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Review and Commentary On The Gilded Grimoire From Ravenlore Press For OSRIC And Your Old School Campaigns

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This book is closely tied in with the World of Ark and its wizards as well as magic users. Every single spell that your OSRIC or AD&D first edition wizard in the campaign is going to need is right in this volume. The material is well laid out and constructed in such a way for easy of access. There is everything that a PC  wizard is going to need within the bounds of an Ark campaign this is both the product's strength as well as its weakness. Clocking in at over one hundred and thirty nine pages, every single spell that we find in AD&D has been set to the author's vision and that's the book's strength. There are enough options here to keep even the most die hard wizard player busy.
The Gilded Grimoire gives a prime and source material for the magic, the infernal, the heavens, etc. for the world of Ark and does it very well.
What is this book really about? 

Drivethrurpg write up: 

In the World of Ark, the Science of Magic is a powerful force...fought for as a resource more precious than Gold. From the misty shrouded shores of the Realms of Alvheim to the Citadels of Sorcere, Magic-Users conspire with and against each other in a continuous cycle of magical strife and intrigue. Within this book, find out how they use their magic and what it means to be a Magic-User in Ark.

How to Use The  The Gilded Grimoire In 
Your Old School Campaigns


 The Gilded Grimoire is the whole cloth of magic in the world of Ark and as an Old School campaign every single aspect of the world is covered in marvelous detail. There are spirits, monsters, hundreds of spells, factions, and a ton more between these pages.
All of this material is dedicated to the world of Ark and can be used as a tool kit to carve out your own niche of this campaign world's magic, religion, and make your mark within their system.
Everything here is geared as a plug and play drop down supplement that will easily and seamlessly fit into the background of either AD&D first edition or OSRIC.
The spells are well done and very suited to the world. The classes stand on their own and go perfectly with the background of the world. There are a million adventure hooks, a few teases for other worldly adventure and a ton of magic oriented material.
All in all this a great little book for running a completely magic based campaign but the material might also be used as a tool kit to create your own adventures on the world of Ark. I look forward to seeing where and how the world of Ark progresses in the next couple of years. Grab this one when you can see it and add the magic of Ark to your games! 

1d10 Inner Wasteland Unusual Finds Table For Mutant Future Or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Your mutant adventurer PC's stumble upon an unusual ram shackle building and find something unusual and disturbingly odd.
The table may provide something useful yet really weird out in the deeper parts of the wasteland.

1d10 Inner Wasteland Unusual  Finds Table 
  1. The mummified corpse of a teenage adventurer whose armed with a energy ray pistol and the heads of several weird mutant animals. He's got 1d4 energy cells in his pocket along with some silver. His throat was cut at a right angle and there's a strange tattoo on his arm that is too decayed to identify. Did the body just move? 10% chance of the corpse coming to life. 
  2. A weird piece of home made technology set within a vice like object. The device will whirl to life if the make shift switch is touched. A plasma stream will do 1d6 points of damage to whom ever disturbs it. There are 1d8 useful parts that can be scavenged from the mechanism. Its purpose remains a mystery though. There's a 20% that the nuclear power source make explode for 3d6 points of damage and a radiation check. 
  3. A perfectly persevered humanoid mutant head in a velvet lined box. The head is wired up to a strange android brain. It needs a special power cell to operate which is no where to be found. The thing is actually a make shift A.I. holding cell. The A.I. is free to interact but not cause any damage other then verbal. There is a 30% chance of a prisoner still being trapped within this vessel. The A.I. will not be aware that any time has passed. 
  4. A steamer sized  powered techno sarcophagus with an occupant within its bio mechanic encasement. The controls are very simple with a three color indicator which reads green. There is a 10% chance of the occupant being a 'Brain lasher lord' who has escaped the worst of the apocalyptic events and will attack whomever opens the device. The locals worship the thing as a minor god but would not dare to awaken the thing. 
  5. A small field of  over sixty humming chrome like devices stand silently in the gloom. There is a 30% chance that these planar devices will allow a dimensional being to come through once the PC's have seen these devices. There's a 20% chance of the visitor being friendly. A 10% chance of the thing being some type of Lovecraftian horror or worse. Each round spent around these devices may cause a dimensional hole to open sucking the PC's in. 
  6.  A single phone booth with a ringing phone. Do you dare answer it? DM's choice as to whose on the other end. 
  7. A mummified corpse in a hazmat suit with a sign that reads in common, 'too late for you too'. Please make a radiation check here. There's a broken Geiger counter in his other hand. 
  8. There's about a hundred bodies hanging from the ceiling with lots of life support equipment all around. Every third comatose body is a fully functioning pre holocaust medi kit and A.I. monitoring station. That's when the bodies begin to convulse. Here and there on the bodies are surgical scars. Mutant, pure strain, and regular human are all present. 
  9. An electric pentagram made from special florescent bulbs holds a black horned large humanoid whose vista is a mask of hate. An atomic battery holds the lights on and there are several replacement light bulbs present as well. There is a bank of computer panels against one side of the room humming to themselves. 
  10. There is an old fashioned reel to reel computer bank in the center of the room under a large pool of light and several speakers plugged in. There are sounds of almost human anguish coming from the speakers which cease as soon as the PC's enter the room. Then 1d4 rounds later start again!

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Happy Days - A Mutant Future Encounter Or An Encounter For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Set up

This encounter puts the PC's right into the middle of the Transadapt mutant population of the Altered States. Especially on the Eastern Sea board although this encounter could take place anyplace along the Eastern Atlantic coastline.  The Transadapt mutant race were created to serve mankind in space. The Transadapt race was originally created by Mark Ellis for the Outlander series and has been a favorite of mine for awhile.

