Monday, June 23, 2014

The *Foosh* Laser Pistol For Mutant Future And Other Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

The *Foosh* Laser Pistol - Damage 6d6+2  Trigger type Normal Range 400/800 ft Weight 1 lb Battery Power Cell, Belt pack, Backpack  Shots/ Battery 15/35/50

The Foosh laser pistol is one of the more advanced commercially available weapons that was manufactured during the Shadow Years. The weapon was a chemical laser whose reaction generated a distinctive waste flame super charger effect with each shot. The effect was created by the SDCCD formula and principle. The so called Super Duper Charged Couple Device feeds more of the lasing effect into the weapon enabling a more enhanced performance of the weapon then other laser weapon delivery systems. This enabled the pistol and the far more rare* Foosh*  laser rifle system to be fazed into the military, law enforcement, and even the corporate security forces of society before the Holocaust. The Foosh laser pistol is named after the sound of the laser effect shooting through the air causing small sonic ripples or booms.

Any miss handling of the 'Foosh' system when the weapon fires will cause 1d4 points of  burn damage to any flammable objects including the user
 These weapons were compact, light weight, concise, and accurate. The 'Foosh system' is easy to maintain and it comes with a solar charger to charge the pistol's electrical system that powers the chemical reaction for the pistols devastating laser pulse effect. The chemical cell is stored in the handle and has fifteen shots.

By the 23 century more advanced systems had superseded and then replaced the 'Foosh' system but these venerable weapons are still found often complete with chemical cells along with the solar charger units for chemical cells. The weapons are often found in old military bunkers, law enforcement fortresses, corporate bases and bunkers, the ruins of police buildings, military bases, and even civilian city ruins. It is far more rare to find the belt packs which hold the stable chemical elements enabling more shots to be fired; the belt pack plugs into the butt of the weapon and uses the electrical system of the pistol. The rare military back pack with the so called Prong system is much harder to find and found only in former military settings. A chemical and electrical simulation system  the  back pack unit enables the weapon's shot capacity to hit the high ceiling of fifty shots and brings the weapon into the military range.
The Foosh pistol and military back pack units were issued to sedition forces towards the end of the Shadow years and many have been lost to time. Many modern artifact collectors pay large sums for an original pistol and military back pack unit. Some have fetched 500 to 700 gold pieces to the right collectors. 

The 'Foosh' laser pistols often are tied together with the 'Sixth Day Scandals' when human corporate cloning experiments  caused massive social upheaval and strife. The Foosh  pistols were used by corporate forces to retire many of the so called Blank Clones. Clones copied from their originals when the Third Genetic Revolution began just before the shadow years.
 *Foosh laser pistol from The 6th Day movie  2000 

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