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Free OSR Adventure and Resource - From The Makers "&" magazine Comes 'Rage From The Waves' For Your Old School Campaigns.

Rage From the Waves Cover
Grab it Right
Rage From The Waves is a huge forty page free adventure that packs a lot of old school punch into a solid free download that can be used for a variety of old school styles. The adventure is oriented for either OSRIC or AD&D first edition but with a bit of work it can be adapted to any number of styles.
The Blurb from the '&' site basically give a pretty good plot overview without really spilling the beans on the adventure: 
Lost ships. Missing crews. Disappearing cargo. The King is not pleased, and it’s your job to find out what happened and bring a stop to it! To do so you’ll have to unravel a mystery that’s stumped the king’s advisers.
Clues? one ship that made it back with a stabbing spear of unusual design and some odd blood on the deck.
Four to eight characters of 4th to 7th level will figure out the mystery. The adventure includes two completely detailed businesses, a full set of deck plans for a carrack, a second set of partial plans providing design variations, and an island with room for additional adventuring if you so desire. Add to this over 80 fully documented characters for use in this and other adventures, including several ship’s crews, and you have an adventure that is also a resource.
Basically this is an OSR resource wrapped around an old school adventure with lots going on. There are a few reasons to look into this style of adventure: 
  • This is a solid waterborne adventure with some really nice nautical action. 
  • There lots going on for PC's to deal with and the resource persented in the adventure can be adapted into a number of old school campaigns. In fact I would say to use those resources in other game adventures so that PC's become familiar with them. This way the events of Rage foreshadow what is to come their by getting the PC's more involved. 
  • There are a boat load of NPC's that can fill an entire campaign world all by themselves. Many of these can and do have reasons to hook the PC's into other parts of your adventures. 
  • The nautical businesses have lots of potential for use in other adventures all by themselves and with little to no work can spawn several spin off adventures and lines into other areas of old school campaigns. 
  • This is an adventure with the potential for months of play and lots of high AD&D style weirdness. 
  • This is a very well written adventure, concise in its details but with lots of customization by the DM to really fill in some of the finer points of this adventure by making it a part of their world. 
  • With all of this acreage of supplemental material in the background there's lots of room for extra play and with a bit of work there are several plot points to spin off all on their own. This enables a DM to have plenty of room for more campaign expansion while putting their own spin on the material from 'Rage'. 
  • The old school curve here for level and hands on action is solid so be advised the writers and designers mean the material presented here is old school. There are several key points where PC's could die rather messily. 
  • Given the chance there are several other '&' resources that could be slotted into the background of 'Rage' to make a mega campaign lasting months of air play. Did I mention that this was a free resource?
    All in all Rage From The Waves is a very well done and solid old school adventure with lots of action happening within its pages. DM's who use a bit of caution, pay attention to the encounters, and play this one right could get months of old school action with their players. A very well done adventure with lots of potential and high weirdness. 

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