Encounter With Richie Cunningham

The PC's are approached by a red furred heavy set humanoid mutant from the Mutant Underground Railroad. Richie Cunningham is from a Transadapt family and wishes to discuss a matter of grave importance. The Cunninghams have been taken by a group of Black Knight Human Purists and are traveling through the Maryland countryside right  now as he speaks to you. The family was named by one of the last surviving geneticist who created the Transadapt race. He had a deep affection for classic 1970's television shows and especially Happy Days.
The Cunninghams made the 'Long Drop' as Richie calls it about seven years ago and were smuggled into the local area.  Howard and Marion Cunningham run an artifact and relic repair shop.
Richie is willing to offer the family's services for two years and a major relic. In addition he will also offer rather reluctantly 500 gold pieces but this partially the family's life savings.
Joanie Cunningham was working on a secret project for the Mutant Underground, a special deep orbit communications device. Richie fears that this is one of the tell tail projects that alerted the Black Knights. 
Richie fears that his black sheep brother Charles "Chuck" Cunningham has betrayed the family after a bitter dispute with his father Howard. Chuck will be no where to be found during this encounter. If the Black Knights are questioned about Chuck Cunningham, they will say that they have no knowledge of such a being and learned about the family through spies in the local area. 
The Cunninghams are being moved under the guise of a circus & freak show by the Black Knights. This guise is because it allows the hated group to move through disputed territory right under the opposition  noses. They have three sets of scout armor and are armed with long rifles and black powder weapons. There is a crew of forty first level fighters being lead by a sixth level pure strain human fighter  known as Kala The Ring Master. The family is being taken down to the Sea Side community in the former state of Florida, a Black Knight strong hold. The circus is functional and very dangerous.
Kala has a family of intelligent mutant tigers, along with several highly intelligent exotic dangerous mutant animals, and several sets of mutant humanoids all under the mental domination of a telepathic A.I. brain  who serves his master's every whim. Kala can release and use these animals and mutants as scouts, spies, assassins, and more. He has no compunction about sacrificing these mutants or  animals at all. After all their only mutant creatures and have no souls at all to speak of. 
There is a 20% chance of  the circus having several major artifacts being smuggled into the former state of Florida a major strong hold of the knights. 

Kala is very confident when it comes to serving his master's whims. The council of the Black Knights has spies and dupes everywhere along the Neo England coast. They may call on a few 1st level fighter thugs at almost a moment's notice.
The Black Knight council is eager to have the Cunninghams work on a special black relic that was found, a long distance transmission device that may be the special code key that will enable the Black Knight's secret  society to take control of the Transadapt mutant population of the Altered States. See Chris Van Deelen's description below for more details!
 The other weapons system that the Black Knight have recovered is a suit case Entropic bomb. These weapons have Entropic properties and take full advantage of planar and black hole technology.
File:Junkyard near Mojave Airport... (4331429701).jpg

Aftermath of The Encounter
The Cunninghams will be reward the PC's with a major artifact and be eternally grateful for the rescue. The Mutant Underground Railroad will want further information about the going ons in Florida. And other Transadapt families will be put on alert up and down the East coast.   
Kala the Ringmaster will disappear among the ranks of the Black Knights and may seek revenge later on the PC's for disruption of his operations.

Learn More About the Transadapts From Chris Van Deelen's Blog Right Over
No. Enc: 2d8

Alignment: Any
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: 4 (or by armor type, with an additional -2 to the AC)
HD: 6
Attacks: 2 weapon attack
Damage: by weapon, but with a +4 damage to all weapons, +3d6+4 with any melee weapon
Save: L6
Morale: 7
Hoard Class: VI (100% x4), VIII (85%, x3), X, XII (75% for both coin), 1d2 high-tech weapons.

Mutations: Aberrant form (new body parts), bizarre appearance (d), immunity to disease, increased physical attribute (Dexterity and Strength), intellectual affinity (tinker), resistance to radiation.
Source: Outlanders by Mark Ellis
The use of the names from the characters from the 1970's television show Happy Days is meant for entertainment purposes only and is not a challenge to the ownership or  trademarks nor copyrights of the characters. This blog entry is for entertainment purposes only and comes under the heading of parody.
Skirmisher Publishing, Mark Ellis, Chris Van Deelen, nor Goblinoid Games do not in anyway endorse this material. All of this material except for the conversion by Chris Van Deelen is a product of my warped imagination. Thank you for attention.  

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Review and Commentary On The Free Player's Primer of Ark For Your Old School Campaigns

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Need some new old school races for your OSRIC or Advanced Dungeons And Dragons campaign on the fly? Need the sort of help that will give you complete race to drop into your campaign with a real solid back ground and you want it for free? We've got you covered with the Player's Primer of Ark which gives a nice overview for players of your favorite AD&D first edition game or your favorite retroclone. This book is obviliously a labor of love on the Ravenlore folks and clocking in at sixty seven pages this is a nice little book to grab for free. The world's races are richly detailed and given a nice treatment and dropped right into the DM's hands with some campaign details for the world of Ark as well. 
There's lots going under the covers of the book and I'd love to have a dead tree version of this campaign. The background and detail are well done and pretty well written. 

We don't even get a sense of  the scope of this campaign from the Drive thru Rpg Site Blurb :
From the forbidden and deadly Savage Shores of the Rhul to the cold steppe of the Khrun and from the Faerie Realms of Alvheim to the dark and mystical lands of Sorcere...Ark is filled with dozens of races. In this book you will be able to explore a full score of them, from the human Amarians to the beastly Minotaurs, these are only the beginning of the legendary races of Ark!
Also in this book you will find a synopsis of the Recent History of Ark, the Monetary System used in most of Ark, as well as an equipment list that goes with that system of coinage based on Silver instead of Gold. Everything you need to begin your ADND Adventures in the World of Ark.

Using The 
Player's Primer of Ark From Raven lore Press

For Your Old School Campaigns  

The way that the World Of Ark Player's Primer is presented makes it very easy to plug and play these races into Osric or any old school AD&D first edition game setting. They're well done and interesting with a bit of work some of these might even be used in a science fantasy setting as well. But that might simply be my preferences here talking. There are several nice options for using these race in a wide variety of campaigns. The options on the table that the author presents makes these a real no brainer for injecting something rather unique into your campaigns. The solid way that these are written enables them to come across in a concise and easily  presented in your old school campaign. All in all this was a nice addition to any old school DM's arsenal of playable races and an interesting addition to the usual 'products of your imagination' on the market today.
There needs to be more worlds like Ark on the market today and this is clearly a well done world book with some great races suitable for play in any old school 1st edition AD&D or OSRIC campaigns. With a bit of work these could very well work in any old school retroclone environment. 

