for your POA game.
Check this overview from the novel itself : 
Taken from the cover flap of the novel SONS OF THE OCEAN DEEPS by Bryce Walton:

It might not have been so hard to sell Jon West on the Deeps - if he hadn't had his heart set on the stars. Bitter disappointment over washing out of space school prompted his rash decision to join the Deepsmen who struggled to conquer Earth's last frontier and the threats it held for the North American continent.

Based on the theory that man may someday inhabit the vast ocean floors, this tale is a speculative journey into that fantastic realm. Scenes in fabulous undersea cities, tense battles between men and colossal sea monsters, a running feud between Jon and a belligerent civilian youth - all combine to make this an exciting drama in the best science fiction tradition.

Not until rumors begin about the Mindanao Trench and the mysterious Project called "X" - a project to save a continent - does Jon snap out of his reluctant attitude toward the Deeps and realize the full magnitude of a mission more dangerous than any on Earth or in space. Tidal waves, the descent to perpetual blackness seven miles under the sea, disasters that struck with lightning speed breed action that drives Jon and his fellow Deepsmen toward a powerful climax.

Bryce Walton has written in SONS OF THE OCEAN DEEPS a chilling tale of the terrors and mysteries of the seas that will make readers long to live to see the day when man may invade Earth's most beautiful and most dangerous realm - the indomitable sea.



The novel has a ton of possibilities for use in a space based campaign and a post apocalyptic campaign. The equipment of the Deepsmen is pulptastic, a bit gonzo, weird, and very weird science. This makes it perfect for a post apocalyptic campaign.
Deepsmen themselves are a great organization for conversion into a Cryptic Alliance. The environment they work in, the secondary characters, their bases, methods of operation, etc. is all in the book. This makes them a perfect candidate to survive the apocalypse.  
These guys are great fodder as deep sea engineers, salvage experts, and adventurers to add to your old school post apocalyptic campaigns. For Mutant Future this organization can add plenty of adventure potential and hooks.
 They also make a great source of mutant hunters and as rivals to several of the under water Gamma World  cryptic alliances. The set pieces of the book such as the locations,headquarters, and underwater cities make perfect hooks for further adventures by the Deepsmen.
 Then there's the fact that these guys are another organization to add to Gamma World and I hate to say this but they make a perfect fit for the Rapture of the Deep module as conversion into a fully realized campaign setting. They make perfect hunters after new species of under water mutant humanoids and monsters. They could offer communities advice on underwater farming, rebuilding of coast lines, and salvage on massive pre holocaust underwater wrecks and ruins.
 The Deepsmen also make an excellent resource for X plorers and Stars Without Number as planetary engineers, underwater experts, and even as terriformers of underwater environs. There's a real sense of fun about the group. Some of the other bits and pieces of the book make great further fodder for these games as well. There should be different branches of such organizations that can be used to highlight different missions in these retroclone games.
 All in all this free resource has lots of potential for old school science fiction gaming. 

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