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1d20 After The Passing Of The Old Ones Random Lovecraftian Encounter Table For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaign

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1d20 After The Passing Of The Old Ones Random Lovecraftian Encounter Table
  1. A single floating humaniod head of an unknown species singing the praises of the Old Ones. The skull is inscribed with the fifty five million names of Cthulhu. It will reveal horrid truths of the universe every 1d4 rounds. 
  2. The hand of a virgin which holds the burnt remains of an ancient curse. The nails are perfect and rimmed in cherry red nail varnish. 
  3. The pulped remains of a forty cultists who have been merged on a molecular level but are still alive as a horrid awfulness. The thing blinks, and stares madly at the world around it but can not die. It regenerates as a troll. It is not hostile but merely insane. 
  4. A floating, twisting piece of a building that simply moves in the air and twists its way through time and space. Anyone touching the thing will be sent else where for 1d100 years randomly in space and time. The building exists in twenty different time periods throughout prehuman history. 
  5. A protoplasmic infestation from the hide of one of the Great Old Ones. The thing will behave as a slime, jelly, and try to consume anyone that it can. 
  6. A cloud of noxious material that is infact a remain of a thought of one of the gods. The thing will hang in the air and scan about with a weird single eye. Anyone under its gaze will be affected as if by a curse. The thing will vanish in 1d4 hours only to reappear twenty miles away.  
  7.  Forty seven small 6 inch statues writhing poses of insanity and agony. A check of the locals will reveal the living residents represented by the statue live nearby. If brought in close quarters with the representation, the living person will start to bleed from ears, eyes, and mouth. The blood is not theirs but a strange blood coloured bacteria.  
  8. A forty foot living sheet of human skin with hair and eyes on various points of it. 
  9. A living gelatin made from the eyes of thousands of humanoid beings. They are all different colored and living but not of the same species. 
  10.  A small prayer book written in an alien language with thousands of passages and spells to an unknown god. The book is bound in metal that is slightly radioactive. 
  11. A ritual knife bloody and with bits of still living tissue on it's blade. The tissue is incredibly hot and will burn exposed skin as if by acid. 
  12. A stack of copper plates bound in golden wire with thousands of illustrations of unknown cosmos and star systems. The plates are strung together with hundreds of knots. These knots of metal occasional have a high charge of electricity coursing through them. 
  13. A lead crystal jar containing the living brain of an aristocrat. The workmanship of the jar is unknown and the brain is vivid pink and green color. Bubbles occasionally gurgle from the jar indicating life. 
  14. A single giant eyeball the size of a baseball with still living tissue around it. There is a machine like apparatus attached to which seems burnt and has suffered violence. The machinery twitches and moves on it's own accord as if trying to activate. 
  15. A giant metal cylinder covered and carved with the million names of Cthulhu. The thing is warm to the touch and slick with rime from the oceans depths.
  16. A bag containing the living head of a person that the PC knows. The thing is actually a collection of minor Lovecraftian demons who have taken this form to play a prank. And this is the start. 
  17. A bag of human flesh leather containing thousands of lots of a lottery with the names and praises of Dagon upon them. The lots also have poetry on the reverse side praising the god and cursing the PC reading them. 
  18. A lattice of metal in the shape of a humanoid skull with living eyes set within it. The thing also has a brain made from the living metal of an elemental spirit bound within. The thing will try to communicate telepathically but it radiates insane and horrid thoughts of the terrors it has seen. 
  19. A small jar containing the living organs of some unknown species of mankind from a million years ago. The jar will gush with blood and gore the moment it is opened. 
  20. An ornate box containing the head of a wizard. The head is alive and will begin to chant the praises of Cthlhu  the moment it is opened. The thing is immortal and quite insane but every 1d6 days it may provide valuable magical  advice to those who consult it.  

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