Free Charlton Comic Classic Download - Out of This World Issue #011 For Your Old School Campaigns

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Out of This World was one of those great old fashioned anthology comics that the boys from Derby,Ct seemed to accel at. This issue is a mixed bag of part science fiction yarns, a few science fantasy pieces, and a bit of the supernatural horror stuff all right under the covers.
 We begin with the 'Time Chamber" a yarn about messing with the time stream and its issues. The time machine at the end is still available with hardly any years on it and might make a perfect one man NPC lead in for an old school sci fi game. With a few minor adjustments this story could be used as a hook for a modern supernatural game such as Call of Cthulhu.
 'Hammer of Thor' might actually make a great little lead in for an old school super hero style game where the origin point for another version of Thor is needed.
'Strange Journey' is a great lead in for an encounter in a horror game, not too complicated and just the right amount of creep thrown in. The dolls could be very nasty indeed. This one is more of an encounter then full adventure.
' Victory Viceroy ' this could be a nice lead in for an old school space based adventure. Again not a full adventure but a lead off for an encounter for a game like X porers or the like.
 'Council from The Spirit', this one is a nice little yarn that could be used as a Call of Cthulhu lead or as an introduction to a full blown NPC such as someone right out of Trey's Weird Adventures campaign.
The next story also fits into the same mold, 'Dreams of Fortune' might need that extra D&D trope twist but its right there for adding in as an old school encounter.
 The Careless Man is perfect fodder for a Weird Adventures encounter. All of the elements of this one are right on the mark for an encounter in the City in my opinion.
All in all this is a pretty solid issue from Charlton, nothing that will shake the rafters but a great issue to use as fodder or as a jump off point for your own DYI old school campaigns. 

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Woodland War Of The Skullocks - A Mutant Epoch Encounter - Actual Play

The PC's in tonight's game almost bought it as they got involved with two warring tribes of the hidious mutant Skulllocks in the back woods near the Global highway. They were able to kill four scouts of the mutant bastards only to be confronted by another band who was after the first party. Things nearly went from bad to worse and they were confronted by a war party armed with sub-machine guns and bad attitudes.

The party  took their loot and beat feet back to their caravan after dropping a smoke grenade to cover their tracks. One of the items that they recovered was a map detailing a hidden road pirate warlord's encampment ten miles ahead of their current position. They never made the ruins but marked the trails and vowed to return later.

The map that recovered pointed to the remains of a small town now a pile of ruins that was fought over and used as a resource by various road pirates, raiders, and others as a source for vehicles, motor bikes, cars, and more. A powerful warlord had been using the place as a staging ground and the PC's were merely confronting some of his warring minions. They were simply scratching the surface of the warmonger's forces.

They PC's decided to leave rather then tangle with forces far above their level. Due to a time constraint they simply retreated. Making notes on the map as they left. They did however have to deal with another cannibalistic mutant monster that had it in for them. After a heated battle with the mad bastard a lucky bow shot took the thing out and a blast from a musket pistol finished it off finally. It was time to leave.

Had they gone into the swamp that lay at the bottom of the ravine I had an encounter with a Back Hatcher planned. That would have made a mini adventure all on its own.  they managed to avoid the swamp and get back to camp. But the PC's had to sneak by another Skullock war party and this time they were outnumbered two to one. Arrows were flying fast and furious but a few lucky rolls and they were safely back to camp and their caravan. They're taken off down the road. Will they avoid the road pirates up ahead or become more victims of this warlord of the asphalt?
Tune in next week!
The Back Hatcher can be found HERE

Woodland Lair of the Skullocks Part II - A Mutant Epoch Rpg Actual Play Encounter

Part I Right Over

The PC's are are wandering down the woodland path in tonight's Mutant Epoch rpg session. The Skullocks know that their coming and have prepared something special at the end of the game path that they've found themselves on.
There are other other ruins awaiting them down at the end. The cliffs that make up the woodlands are actually former buildings and skyscrapers.

These are actually the lair of a group of half skullock mercenary warriors who work for a local warlord and road pirates.

These bastards use a whole load of zombies from security and protection. So its now going to be a real fun time out on the road tonight!

More coming up after tonight's Mutant Epoch game! 

Review and Commentary on Hedge Mazes, Set I: The Heart From Skirmisher Publishing For Your Old School Campaigns

Grab It Right
Hedge Mazes a system neutral product that could be used for any rpg, for my personal taste I'd use this one as part of an old school campaign. The idea here is a reusable maze that could be used over and over again. There are a myriad of uses for this one. As a one shot encounter on a planet's surface for a science fiction game, as a horror encounter for another world, as an addition to the venerable 'Alice In Wonderland' inspired Dungeon World adventure by Gary Gygax, and even as part of a Prisoner style adventure where the laws of reality shift and change.
So does it live up too all of this? I think so! The production values are highly usable, and tiles should be printed on card stock for maximum usage. I see a lot of utility here.
 According to the Drivethrurpg blurb: 
“Hedge Mazes” is designed to give you a customizable map product that has infinite reuse value. Each set in the series adds new twists and classic features found in these staples of aristocratic and wizardly landscaping. The modular design of the tiles allows you to create new designs to keep your players guessing. And, just when they think they've figured out what they will see the next time you use the tiles, the included overlays allow you to change things up to keep them on their toes.
“Hedge Mazes Set 1: The Heart” is a collection of 25 configurable 7" x 7" tiles that let you create a garden maze replete with dead-ends and blind corners. These tiles can be used to create innumerable labyrinths for upper-class amusements or as otherworldly traps that confound the characters who are trying to find their way from one side to another. After all, are those hedges made from everyday foliage, or are they carnivorous bushes looking for their next meal?
Change the tone of your adventure on the fly as the characters pass from an idyllic walk in a garden to a harrowing or surreal journey through a hostile and deadly realm somewhere far from where the party started without needing to change the map.
Anything is possible with Hedge Mazes. Go ahead, get lost in your imagination.
Here's where I saw inspiration for using this style of product. In a Jim Henson's Labyrinth movie style encounter. The whole product sort of suggests it in spades here. 

The feel of the fey working behind the scenes to manipulate the adventurers in a world that is not their own echoes throughout this one. 

