Monday, June 30, 2014

Review and Commentary On The Gilded Grimoire From Ravenlore Press For OSRIC And Your Old School Campaigns

Grab It Right Over
This book is closely tied in with the World of Ark and its wizards as well as magic users. Every single spell that your OSRIC or AD&D first edition wizard in the campaign is going to need is right in this volume. The material is well laid out and constructed in such a way for easy of access. There is everything that a PC  wizard is going to need within the bounds of an Ark campaign this is both the product's strength as well as its weakness. Clocking in at over one hundred and thirty nine pages, every single spell that we find in AD&D has been set to the author's vision and that's the book's strength. There are enough options here to keep even the most die hard wizard player busy.
The Gilded Grimoire gives a prime and source material for the magic, the infernal, the heavens, etc. for the world of Ark and does it very well.
What is this book really about? 

Drivethrurpg write up: 

In the World of Ark, the Science of Magic is a powerful force...fought for as a resource more precious than Gold. From the misty shrouded shores of the Realms of Alvheim to the Citadels of Sorcere, Magic-Users conspire with and against each other in a continuous cycle of magical strife and intrigue. Within this book, find out how they use their magic and what it means to be a Magic-User in Ark.

How to Use The  The Gilded Grimoire In 
Your Old School Campaigns


 The Gilded Grimoire is the whole cloth of magic in the world of Ark and as an Old School campaign every single aspect of the world is covered in marvelous detail. There are spirits, monsters, hundreds of spells, factions, and a ton more between these pages.
All of this material is dedicated to the world of Ark and can be used as a tool kit to carve out your own niche of this campaign world's magic, religion, and make your mark within their system.
Everything here is geared as a plug and play drop down supplement that will easily and seamlessly fit into the background of either AD&D first edition or OSRIC.
The spells are well done and very suited to the world. The classes stand on their own and go perfectly with the background of the world. There are a million adventure hooks, a few teases for other worldly adventure and a ton of magic oriented material.
All in all this a great little book for running a completely magic based campaign but the material might also be used as a tool kit to create your own adventures on the world of Ark. I look forward to seeing where and how the world of Ark progresses in the next couple of years. Grab this one when you can see it and add the magic of Ark to your games! 


  1. Awesome! Thanks for your insight Eric!

  2. Your welcome Anthony Edwards, it was a great little read and one which I enjoyed. I look forward to stepping into another one of Ravenlore Press's worlds with another product in the near future. Great stuff and thanks for leaving a comment. Cheers


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