Thursday, June 26, 2014

1d10 Random Deep Wasteland Travelers Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

There are always those who go places that man was never meant to go, and as one goes deep into the wasteland the encounters become fewer but far more memorable. These are some of the odd, off beaten, plain strange Deep Wasteland Encounters that adventurers might run into.

1d10 Random Deep Wasteland Travelers Table 
  1. A group of 1d10 neo traders who deal in ancient and slightly alien A.I.s, these folks are part religious cult, part technicians, and partially cybernetic experts. There is a 40% chance of one or more of them being cyborgs. They are on a holy pilgrimage in the deep wastes but will not reveal to where. There is a 10% chance of them repairing or trading items with your PC's. 
  2. A lone adventurer/trader dealing in bootleg chemicals and distilled alcoholic  beverages with vast hallucagenic qualities. There is a 10% chance of him having some of the lesser known drugs within the campaign. There is a 70% chance of him being blasted out of his mind. 
  3. A group of adventurers and time travelers from different eras completely lost on motorcycles and trikes winding their way through the wastes. They are willing to trade a few minor artifacts for food. There is a 20% chance of these poor fools being hunted and stalked by some sinister or other worldly demonic presence that wishes them destroyed. 
  4. A lone crazy on a motor  bike hurls himself out of the waste. The biker has been badly mutated by exposure to something and has become a cannibalistic horror. He will try to bite into the first PC he sees. There is a 10% chance that he is carrying zombie rot or worse.  
  5. A group of religious pilgrims move through the wastes on Neo camels seeking a shrine deep within the wastes. Actually these are mind controlled zombies who are the pawns of a psychic parasite. They are seeking prey and the party will do nicely. After 1d4 days they will try to feed on the party. 
  6. A pure strain trader with his horse drawn gypsy style wagon is moving through the wastes. He has 1d20 random items for sale or trade. There is a 40% chance that he can repair some small relics and weapons. 
  7. A lone traveler carefully plods along with an empty can of fuel, three miles back his car has run out of gas. There are 1d4 primitive weapons systems on the lightly armored car. He is willing to trade fuel for some small treasures including a grenade or two. 
  8. A group of neo traders are moving across the wastes on a small armored crawler. They signal for parley and trade. Actually they are a death cult and will open up with weapons as soon as the PC's are within weapon range. They have 1d4 random prisoners in a small hidden enclosure aboard. 
  9. A group of deep waste mutants is looking for water for trade. They have several 1d6 'treasures' for trade. There is a 10% chance of them having a valuable energy cell or weapon for trade. 
  10. A small well kept pure strain child stands in the middle of the waste. This being is not a child but the vessel for some vast highly evolved and malevolent mutant force of psychic energy. The thing will try to possess the nearest PC. The creature does however possess 1d4 major artifacts. This creature will act as if it needs assistance and then strike PC's when they least expect it.

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