Using The Hedge Mazes, Set I: The Heart
For Your Old School Campaigns 

The product has as I've said a whole lot of utility for the price of admission. The whole thing feels like a walk through of  the deranged imagination of some DM who read Alice In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass one to many times. That's not a bad thing at all. The theme is one that has been played upon by numerous television programs, video games, novels, etc. That means that a DM can draw upon that body of the players imagination to set this up as a hazard of and focal point for an adventure if not not a jump off point for a campaign.
A DM could focus the forces of the maze as a sort of post apocalyptic amusement park gone haywire or as a possible location for brain washing or worse. This set could also be used as part of a dimension gate experiment that went bad in a nightmarish surreal way. The hedge maze is only one part of a much more dangerous experiment that the adventurers must cross and play with the dark forces within its bounds. The maze set is a framework that you as a DM can hang a whole frame work of interesting and nightmarish creations and still have the players coming back for more. It's a well thought out, nicely produced, and interesting product for three dollars. All in all I was very pleased with it and happy with its versatility and utility as a gaming product. 

Review on 100 Merchants & Their Goods From Fishwife Games For Your Old School Sword and Sorcery Campaigns On the Dark Corner Blog

Who is that strange merchant? What does he have for sale? The DM looks like a frightened deer caught in the headlights as he's going to roll on that same old table again? Well fear no more we've got you covered with a table of merchants, their goods,and adventure opportunities on the Dark Corner Blog! 
Right Over 

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AFS Magazine Issue #5 Has Been Released! For Your Old School Campaigns We Take A Look At It On The Dark Corner Blog

AFs Magazine is one of the better quality old school fanzines out there and June sixteenth saw the release of issue #5 and today we take a quick look at this high quality print magazine. This issue is dedicated to the works of Michael Moorcock and is crammed with a whole bunch of Moorcock rpg goodness including  adventures and more.
Take A Look Right Over

1d10 Random Deep Wasteland Travelers Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

There are always those who go places that man was never meant to go, and as one goes deep into the wasteland the encounters become fewer but far more memorable. These are some of the odd, off beaten, plain strange Deep Wasteland Encounters that adventurers might run into.

1d10 Random Deep Wasteland Travelers Table 
  1. A group of 1d10 neo traders who deal in ancient and slightly alien A.I.s, these folks are part religious cult, part technicians, and partially cybernetic experts. There is a 40% chance of one or more of them being cyborgs. They are on a holy pilgrimage in the deep wastes but will not reveal to where. There is a 10% chance of them repairing or trading items with your PC's. 
  2. A lone adventurer/trader dealing in bootleg chemicals and distilled alcoholic  beverages with vast hallucagenic qualities. There is a 10% chance of him having some of the lesser known drugs within the campaign. There is a 70% chance of him being blasted out of his mind. 
  3. A group of adventurers and time travelers from different eras completely lost on motorcycles and trikes winding their way through the wastes. They are willing to trade a few minor artifacts for food. There is a 20% chance of these poor fools being hunted and stalked by some sinister or other worldly demonic presence that wishes them destroyed. 
  4. A lone crazy on a motor  bike hurls himself out of the waste. The biker has been badly mutated by exposure to something and has become a cannibalistic horror. He will try to bite into the first PC he sees. There is a 10% chance that he is carrying zombie rot or worse.  
  5. A group of religious pilgrims move through the wastes on Neo camels seeking a shrine deep within the wastes. Actually these are mind controlled zombies who are the pawns of a psychic parasite. They are seeking prey and the party will do nicely. After 1d4 days they will try to feed on the party. 
  6. A pure strain trader with his horse drawn gypsy style wagon is moving through the wastes. He has 1d20 random items for sale or trade. There is a 40% chance that he can repair some small relics and weapons. 
  7. A lone traveler carefully plods along with an empty can of fuel, three miles back his car has run out of gas. There are 1d4 primitive weapons systems on the lightly armored car. He is willing to trade fuel for some small treasures including a grenade or two. 
  8. A group of neo traders are moving across the wastes on a small armored crawler. They signal for parley and trade. Actually they are a death cult and will open up with weapons as soon as the PC's are within weapon range. They have 1d4 random prisoners in a small hidden enclosure aboard. 
  9. A group of deep waste mutants is looking for water for trade. They have several 1d6 'treasures' for trade. There is a 10% chance of them having a valuable energy cell or weapon for trade. 
  10. A small well kept pure strain child stands in the middle of the waste. This being is not a child but the vessel for some vast highly evolved and malevolent mutant force of psychic energy. The thing will try to possess the nearest PC. The creature does however possess 1d4 major artifacts. This creature will act as if it needs assistance and then strike PC's when they least expect it.

1d10 Random Car Wrecks In The Wasteland For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

File:Car wreck Memphis TN 2013-11--04 004.jpg
Your party comes across the wreckage or carcass of an automobile in the wastes along the highway. What possible adventure opportunities might it offer your party of wasteland adventurers? 

