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Blood Cargo - An Encounter For Mutant Future or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Between the former states of Mutated Massachusetts and Corrupt Connecticut a precious cargo has come down the highway and several smaller communities along the I-91 corridor have reported bizarre encounters with Vampire Outbreaks that have not been seen in centuries. 
A representative of the council on Mutant Relations of Greater Neo England is looking for adventurers and slayers to look into the matter. He's a green scaly mutant with whose concerned that the vampire outbreaks may lead to strained relations between the pure strains and the mutant community. The Black Knights that anti mutant group of super science terrorists have been operating within the Connecticut and Mass corridor with light power armor and spreading sedition literature in the area. He's offering two hundred gold piece for every vampire killed. 
The trail picks up out in the Neo England wilds where a series of bizaare highway encounters has the residence spooked. 
Adventurers who venture where the groups of the undead have been spreading the infection will find abandon towns, villages, over turned vehicles and more seemly haunted places. 

1d10 Random  Night time Vampire Encounters Table 
  1. An over turned car with 1d8 random mutants with their throats slashed and drained of blood. There is a 10% chance of a minor artifact. The car is riddled with bullet holes and has been looted of any useful parts. The PC's must dispose of the corpses or by sun set there will be a pack of vampires rising to drain the living. 
  2. A wandering group of former villagers now undead vampiric horrors wandering down the road and ready to begin the hunt. Although weak these horrors will show surprising strength when confronting prey. They are capable of wrecking havoc. 2% chance of some small bauble or weapon on one of their person's. 
  3.  A mutant cow drained of all blood. The animal's throat has been slashed but its brain has been turned to pulp. A rock sits near by that was used. The PC's may not notice the 1d4 vampires that are hidden in ambush nearby. They'll spring upon the party within three rounds. 
  4. A group of religious pilgrims upon their way to the great shrine of the Atom in a nearby town travel. Careful inspection will reveal several small bullet holes. They're a pack of horrors on the hunt and will spring into action at the least sign of discovery. 
  5. A single small child wanders the road. The little one is human but his family has been slaughtered by 1d6 horrors from beyond the grave. The things have released him in the hope of luring the party into the farm nearby where they await. They are armed with the primitive fire arms that are listed below. 
  6. A gang of motor cycle crazies zooms past the party as if  the forces of Hell itself is on their heels. Indeed a gang of six vampires bikers and three undead nuns from the nearby shrine are hot on their heels but they will change their minds as soon as they see the party. They're armed with melee weapons and black powder pistols. 
  7. A single soldier moves down the road dragging his artifact rifle behind him. He's been bitten and will turn into a horror by sun set. He has 1d4 minor artifacts and about six bullets left. He's very much out of it. 
  8. A single blood drained corpse lays in the road. This adventurer ran afoul of one of the vampires earlier. His throat is a red ruin but he's got 1d6 minor artifacts and a few gold coins on him. A map also shows a stash of trade goods some three miles away. 
  9. A single neo trader moves with his wagon during the night. He's actually as he appears and is willing to trade. There are actually 1d6 vampires secreted in his wagon. They've got got him under threat with his family held for ransom some three miles away. He'll cooperate with any plans that the party might have for saving his family. He's exhausted and very afraid. 
  10. A single mutant warrior has become infected not only with the vampire virus but believes that he is the new vampire messiah. He must spread the blessings of the infection upon the country side.  

Some forty miles from the center of the vampire activity is the cause for all of the mayhem. An over turned big rig truck contains the remains of a 'desiccated vampire', the origin infected horror. The thing was in a toxic waste drum and being taken to a facility in Mutated Massachusetts for disposal. The socalled Mutated Ones  of Mass a group of mutant super science terrorists have been having an on going war with the Black Knights and decided to set the vampire free! They wished to see the effects of the mutated virus on the local population. 

File:Bio hazard special(stencil).svg

The Mutated Ones of Mass operate as a biker gang of some one hundred mutated individuals and use a combination of mutations, super science artifacts, and violence to terrorize the local populations in the name of  Mutant rights. They usually operate in teams of six individuals all second level fighters with leather armor, a knife, short sword, and machine pistol or black powder weaponry for the lower ranger motor bike gangers. 
They have six other desiccated vampire remains within their possession and they're layer is an old armory within the ruins of Springfield Mass. They're holding three mercs whom they bleed to return the vampires to life and set them upon anyone entering their lair.
File:Barrels JM06.jpg

They have several mutants with mind reading and psychic abilities among their ranks and have no idea of the danger that these vampires are to them. They have a small stash of six gold bars, some military weapons, and have begun to cause resentment and hate among the local mutant populations. By day they operate several former gas stations along the highway corridor that act as spy points, and network facilities. There are several groups that would pay five hundred gold for this group's disposal. 

File:Westbound FL 44 @ Wildwood Pilot Travel Center.JPG

Desiccated Vampires 

More Information about these horror's is over at Chris Van Deelen's Blog 
Right HERE

No. Enc: 2d12

Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 120’ (40’)
AC: 6
HD: 5
Attacks: 3 bites
Damage: 2d4 / 2d4 / 2d4
Save: 15
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: I, II, III, VIII, always primitive armor and melee weapon, 50% modern armor, 80% 1d3 primitive firearms, 25% 1d2 high tech firearms

Mutations: Bizarre appearance(d), dietary requirement change (blood) (d), regeneration (modified)
Source: Seal Team 13 by Evan Currie

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