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Treasure of The Selkies - An Encounter Based Upon The Selkies From The Outlander Books For Mutant Future Or Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Elements of this encounter can be found in this series of blog entries right over

File:Coastline of Sherkin Island, Ireland.jpg
The adventurers come across a green skinned mutant old man a tell of tall tales who is looking for 'men of opportunity'. Adventurers to share in a treasure hunt off the coast of Ireland. He tells the tale of a great trove of relic technology, lost pre age artifacts, and of the treasures of the Selkies. His own people are a form of aquatic plant/human hybrids who have have in the ancient past secreted many treasures in a series of underwater caverns. His tribe was displaced by invaders. The coming of a race of horrid mutant warriors  known as the Selkies. Ancient shape shifters who scattered his peoples to the four winds and cursed them to wander the Earth. But you can help put things right. 

Find the treasure and help to restore his people's honor. He is willing to split the treasure with an adventuring party.

He has a pre holocaust ship waiting in a nearby harbor to take the PC's on an adventure to the wild coast of Ireland and underwater equipment to help in their search. 

The Legacy Of The Selkies 

The Truth 
Hundreds of years ago when the Selkies first appeared upon this section of the coastline of Ireland another race of mutants was already in control of this area. These mutants were sea borne raiders and pirates who preyed on passing sea going vessels. They used their vast resources to prey and plunder any vessel that came within reach of their under water cavern lairs.
The Selkies saw the caverns as a perfect lair for their people and through a campaign of wit, guile, and battle displaced Searbhan's Spittle to the four winds. Over the years the mutants have taken it upon themselves to trick foolish adventurers into attacking the lower levels of the Selkies's lairs.
This has ended in blood shed more times then the mutant people care to remember. Still  the mutant renegades of 
Searbhan's Spittle have declared a blood feud against the Selkies. And once again seek to destroy them if possible. The vessel that the PC's sail upon has a small nuclear device that the 'old man' will use if things go wrong. He does not realize that this device is actually a dud.
 The Selkies wrath will not be kind at all should they find out about this item. 
More information about these mutant creatures right over

No. Enc: 2d4 or 10d8 in communities
Alignment:  Lawful
Movement: 90’ (30’)
                     180’ (60’) swimming
AC: 5 or by armor
HD: 6
Attacks: by weapon or bite, claw, claw
Damage: by weapon or 2d4+2, 1d6+2 / 1d6+2
Save: L6
Morale: 8
Hoard Class:1d4 various weapons, Armor (75%), 1, II, V, VIII, XVI
Mutations: Aberrant form (xenomorphism, natural weapons), increased senses (sight, smell), thermal vision
Source: Outlanders  by Mark Ellis 

File:Irish Coastline - - 692451.jpg

The Selkies will not seek revenge for any of the actions of adventurers but will sink the ship, kill any trespassers, and simply want to be left alone in peace. They feel that guarding their treasure is a sacred rite that must be carried out for the good of all. 

Searbhan's Spittle (Abomination Mutant Strain of Aquatic Green Men)
Hit Dice: 1d6 per point of CON
Alignment: Chaotic 
Mutations: Bizarre appearance (green skin),Amphibian, chameleon epidermis, epidermal photosynthesis, unique (control under water plants and communicate with aquatic animals), 

Created during the Twilight years of the Shadow Wars, these creatures are an artificial mutant species created by a team of scientists as bio terror weapons to carry on some strange long forgotten agenda now forgotten to the ages.  They were named after a Formorii warrior, a sea god who was a one eyed, one armed, and one legged fighter who guarded a magical tree.They also guarded a treasure at one time but that time is long past.
 These fiends were actually in charge of a small nuclear arsenal and several bizarre military black projects during the final decades of the Apocalypse. They had a treasure trove of a hundred years of raids carried out on post apocalyptic vessels who stumbled into their waters.
 The Selkies put an end to their reign of terror and have now taken to guarding their former horde for the good of all. These bizarrely appearing mutant green old men have sworn a blood oath against the Selkies and have for decades made covert war against them. They use others to carry out this war with lies, cheats, cons, and any number of acts of terror which have come to naught. 

They are consummate liars and cheats as it is writ in their genetic code. Unlike other 'Green men' species Searbhan's Spittle have an affinity for the Ancient's technology and gain a +1 when examining an artifact. They also prefer energy weapons that do the maximum damage to others. They have been known to make their way into sea going vessels crews and sink ships from within. They prefer to make their lairs in underwater caverns and caves if possible. These mutants often kidnap human human women to mate and to add to the species. They are not a well known mutant race but loathed by those who do know of them. They can be found aboard pirate vessels and raiders across Ruined Europe. 

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