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Review and Commentary On 100 Wasteland Locations, Set 4 From Fishwife Games For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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Here's another great old school post apocalyptic campaign location generators from the twisted mind of Dave Woodrum over at Fishwife games. These location generators have myriad of uses and can be used to populate your PA landscape with a ton of material and adventure opportunities. Some of the best of these are not the locations that folks are expecting.
I've been using these charts to fill up both my Mutant Epoch and Mutant Future games. They could potentially be used for a horror survival game as well. Rotworld and others come to mind.
From the Drivethrurpg: 
100 Wasteland Locations, Set 4
A 100 list featuring an assortment of wasteland locations. Included in this mix is the name of the place, what sort of location it is, and basic information regarding what might be found there. Need to fill up that post apocalypse map with quick details? Just grab your percentile dice and consult this handy chart! Combine these listings with the first three sets for maximum random potential!

Using The 100 Wasteland Locations Set Four For 
Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

As I've said in the past these little sets are a dollar and they're perfect for population the landscape with ruins, adventure opportunities and what not. The ideas here are the Chinese restaurant method of populating your PA landscape pick one from column A. and column B. These charts are system agnostic which is always a plus. I've used these for plane hopping adventures on other Earths via Sliders and the like.
A few rolls on the chart and bang instant adventure locations for any modern game and not simply PA. Have a zombie game or want to add in a location for a weird zombie encounter ala the Walking Dead? A few rolls and BAM instant location. Add in fast walkers or slowers and your ready to go!
Many of the ideas here are original and pretty intriguing. The only thing missing is mutants as well as monsters which you as the DM supply. The cover art is repeating but I think that Dave is creating an easily recognized category for his games. These wasteland ruins could be used for potentially any game system which in my mind give even more bang for the buck.
All in all this is another nice tool to add to your PA DM tool box.  

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