Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review and Commentary On 100 Wasteland Traders, Set 1 From Fishwife Games For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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Need a solid area to buy equipment, trade, swap, sell, and bastardize your PC's as well as their loot and artifacts in your favorite post apocalyptic campaigns? A place to base your adventurers in along with some other folks who will make life interesting or even a quick trader for an encounter in the wasteland? We've got you covered with this one. 

The Drive Thru Rpg Blurb: 

100 Wasteland Traders, Set 1

Scattered across the ruined wastes of a post modern civilization are numerous trading posts, flea markets, and swap meets. At such places its not uncommon to find various scavengers and peddlers selling their loot from rickety old tables, junk littered blankets, makeshift tents, rusty truck beds, or the back trunks of cars. But who are these folk, what are they like? Most important, what do they have for sale? This 100 list features the name of the trader, a brief descriptive (down to earth, cautious, shady, etc.) and a list of the most common goods they have on hand. Some vendors have needed practical items, like food, clothing, and tools, while others cater to the addicts of assorted vices
Using The  100 Wasteland Traders, Set 1 
For Your Old School Post Apocalpytic Campaigns
100 Wasteland Traders, Set 1

I've got an upcoming bizarre/slash trade market in my Mutant Epoch game and time has been very limited from me. So the fine folks at Fish Wife Games have done up this wonderful little 100 wasteland traders set that will help me get some really interesting encounters in. Clocking in at only two pages and selling for a dollar this set rounds out your flea markets, swap meets, and post apocalyptic picker and rust trader encounters. The set is about 100 vendors who can meet, greet, swindle, and screw over your PC's with abandon. For added weirdness have the folks in this one lead folks over to the giant post apocalyptic mall/trade venue of Pickford from Mutant Epoch. Mutant Future could certainly use this sort of material and the random encounter factor of this product makes it a breeze to meet that temporary trader in the wastes. Just like in your favorite Fall out game. There are number of different avenues with this one.
For my Mutant Epoch game this product fits perfectly for a random encounter out on the nano tarmac of the global highway.
A four out of six for this one and grab it while you can on Drivethrurpg . A fun little product to play around with. 

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