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Review and Commentary On The Free Player's Primer of Ark For Your Old School Campaigns

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Need some new old school races for your OSRIC or Advanced Dungeons And Dragons campaign on the fly? Need the sort of help that will give you complete race to drop into your campaign with a real solid back ground and you want it for free? We've got you covered with the Player's Primer of Ark which gives a nice overview for players of your favorite AD&D first edition game or your favorite retroclone. This book is obviliously a labor of love on the Ravenlore folks and clocking in at sixty seven pages this is a nice little book to grab for free. The world's races are richly detailed and given a nice treatment and dropped right into the DM's hands with some campaign details for the world of Ark as well. 
There's lots going under the covers of the book and I'd love to have a dead tree version of this campaign. The background and detail are well done and pretty well written. 

We don't even get a sense of  the scope of this campaign from the Drive thru Rpg Site Blurb :
From the forbidden and deadly Savage Shores of the Rhul to the cold steppe of the Khrun and from the Faerie Realms of Alvheim to the dark and mystical lands of Sorcere...Ark is filled with dozens of races. In this book you will be able to explore a full score of them, from the human Amarians to the beastly Minotaurs, these are only the beginning of the legendary races of Ark!
Also in this book you will find a synopsis of the Recent History of Ark, the Monetary System used in most of Ark, as well as an equipment list that goes with that system of coinage based on Silver instead of Gold. Everything you need to begin your ADND Adventures in the World of Ark.

Using The 
Player's Primer of Ark From Raven lore Press

For Your Old School Campaigns  

The way that the World Of Ark Player's Primer is presented makes it very easy to plug and play these races into Osric or any old school AD&D first edition game setting. They're well done and interesting with a bit of work some of these might even be used in a science fantasy setting as well. But that might simply be my preferences here talking. There are several nice options for using these race in a wide variety of campaigns. The options on the table that the author presents makes these a real no brainer for injecting something rather unique into your campaigns. The solid way that these are written enables them to come across in a concise and easily  presented in your old school campaign. All in all this was a nice addition to any old school DM's arsenal of playable races and an interesting addition to the usual 'products of your imagination' on the market today.
There needs to be more worlds like Ark on the market today and this is clearly a well done world book with some great races suitable for play in any old school 1st edition AD&D or OSRIC campaigns. With a bit of work these could very well work in any old school retroclone environment. 


  1. Awesome review! My thanks for your time in reading the Player's Primer of Ark!

    1. Its a great little product and I had a blast going through it. Ark is a well thought out campaign world and I look forward to taking another journey though its rolling hills and interesting bits when I get a chance. Its great that its free and made available to the public. Nice to see a throwback setting that lives up to the OSR label. Cheers and we've got more to come for Ark!
      Thanks for the comment Anthony!


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