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Revisiting Fish Wife Games - Free Post OSR Resource Thirty Sider Apocalypse Urban Encounters For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

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The Blurb According The Rpgnow Site : 
Thirty Sider Apocalypse: Urban Encounters
As the player characters wander through the wastes of a ruined future world the GM suddenly pulls a dusty old artifact from his dice bag. The players lean forward and stare with curiosity. “What is that thing?” One is brave enough to ask. Grinning, the GM gives this mysterious, long forgotten object a roll. Thirty Sider Apocalypse is a series of free random charts that incorporate that must have oddity of the dice bag, the 30 sided die.
This first installment of the thirty sider apocalypse features a random chart of encountered characters, creatures, and events that the characters might stumble across as they wander through the remains of a once proud major city.

I've used this encounter table recently when I didn't  have a lot of time to come up with a few random encounters for my Mutant Future Psychotronic campaign.
 This is a pretty solid free little urban encounter table.
Many of these encounters can lead off to mini adventures themselves if the DM isn't careful. They're very imaginative and fun. For a DYI post apocalyptic campaign this free little encounter table is just the thing.
 I've used this encounter table over and over. The players have never caught on  because this table fits a wide variety of styles of post apocalyptic goodness. The fact that this resource is system neutral is a plus in my book and it's contents can be molded to suit you and your players style of play.
This is a short sort of candy sampler style product that contains a wealth of material even in only two pages.
This table suits my style of play just fine because I prefer urban encounter when running post apocalyptic campaigns. Maybe its the numerous Italian bad post apocalyptic movies that I ran on VHS back in the 90's or the fact that this table gives back some of that style of goodness. Urban encounters among the once great cities of humanity have a cramped and anything could be around the next block.
 Fish Wife Games is one of those small gaming companies whose products you will always find at my table. Dave Woodrum does an excellent job with the various POA system neutral products that I've used over the years. There was another paid product from Fish Wife games that also really helped to sort out some of the more NPC adventurer based encounters.
A product that I recently used in my mini campaign was 

100 Individuals To Run Into In The Post Apocalypse, Set 2. This is a dollar product and there's quite a bit of random encounters that you can use here. Some of these individuals can become a turning point in a game. In this case they ran into Stacy, who happened to be a solar tech. Part of the mission was the recovery of a solar fusion  array and recover it. Stacy is was a real NPC asset in the game.
Some of the other individuals who the players might have potentially ran into included the following: 
Sample Rolls Include:
08- Blake (M, 19, Young biker punk)
30- Elizabeth (F, 36, Goth blade master/sharpshooter)
44- Janet (F, 41, Wasteland scientist and teacher of the young)
50- Jessica (F, 31, Botanist)
64- Mandi (F, 23, Scout with keen senses but poor memory)
75- Naomi (F, 48, Toothless settlement bar wench)
88- Stacy (F, 38, Solar technology specialist)
I didn't change any names because in this campaign there had been other adventure parties into the city and very few survivors. Those who had were those left behind. I would ignore rolls that didn't suit the adventure and choose ones that fit. A tactic that kept the players guessing. 
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