Sunday, June 15, 2014

Another Free OSR Resource - Dragon's Foot Issue 21 For Your Old School Campaigns

Grab It Right

Well it looks like another issue of Dragon's Foot  OSR magazine is out! This issue has some really nice articles! 
A quick look over of the material sees some really nice articles, an adventure, new spells, and much more.
Grab it fast and get cracking. 
Here's what's in this issue:
New Character Races (article)
Combined Combat Chart (article)
How Much Experience Did We Get For That Dragon? (article)
Magical Miscellanea (magical items)
Glarck's Remote Spell Books (article)
Ride the Lightning! (MU spells)
Monsters of All Sizes (article)
The Wizard's Laboratory (article)
The Conjurer (new class)
The Lake Of Sorrows (adventure)
I'm off to game now but I'll have a review coming up of this issue but I thought I'd just quickly share. Cheers. 

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