1d10 Random Car Wrecks In The Wasteland
  1. The wreck is one of a quite valuable collectible car there were only a limited number of these made. Worth about 200 gold pieces. The 1d6 zombies that are in the car might have something to say about it otherwise though. 
  2. The wreck is fresh and there are bloody hand pints all over the thing. A cult has recently used this wreck as a sacrificial rite. The thing is seemily cursed. There are 1d4 minor artifacts of the cult around it. A mutant ganger belonging to the cult watches the wreck for anyone coming in contact with the thing. The cult will begin stalking your PCs on the new moon for another sacrifice. 
  3. This wreck contains a very nasty A.I. and the thing will plead with the PC's to free it from its iron prision. The intelligence promises to show the PC's the location of a rich horde of artifacts in exchange for a robot body. This psychopathic intelligence will then try to pick off its 'heroes' one by one 'Ten Little Indians' style in creative ways. The wreck also contains the corpse of the A.I. former owner who carries a letter warning of this horror. There is also an EMP grenade he was going to use on the thing to destroy it. 
  4. The wreck contains a number of crash test androids that will spring to life and warn about the dangers of car wrecks. They may begin to follow the PC's and advise them about the dangers of adventuring as well. They're worth 100 gold pieces each to the right collector. 
  5. This wreck has a number of valuable parts upon it but its home to a nasty mutant worm monster. There are several corpses of adventurers around the thing who wear a number of valuable pieces of armor that might also be worth a bit of coin. There are 1d6 parts and 1d8 pieces of armor. The monster's nest is the problem. 
  6. This wreck contains several different vials of wasteland chemicals that a nearby village needs. Highway raiders took out the car and killed the occupants then ate them but left the Chems behind. The village is looking for this serum and will pay 70 gold pieces for it. There will be 1d6 mutant cannibals that may swear revenge on the PC's for disturbing their kill however. 
  7. This wreck is actually the former mayor of a nearby city. Contained within is a map to a hidden cache of drugs, contraband, weapons, and perhaps a bunker. The wreck itself has 1d4 parts on it that are of use. The man's family however has mercs trying to track this wreck down. The PC's may 40% chance attract the notice of one of these groups of mercs. There will be 1d8 second level fighters with a 10% chance of a mutant with psychic powers among them. 
  8. This wreck is dotted with skulls, feathers, and primitive symbols of warning. The thing is supposedly possessed. But in actuality its the lair for an energy lifeform that sucks victims dry. The whole metallic carcass is actually its magnetic cage. The thing escaped from a nearby super science lab and there are 1d10 adventurers and mercs looking for it. They will become its victims should they stumble upon it. It's weird, nasty, pissed off, and hungry. 
  9. There is an android tied to the steering wheel of this car. The whole thing has been burnt up. The android is a horror of old but has some valuable parts on it. There are 1d8 parts that will sell for 30 pieces of gold each. The wreck itself is worth 75 gold to a junk collector. The android's brain will animate any robotic unit it is attached to but its malevolent intelligence will also be transferred. The thing is murderous and very cunning. 
  10. This wreck of a hearse contains 1d10 zombies living in the back who will explode into action at the first sign of fresh meat. They will attack and use the car to draw prey in. Scattered about are 1d8 random minor artifacts. The PC's must check for zombie infection however the car was used to haul plague victims during the Shadow Years. The disease lingers in the thing. Should they find a collector the wreck is worth 100 gold pieces. 

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The Gallery - An Encounter For Mutant Future or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Rpg Campaign

File:Shine Building in Canberra.jpg
 Over the past three years in the ruins of a small backwood Mary land community a facility has been set up and dozens of sightings of unusual lights have been seen in the sky around the place. Residents from several nearby communities are convinced that the place is haunted or worse.
The weird lights have been seen around during the day and especially at night. Several adventurers who have braved the place have not returned or been heard from again.
 The PC's are approached by a human named Bradley Coal, a trader and representative of a group of quasi religious brotherhood of super scientists who use ancient artifacts to measure dimensional anomalies and intrusions upon the local space time continuum. The Brothers of Zar are such an organization which is convinced that the facility is a front for intrusions into our universe from some place Outside. They think something has gone terribly wrong inside the place and their eager to find out what happened, collect any artifacts that will expand their influence, and perhaps  even seize the facility for themselves. They are offering one major artifact and 200 pieces of gold for solid proof of the rumored aliens and artifacts.
The facility is a seven story structure with at its heart a dimensional gate way to several alternative timelines and other worlds. The aliens known as the Greys have used near by mind controlled slaves to help fix the place up and install the high out put black solar paneling.
There were over twenty four grey super scientists who were exploring and bringing back biological and zoologiical specimens. One of the more unusual species they brought back was a rare beast from another world. The Ouroboros Obscura has managed to escape and kill every living thing within the place except for the swamp vines which have spread throughout the place. They will soon burst onto the unsuspecting world.
The monster is impatient beast at beast and a raving psychopathic killer at worst, the thing will track down and kill anyone it comes across and with seven levels the thing has the run of the place.

 There are seven levels to the place and the horror stalks the halls as well as  sheer destructive power of the monster.

10 Random Finds Within the Facility Table 
  1. The mangled bodies of three small grays. One has a heavy stunner and several pieces of a broken vibro weapons lay near the others. The stunner is in working condition. 
  2. A small golden ring with a jumble of glyphs upon it. The thing will project 40 point force field for one hour before burning out. 
  3. A small power cell to an unknown device. The cell has a full charge. Will power a type one laser pistol. 
  4. A single laser scapel with the focus assembly partially out of alignment. Worth about 100 gold pieces 
  5. A stun grenade, with a thirty percent chance of the thing going off if touched or disturbed. 
  6. Three double bladed axes built for powerful humanoids. There is rather large blood splatter nearby. 
  7. A single light weight staff use unknown. Will collapse into a small pencil sized shape. 
  8. A highly detailed map showing three or four other facilities like this all within a three hour ride of this facility. 
  9. A life sized blank doll made out of some life like material. This doll is actually a data collecting device capable of holding twelve different separate programs. The thing will activate and try to make contact with the PCs by reaching out to them. 
  10. A small statue of Cthulhu, artist unknown but the thing is heavy and actually has a star spawn of Cthulhu that watches over this statue.

    Searching for anything upon the second floor will attract the attention of the monster. The thing will come to investigate the disturbance within what it considers it lair. The horror has a pile of over three hundred skeletons including several human remains. There is a twenty five percent chance that a minor artifact will be within this pile.
    Ouroboros Obscura
    Want to know more? Chris Van Deelen's got a ton of material upon his blog right HERE

  1. No. Enc: 1d4
    Alignment:  Neutral
    Movement: 240’ (80’)
    AC: 0
    HD: 12
    Attacks: 1 bite
    Damage: 3d6 or swallow whole
    Save: L12
    Morale: 6
    Hoard Class: None
Mutations: Gigantism, insubstantial (modified)
Source: Outlanders  by Mark Ellis
 Due to a rupture leak in the space gate area several mutant species of Swamp Vine have taken root within this area. These mutant species has held many,many victims and there is a forty percent chance of finding a major artifact or two among the debris down here.
The colony of swamp vines are vicious, dangerous, and none of the other mutants mess with the planet creatures which number in the tens or twelves.

Swamp Vines 
Read more right over HERE
No. Enc: 2d20
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: N/A
AC: 5
HD: 10-15
Attacks: 20-30
Damage: 1d6+2 plus poison (see description)
Save: L10-15
Morale: 4

Mutations: Gigantism, toxic weapon, unique senses
Source: Outlanders series by Mark Ellis.Hoard Class: Incidental
 After 1d8 days the Greys will comeback with a fighting force of over three hundred 2nd level warriors to cover up the screw ups of these grey scientist/priest. 

