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The Palace Of Blue Glass - An Encounter With The Dregs From The Outlander Books For Mutant Future Or Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

 The Palace Of Blue Glass is a location of myth and legend that rolls down the myths  of the Great Salt Lake region.  A time haunted place of the ancients where the last samples of the ancient Earth are stored and demons guard those secrets.
 There are rumors,myths, and legends that speak of the palace in hush whispers. They talk of the stones of blue that make up  the buildings of the place.Created from the souls burned up in the atomic fires of the holocaust.  Of the great medical miracles that were worked there and of the incredible technological artifacts that were once housed in it's walls. Those wonders are still there.
They also talk of the giant rats that guard the palace and  they will tear a man to pieces in the moonlight. Rumors of the tribes of Dregs that haunt the palace's grounds grow in scope everyday. The Palace is near the former site of  Salt Lake City, now a twisted ruin of chaos and horror as well.
 The  lights of  the Palace Of Blue Glass stands beckoning salvagers, adventurers, and madmen alike but none have returned from its grounds. Fewer still sampled its delights and treasures and almost none have seen its blue spire up close and lived. 

File:Denver City and County building blue lit dome.png
The grounds, building, and area are maintained by hundreds of bots but the place is surrounded by tribes of Dregs who haunt the sewers of the Palace of Blue Glass. They raise mutant vermin to guard what they feel is a religious shrine to the ancients. 

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No. Enc: 1 or 4d6 (common)
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 60’ (20’)
AC: 7
HD: 12 or 4 (common)
Attacks: by weapon or 1 bite and two fists
Damage: by weapon +3d6, or 1d6+3d6 / 2d4+3d6 / 2d4+3d6
Save: L12
Morale: 11 or 4 (common)
Hoard Class: Always 1d3 melee weapons, I, II, III, VIII, IX, XVIII (artifacts only)Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons), bizarre appearance (d), dietary requirement change (cannibalism, carrion or vampirism) (d), immunity to disease and toxins, increased physical attribute (strength), increased will power, mind reflection, possession (modified) toxic weapon (transmit disease), 1d4 additional random drawbacks.Source: Outlanders series by Mark Ellis.
There are certain groups of super scientists who would be willing to pay the PC's weight in trade goods or gold for the treasures of the palace. The Apex has been trying to gain access to this place and its vaults for over twenty five years. A combination of the Dregs, a laser generator security system as well as a series of security and combat bots, and a very dangerous A.I. named Legion have made this next to impossible. 
The palace contains a treasure beyond compare in the post holocaust world. 
The palace has within its vaults the complete and unaltered models of the genome of the human race complete  along with gene samples and the genomes for all the life of the ancient Earth. The Dregs remember this as part of their religious rites and legends. They guard the palace with their very existence for they are the descendants of the old staff of the palace altered by an escaped 'recombiner virus' bio-weapon in the early part of the war. 
 There are always giant mutant rats of max hit points roaming the woods near the ground. The sewer system is guarded by Dregs and mutant Trolls (as trolls from Labyrinth Lord but immune to radiation, bio weapons, and other biological agents) they act as body guards for the more important Dreg overlords. A laser grid system protects many of the more important buildings slicing anything up for 1d4 points of damage per round when the A.I. directs the beams to the point.
There are also 1d6 security bots around the parking areas, garages, and smaller grounds. A special stage I.D. badge or bracelet pass will allow one access. Some of the Dregs wear these as religious trinkets.  
Local tribes of mutants know the Palace as the 'Temple of Blue Death' and give it a wide birth and consider it taboo to go there. The place also has a reputation as being haunted and dangerous for children, the old, and the foolish vanish from nearby when the moon is full. It is only recently that bounty has been posted for the treasure of the Palace and the cycle of violence and horror has begun again in the place's shadow. 

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