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Free Charlton Comic Classic Download - Out of This World Issue #011 For Your Old School Campaigns

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Out of This World was one of those great old fashioned anthology comics that the boys from Derby,Ct seemed to accel at. This issue is a mixed bag of part science fiction yarns, a few science fantasy pieces, and a bit of the supernatural horror stuff all right under the covers.
 We begin with the 'Time Chamber" a yarn about messing with the time stream and its issues. The time machine at the end is still available with hardly any years on it and might make a perfect one man NPC lead in for an old school sci fi game. With a few minor adjustments this story could be used as a hook for a modern supernatural game such as Call of Cthulhu.
 'Hammer of Thor' might actually make a great little lead in for an old school super hero style game where the origin point for another version of Thor is needed.
'Strange Journey' is a great lead in for an encounter in a horror game, not too complicated and just the right amount of creep thrown in. The dolls could be very nasty indeed. This one is more of an encounter then full adventure.
' Victory Viceroy ' this could be a nice lead in for an old school space based adventure. Again not a full adventure but a lead off for an encounter for a game like X porers or the like.
 'Council from The Spirit', this one is a nice little yarn that could be used as a Call of Cthulhu lead or as an introduction to a full blown NPC such as someone right out of Trey's Weird Adventures campaign.
The next story also fits into the same mold, 'Dreams of Fortune' might need that extra D&D trope twist but its right there for adding in as an old school encounter.
 The Careless Man is perfect fodder for a Weird Adventures encounter. All of the elements of this one are right on the mark for an encounter in the City in my opinion.
All in all this is a pretty solid issue from Charlton, nothing that will shake the rafters but a great issue to use as fodder or as a jump off point for your own DYI old school campaigns. 

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