Deviant Database II From The Savage Afterworld Announced!

Three days ago Tim Snider man from the Savage Afterworld site here has announced that he will be releasing the second Deviant Database Here.
I'm very happy to see this. This product will most likely follow the pattern of post apocalyptic goodness that the first Database established.
 In that supplement we were treated to such sights and mutant menaces as these: 
From the harmless to the harmful, from the weak to the wicked, this Deviant Database collects over 90 monstrous mutants that have inhabited The Savage AfterWorld!
  • Challenge your players with flying fiends like the flaming Dragonfire or the rampaging Flynocerous!
  • Oceanic adventures await with aquatic adversaries such as the Flamewhale, Oceanbrood, and Crabhemoth!
  • Mutant menaces like the Pumpking and Brain Lord lurk in the hidden shadows and manipulate their eager minions!
The Deviant Database is fully compatible with Goblinoid Games' Mutant Future and Labyrinth Lord RPGs as well as other Original Edition Fantasy RPGs.
The first Database is available right HERE 
Will this new product continue the the madness that will challenge and cause horror to your PC? Most likely but details so far are sketchy at best. 

Review and Commentary On 100 Wasteland Traders, Set 1 From Fishwife Games For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Grab It Right Over 

Need a solid area to buy equipment, trade, swap, sell, and bastardize your PC's as well as their loot and artifacts in your favorite post apocalyptic campaigns? A place to base your adventurers in along with some other folks who will make life interesting or even a quick trader for an encounter in the wasteland? We've got you covered with this one. 

The Drive Thru Rpg Blurb: 

100 Wasteland Traders, Set 1

Scattered across the ruined wastes of a post modern civilization are numerous trading posts, flea markets, and swap meets. At such places its not uncommon to find various scavengers and peddlers selling their loot from rickety old tables, junk littered blankets, makeshift tents, rusty truck beds, or the back trunks of cars. But who are these folk, what are they like? Most important, what do they have for sale? This 100 list features the name of the trader, a brief descriptive (down to earth, cautious, shady, etc.) and a list of the most common goods they have on hand. Some vendors have needed practical items, like food, clothing, and tools, while others cater to the addicts of assorted vices
Using The  100 Wasteland Traders, Set 1 
For Your Old School Post Apocalpytic Campaigns
100 Wasteland Traders, Set 1

I've got an upcoming bizarre/slash trade market in my Mutant Epoch game and time has been very limited from me. So the fine folks at Fish Wife Games have done up this wonderful little 100 wasteland traders set that will help me get some really interesting encounters in. Clocking in at only two pages and selling for a dollar this set rounds out your flea markets, swap meets, and post apocalyptic picker and rust trader encounters. The set is about 100 vendors who can meet, greet, swindle, and screw over your PC's with abandon. For added weirdness have the folks in this one lead folks over to the giant post apocalyptic mall/trade venue of Pickford from Mutant Epoch. Mutant Future could certainly use this sort of material and the random encounter factor of this product makes it a breeze to meet that temporary trader in the wastes. Just like in your favorite Fall out game. There are number of different avenues with this one.
For my Mutant Epoch game this product fits perfectly for a random encounter out on the nano tarmac of the global highway.
A four out of six for this one and grab it while you can on Drivethrurpg . A fun little product to play around with. 

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A Storm Of Blood - An Encounter For Mutant Future or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

File:Crescent City California harbor aerial view.jpg
Adventurers encounter a lone mutant traveler named Kala who has been waiting for the PC's. She has foreknowledge that they would be passing this way. This beautiful crimson mutant priestess has been dreaming for months about a coming storm of blood and teeth that will soon be ravaging the semi sunken kingdoms of lands of Cali.
She is a part of a group of psychic mutants known as the 'Watchers of  Waters', psychics and mutants who use a combination of psychic mutations, super science artifacts, and mystic knowledge to watch the threads of destiny that surround Cali. They are the descendants of the survivors of the Great Quake and the plagues that followed in its wake. The Watchers are believed cursed by many and have become twisted in mind as well as bodies. These mind witches are used as the advisers to the princes, dukes, and royalty of Cali.
File:Water Spout - Larger View.jpg
She is willing to reward the PC's with 170 pounds of trade goods to help to destroy the coming storm. The kingdom of Cali is only just starting  to emerge from the Dark Ages that grip the Altered States of America.
The kingdom of Lost Angels is a community of over 90,000 people which is very impressive. Over the last two weeks schools of mutant sharks of all types have been gathering. Storm clouds gather and about sun set the sky turns an orange. A tremendous water spout forms and the sharks head inward for the meal and  the slaughter. The sky is under lit with weird ruddy green lightning and nerve wracking thunder.
There is a small mutant man in the employ of the king who would like a word. He has a small back pack nuclear device he is willing to share with the PC's for 400 gold. There will be a very nasty shock as 60d10 sharks  fall from the sky and begin a feeding frenzy. There is a 10% chance of some victim having a minor weapon or black powder weapon.

 1d10 Random Finds Table From The Storm of Blood. 
  1. A single hand holding a relic 38 revolver still loaded with 4 shots. 
  2. A man's finger with a crimson blood stone on a setting of gold. 
  3. A human arm belonging to a city state  with a complicated set of tattoos which are actually a map to a treasure near by. 
  4. A single dagger with a power cell in the hilt. The whole thing is a actually a vibro dagger. 
  5. A single strange soap stone statue of Cthulhu. A blood encrusted  piece of art
  6. An earring with tear drop shaped crystal gems.The decaying ear is still attached
  7. A single wrapped painting worth 4oo gold pieces . 
  8. A single human arm with a bloody stump on the end. Everything seems fine until the arm moves within 1d6 rounds. 
  9. An old tube radio which suddenly turns itself on and the commentator mentions the PC's by name. 
  10. A single hand with a weird symbol carved into it indicating the cult of Starry Wisdom is in the area. Cali has had this dangerous cult marked for over two centuries

    The water spouts will manifest three times per day. Each time another citizen of the town of New Covenant Cali. The sharks will feed and feed very well. 
   Only a nuclear charge will disrupt the pattern of blood and violence.

