Monday, June 23, 2014

Woodland Lair of the Skullocks - A Mutant Epoch Rpg Actual Play Encounter

This is precisely what happened to the Skullocks last night.

Mutant Epoch Rpg  Available
So the PC's are just outside of Jersey on the Global highway moving along as part of a caravan of Neo traders right at the moment.They're tooling along the global highway when they come across a small over turned pick up/tiny house camper on the side of the road. The thing is a mess. The tires have been blown by a small make shift tire cutter and there bullet holes through the vechile. The PC's stop to investigate and are almost ambushed by a sniper. They seek cover and the shooter. Half of the party splits off to go find who made a scream they just heard in the woods that surround either edge of the highway.
 They find a naked girl surrounded by a small tribe of six skullocks warriors and another group of four heading off down a hill deeper into the woodlands. The rest of the party forms a plan as two adventurers take out and then kill the sniper. They go through his stuff and find pickled human fingers in the sniper's pack. They put two extra shots in em just to make sure he doesn't come back or have any regenerative qualities.
The second crew of adventurers follows the small tribe of six warriors back to their camp and finds a scene out of the Time Machine. A slowly roasting somebody on a spit and a few prisoners. People are on tonight's menu. All bets are off now and melee ensues as mutational powers and weapons are brought to bare. There's no words or communication. This is slaughter and grab prisoners  plan and blood simple.
The melee takes longer then expected as the player aren't quite used to the system but it goes well for them will some excellent rolls of the dice, a bit of luck, and the element of surprise.
 The second group of four warriors are actually half skullocks and are armed with automatic weapons causing the PC's to fall back and toss some smoke grenades behind em. They retreat but will deal with these bastards later. 

The lady reveals herself to be an advanced scout for a group of post apocalyptic nomads who were/are on their way to a job. She recovers a good amount of her equipment and stash from the corpses of the warriors. The PC's are a little put out but there's really little that they can do. She decides to reward them with a map to a set of ruins nearby. After a few hours of car repair, junker know how, a good deal of scavenging from the Skullocks. The group is ready to roll out.
The PC's begin following their new NPC friend unsure if their heading into another ambush or an opportunity for adventure and excavation.
The NPC from last night's game is actually from Dave Woodrum's Fish Wife Games Wasteland Nomad's set one. This group of adventurers was chosen because their a party of adventurers on the edge.
 That's available right over
Wasteland Nomads, Set 1
A Motley Group Of Post Apocalyptic Travelers..
The highways and byways of the post apocalyptic wastes are full of different bands of ragtag travelers. Some of these nomads are merely groups of survivors trying to seek out a better life while others are gangs of thuggish brutes with no qualms about terrorizing others for kicks and personal gain. In between are even more groups that contain a combination of good and evil personalities.
 In the interest of providing a Game Master (GM) with a variety of interesting characters for their post apocalyptic settings, the Wasteland Nomads series of products provides a fleshed out, detailed group of nomads with each set. Some of these nomadic groups may find their selves forming an alliance with the player characters while others might become formidable enemies. The information provided in each set contains an overview of the group as whole, with basic shared goals and a brief history. Some groups will have an identified name while others will not. Named groups are especially common amongst roaming gangs of thugs. The group members are then presented with a descriptive block of text. Within this text you will find the character's name, identified role, personality notes, weapons, worn attire (and armor), and notable gear. Information regarding vehicles (if one is used/possessed) as well as pets (if the character has one). In the interest of making this product more game system generic, attribute and character statistics are not included. In addition, the characters provided are more or less "normal human" in nature. If the GM wishes to do so they may want to further apply mutations or cybernetic components to the characters provided. Furthermore, the GM should feel free to modify the characters' storylines, descriptions, and gear if the GM so chooses.
Set 1: An Unnamed Group Of Survivors
The first set of nomads in this series is an unnamed group of 15 different post apocalyptic survivors. Originally compromised of a handful of folks merely seeking out a peaceful, resource rich location to settle down in and call home, the group has grown to include a number of unsavory characters with greedy, lustful, and/or bloodthirsty intentions. Led by a man named Jonas, the nomadic pack wanders the major highways as they seek out resources and hopefully a permanent location to settle down into.
Pages: 8
Written By: Dave Woodrum
Artwork used without permission, no trademark infringement or copyright violation is inferred. The trademarks and copyrights for the material belong to their respective holders. This post is for entertainment purposes only.  


  1. We had a blast Garrison James and I'm really looking forward to the next game!

  2. So how does TME feel in play? You mentioned a few issues with unfamiliarity with the mechanics, was that just because it is a new system or were there some hiccups?

  3. TME is a solid system but the players are OSR D&D familiar folks. The skill sets and advancements caused a bit of confusion. The only hiccups if you want to call them that were getting into the groove of the combat and initiative rolls. The weaponry damage is different from a D&D style game or Mutant Future. There are pros and cons with every system of course and with TME system its been more pros then cons. I keep ya informed. Next game on Friday.


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