Thursday, June 5, 2014

Review Of Wisdom From The Wastelands Issue 40 From Skirmisher Publishing For Mutant Future Or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

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Wisdom From The Wastelands is a very strange old school product for Mutant Future. Its part zine, part rules expansion, and part love letter for Mutant Future all in five pages. The issues that I've checked out in the past have always been both cutting edge gaming and old school vibe all in one. This one sticks to that same tried and true formula from the Skirmisher Crew.
We get a four new races including the Damaged, Lagrangers, the Shifters, and then The Uploaded Intelligence. So its a mixed bag of post apocalyptic races with an eye ball toward solid science fantasy aspects of current pop culture done for your game. Many of the races have been created in 'the draw and drop friendly style' formula of Mutant Future. Basically these races will dove tail into your current post apocalyptic campaigns and the details may be filled in later. This isn't a bad thing at all and fits the current gaming ideology of Mutant Future.The ideas here are very much in the old school vein and compliment the game very well. They are original and engaging a really nice addition the on going Mutant Future material that's on the market.
We get a boat load of new mutations and a few other little other post apocalyptic goodies for a dollar. Not a bad little entry fee for this little hybrid product. All in all this is a nice little addition to the post apocalyptic DM's arsenal. The races are well done and the other articles fairly evenly made for the Mutant Future game. The formula of the Wisdom From The Wasteland makes me very happy when it comes to the product and seems that the quality of the products from Skirmisher have been only consistent. But something that we see in other more expensive products as well. That eye for detail and quality is a plus in my book especially when it comes for working with a product even if its only a dollar. Those gaming dollars add up very quickly when it comes to gaming. All in all this is another fine issue of Wisdom From The Wastelands and another book to add to my Mutant Future shelf. A very solidly done old school gaming magazine. 

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