More information on the unusual mutant sharks can be found on Chris Van Deelen's blog right over
No. Enc: 3d12, or 60d10
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 180’ (60’) Swim
                     360’ (120’) Fly
AC: 5
HD: 6
Attacks: 1 Bite and special
Damage: 2d6 and special
Save: L6
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: None

Mutations: Control weather (special), flight, psionic, hive mind (special)
Source: Sharknado (2013)

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The *Foosh* Laser Pistol For Mutant Future And Other Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

The *Foosh* Laser Pistol - Damage 6d6+2  Trigger type Normal Range 400/800 ft Weight 1 lb Battery Power Cell, Belt pack, Backpack  Shots/ Battery 15/35/50

The Foosh laser pistol is one of the more advanced commercially available weapons that was manufactured during the Shadow Years. The weapon was a chemical laser whose reaction generated a distinctive waste flame super charger effect with each shot. The effect was created by the SDCCD formula and principle. The so called Super Duper Charged Couple Device feeds more of the lasing effect into the weapon enabling a more enhanced performance of the weapon then other laser weapon delivery systems. This enabled the pistol and the far more rare* Foosh*  laser rifle system to be fazed into the military, law enforcement, and even the corporate security forces of society before the Holocaust. The Foosh laser pistol is named after the sound of the laser effect shooting through the air causing small sonic ripples or booms.

Any miss handling of the 'Foosh' system when the weapon fires will cause 1d4 points of  burn damage to any flammable objects including the user
 These weapons were compact, light weight, concise, and accurate. The 'Foosh system' is easy to maintain and it comes with a solar charger to charge the pistol's electrical system that powers the chemical reaction for the pistols devastating laser pulse effect. The chemical cell is stored in the handle and has fifteen shots.

By the 23 century more advanced systems had superseded and then replaced the 'Foosh' system but these venerable weapons are still found often complete with chemical cells along with the solar charger units for chemical cells. The weapons are often found in old military bunkers, law enforcement fortresses, corporate bases and bunkers, the ruins of police buildings, military bases, and even civilian city ruins. It is far more rare to find the belt packs which hold the stable chemical elements enabling more shots to be fired; the belt pack plugs into the butt of the weapon and uses the electrical system of the pistol. The rare military back pack with the so called Prong system is much harder to find and found only in former military settings. A chemical and electrical simulation system  the  back pack unit enables the weapon's shot capacity to hit the high ceiling of fifty shots and brings the weapon into the military range.
The Foosh pistol and military back pack units were issued to sedition forces towards the end of the Shadow years and many have been lost to time. Many modern artifact collectors pay large sums for an original pistol and military back pack unit. Some have fetched 500 to 700 gold pieces to the right collectors. 

The 'Foosh' laser pistols often are tied together with the 'Sixth Day Scandals' when human corporate cloning experiments  caused massive social upheaval and strife. The Foosh  pistols were used by corporate forces to retire many of the so called Blank Clones. Clones copied from their originals when the Third Genetic Revolution began just before the shadow years.
 *Foosh laser pistol from The 6th Day movie  2000 

Woodland Lair of the Skullocks - A Mutant Epoch Rpg Actual Play Encounter

This is precisely what happened to the Skullocks last night.

Mutant Epoch Rpg  Available
So the PC's are just outside of Jersey on the Global highway moving along as part of a caravan of Neo traders right at the moment.They're tooling along the global highway when they come across a small over turned pick up/tiny house camper on the side of the road. The thing is a mess. The tires have been blown by a small make shift tire cutter and there bullet holes through the vechile. The PC's stop to investigate and are almost ambushed by a sniper. They seek cover and the shooter. Half of the party splits off to go find who made a scream they just heard in the woods that surround either edge of the highway.
 They find a naked girl surrounded by a small tribe of six skullocks warriors and another group of four heading off down a hill deeper into the woodlands. The rest of the party forms a plan as two adventurers take out and then kill the sniper. They go through his stuff and find pickled human fingers in the sniper's pack. They put two extra shots in em just to make sure he doesn't come back or have any regenerative qualities.
The second crew of adventurers follows the small tribe of six warriors back to their camp and finds a scene out of the Time Machine. A slowly roasting somebody on a spit and a few prisoners. People are on tonight's menu. All bets are off now and melee ensues as mutational powers and weapons are brought to bare. There's no words or communication. This is slaughter and grab prisoners  plan and blood simple.
The melee takes longer then expected as the player aren't quite used to the system but it goes well for them will some excellent rolls of the dice, a bit of luck, and the element of surprise.
 The second group of four warriors are actually half skullocks and are armed with automatic weapons causing the PC's to fall back and toss some smoke grenades behind em. They retreat but will deal with these bastards later. 

The lady reveals herself to be an advanced scout for a group of post apocalyptic nomads who were/are on their way to a job. She recovers a good amount of her equipment and stash from the corpses of the warriors. The PC's are a little put out but there's really little that they can do. She decides to reward them with a map to a set of ruins nearby. After a few hours of car repair, junker know how, a good deal of scavenging from the Skullocks. The group is ready to roll out.
The PC's begin following their new NPC friend unsure if their heading into another ambush or an opportunity for adventure and excavation.
The NPC from last night's game is actually from Dave Woodrum's Fish Wife Games Wasteland Nomad's set one. This group of adventurers was chosen because their a party of adventurers on the edge.
 That's available right over
Wasteland Nomads, Set 1
A Motley Group Of Post Apocalyptic Travelers..
The highways and byways of the post apocalyptic wastes are full of different bands of ragtag travelers. Some of these nomads are merely groups of survivors trying to seek out a better life while others are gangs of thuggish brutes with no qualms about terrorizing others for kicks and personal gain. In between are even more groups that contain a combination of good and evil personalities.
 In the interest of providing a Game Master (GM) with a variety of interesting characters for their post apocalyptic settings, the Wasteland Nomads series of products provides a fleshed out, detailed group of nomads with each set. Some of these nomadic groups may find their selves forming an alliance with the player characters while others might become formidable enemies. The information provided in each set contains an overview of the group as whole, with basic shared goals and a brief history. Some groups will have an identified name while others will not. Named groups are especially common amongst roaming gangs of thugs. The group members are then presented with a descriptive block of text. Within this text you will find the character's name, identified role, personality notes, weapons, worn attire (and armor), and notable gear. Information regarding vehicles (if one is used/possessed) as well as pets (if the character has one). In the interest of making this product more game system generic, attribute and character statistics are not included. In addition, the characters provided are more or less "normal human" in nature. If the GM wishes to do so they may want to further apply mutations or cybernetic components to the characters provided. Furthermore, the GM should feel free to modify the characters' storylines, descriptions, and gear if the GM so chooses.
Set 1: An Unnamed Group Of Survivors
The first set of nomads in this series is an unnamed group of 15 different post apocalyptic survivors. Originally compromised of a handful of folks merely seeking out a peaceful, resource rich location to settle down in and call home, the group has grown to include a number of unsavory characters with greedy, lustful, and/or bloodthirsty intentions. Led by a man named Jonas, the nomadic pack wanders the major highways as they seek out resources and hopefully a permanent location to settle down into.
Pages: 8
Written By: Dave Woodrum
Artwork used without permission, no trademark infringement or copyright violation is inferred. The trademarks and copyrights for the material belong to their respective holders. This post is for entertainment purposes only.  

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Celebrate H.Rider Haggard's Birthday With A Free Download For Your Old School Campaign

Henry Rider Haggard 03.jpg

Grab A Book Right Over

 H.Rider Haggard who had a birthday this weekend is considered the father of the modern adventure story and novel by many. His works have been translated numerous times, his characters are timeless and have been used as recently as Allen Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen graphic novels. His character Allen Quartermain is the proto type for Indiana Jones and his death traps have been the inspiration for countless DM's.
The H.Rider Haggard practically invented various types of death traps that have been used throughout countless D&D adventures over the years. His lost worlds have inspired, been ripped off, and copied numerous times through out the life of D&D and its various editions.  Haggard  remains timeless and continues to hold influence over a many a DM or game creator alike. He remains one of my favorite authors. Simple to pick up and hard to put down.
 According to Wiki : 
Sir Henry Rider HaggardKBE (/ˈhæɡərd/; 22 June 1856 – 14 May 1925) was an English writer of adventure novels set in exotic locations, predominantly Africa, and a founder of the Lost World literary genre.[1] He was also involved in agricultural reform throughout the British Empire. His stories, situated at the lighter end of Victorian literature, continue to be popular and influential.

Haggard's stories are still widely read today. Ayesha, the female protagonist of She, has been cited as a prototype by psychoanalysts such as Sigmund Freud (in The Interpretation of Dreams) and Carl Jung. Her epithet "She Who Must Be Obeyed" is used by British author John Mortimer in his Rumpole of the Bailey series as the private name which the lead character uses for his wife, Hilda, before whom he trembles at home (despite the fact that he is a barrister with some skill in court). Haggard's Lost World genre influenced popular American pulp writers such as Edgar Rice BurroughsRobert E. HowardTalbot MundyPhilip José Farmer, and Abraham Merritt.[26] Allan Quatermain, the adventure hero of King Solomon's Mines and its sequel Allan Quatermain, was a template for the American character Indiana Jones, featured in the films Raiders of the Lost ArkTemple of DoomIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade, [28] Quatermain has gained recent popularity thanks to being a main character in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Haggard was praised in 1965 by Roger Lancelyn Green, one of the Oxford Inklings, as a writer of a consistently high level of "literary skill and sheer imaginative power" and a co-originator with Robert Louis Stevenson of the Age of the Story Tellers.[29]
The first chapter of his book People of the Mist is credited with inspiring the motto of the Royal Air Force (formerly the Royal Flying Corps), Per ardua ad astra.[30
You can read more about Haggard right over HERE

King Solomon's Mines 

The number of times that I've used the location for King Solomon's Mines is far to numerous for many an OD&D game. The location, plot, and substance of the novel are far too good to pass up over the years. There are far too many elements that can be adapted from the books of  Haggard.

The basic plot of King Solomon's Mines according to wiki :
Allan Quatermain, an adventurer and white hunter based in Durban, in what is now South Africa, is approached by aristocrat Sir Henry Curtis and his friend Captain Good, seeking his help finding Sir Henry's brother, who was last seen travelling north into the unexplored interior on a quest for the fabled King Solomon's Mines. Quatermain has a mysterious map purporting to lead to the mines, but had never taken it seriously. However, he agrees to lead an expedition in return for a share of the treasure, or a stipend for his son if he is killed along the way. He has little hope they will return alive, but reasons that he has already outlived most people in his profession, so dying in this manner at least ensures that his son will be provided for. They also take along a mysterious native, Umbopa, who seems more regal, handsome and well-spoken than most porters of his class, but who is very anxious to join the party.
All of the elements of a proto D&D style party of adventurers are in the book and the lost world civilization are all right there between the pages. 
As for the cries of racism and exploitation and other less savory aspects of the novel wiki had this to say : 

The book has scholarly value for the colonialist attitudes Haggard expresses,[17] and for the way he portrays the relationships among the white and African characters. While Haggard does indeed portray some Africans (such as Twala and Gagool) in their traditional (for Victorian literature) literary posts as barbarians, he also presents the other side of the coin, showing some black Africans as heroes and heroines (such as Ignosi), and shows respect for their culture. Although the book is certainly not devoid of racism, it expresses much less prejudice than some of the later books in this genre. Indeed, Quatermain states that he refuses to use the word "nigger" and that many Africans are more worthy of the title of "gentleman" than the Europeans who settle or adventure in the country.[18] Haggard even includes an interracial romance between a Kukuana woman, Foulata, and the white Englishman Captain Good. The narrator tries to discourage the relationship, dreading the uproar such a marriage would cause back home in England; however, he has no objection to the lady, whom he considers very beautiful and noble. Haggard soon "kills off" Foulata, but has her die in Good's arms.
Kukuanaland is said in the book to be forty leagues north of the Lukanga river in modern Zambia, which would place it in the extreme south-east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The culture of the Kukuanas shares many attributes with other South African tribes, such as Zulu being spoken and the kraal system being used.
 There's a digital download of the first edition of the 1901 version of the book right over at the Internet Archive. Right over HERE

King Solomon's Mines remains a great source by an author who is mostly forgotten these days. This gives a DM a very broad pallet of material to work with and draw from. There's a ton that can be done with H.Rider Haggard's novels for your old school D&D games.